Euastrum humerosum, copyright Protist Information Server.

Belongs within: Desmidiaceae.

Euastrum is a genus of desmids characterised by cells with two symmetrical semicells, usually longer than wide, with wavy, lobed edges and an apical notch on each semicell.

    |--E. affineG64
    |--E. agalmaH04
    |--E. ampullaceumG64
    |--E. ansatumG64
    |--E. apiculatumH04
    |--E. binaleG64
    |--E. circulareG64
    |--E. cosmarioidesP08
    |--E. crassumG64
    |--E. cuneatumG64
    |--E. dideltaG64
    |--E. divergensP08
    |--E. elegansG64
    |--E. gemmatumG64
    |--E. humerosumG64
    |--E. insigneG64
    |--E. insulareSG05
    |--E. jenneriG64
    |--E. oblongumG64
    |--E. pectinatumMK00
    |--E. pinnatumG64
    |--E. quadratumP08
    |    |  i. s.: E. q. var. intermedium Playfair 1908P08
    |    |         E. q. β javanicumP08
    |    |         E. q. var. ornatum (Borge) Playfair 1908 [=E. spinulosum var. ornatum]P08
    |    |--E. q. ssp. quadratumP08
    |    `--E. q. ssp. inermiusP08
    |         |--E. q. ssp. i. var. inermiusP08
    |         `--E. q. ssp. i. var. perornatum Playfair 1908P08
    |--E. rostratumG64
    |--E. sinuosumG64
    |--E. spinulosumP08
    |--E. subincisumP08
    |--E. sublobatumG64
    |--E. turgidumP08
    |    |--E. t. var. turgidumP08
    |    |--E. t. var. auburnense Playfair 1908P08
    |    |--E. t. var. crux-australis (Rac.) Playfair 1908 [=E. verrucosum var. crux-australis]P08
    |    |    |--E. t. var. c. f. crux-australisP08
    |    |    `--E. t. var. c. f. evolutaP08
    |    |--E. t. var. grunoviiP08
    |    |--E. t. var. moebii Playfair 1908 [=Micrasterias moebii, E. verrucosum var. moebii]P08
    |    |--E. t. var. ridleyiP08
    |    `--E. t. var. simplex Playfair 1908 non E. verrucosum var. simplexP08
    `--E. verrucosumP08
         |--E. v. var. verrucosumP08
         |--E. v. var. simplexP08
         `--E. v. β wallichianumP08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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