Orange-cheeked waxbill Estrilda melpoda, copyright Rainbirder.

Belongs within: Estrildidae.

Estrilda, the waxbills, is a genus of finch-like birds found in Africa and Arabia. Most species have bright red bills whose waxy appearance gives them their vernacular name.

<==Estrilda Swainson 1827 [=Astrilda (l. c.), Estrelda (l. c.)]B94
    |--+--E. caerulescensBKB15
    |  `--E. erythronotosJF06
    `--+--E. perreiniBKB15
       `--+--+--E. melpodaBKB15
          |  `--E. rhodopygaBKB15
          `--+--E. nonnulaBKB15
             `--+--+--E. astrildBKB15
                |  |    |--E. a. astrildL81
                |  |    |--E. a. jagoensisL81
                |  |    `--E. a. sanctaehelenaeL81
                |  `--E. atricapillaBKB15
                `--+--E. paludicolaBKB15
                   `--E. troglodytesBKB15
Estrilda incertae sedis:
  E. amandavaA61
  E. annulosaR87
  E. bichenoviiCH89
  E. castanotisR87
  E. formosaA61
  E. charmosynaJT12
  E. guttataCH89
  E. kandtiJT12
  E. locustellaFP64
  E. modestaCH89
  E. nigrilorisJT12
  E. nitidulaA61
  E. phaetonR87
  E. poliopareiaJT12
  E. rufibarbaJT12
  E. ruficaudaR87
  E. rufopicta Fraser 1843F43
  E. subflavaL88
  E. temporalisCH89
  E. thomensisJT12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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