Marri Corymbia calophylla, copyright Jean and Fred Hort.

Belongs within: Myrtaceae.
Contains: Eucalyptus, ‘Eucalyptus’ section Septentrionales.

The Eucalypteae are a primarily Australian group of trees and shrubs producing flowers bearing numerous free stamens, borne on a stemonophore, and often with a calyptrate perianth. Most species have historically been included in the genus Eucalyptus though more recent phylogenetic studies have lead to recognition of the genera Angophora and Corymbia as distinct.

<==Eucalypteae [Eucalyptineae]WO05
    |  i. s.: Allosyncarpia ternataWO05, J91
    |--+--Eucalyptopsis papuanaWO05
    |  `--Stockwellia quadrifidaWO05
       `--+--Arillastrum gummiferumWO05
          `--+--Angophora Cavanilles 1797WO05, B00 [=Eucalyptus subg. Angophora (Cavanilles) Brooker 2000B00]
             |    |--A. ser. AngophoraB00
             |    |    |--A. subser. AngophoraB00
             |    |    |    |--A. hispida (Smith) Blaxell 1976 (see below for synonymy)B00
             |    |    |    `--A. subvelutina Muell. 1858 [=Eucalyptus subvelutina (Muell.) Brooker 2000]B00
             |    |    `--‘Eucalyptus’ subser. Melanoxylon Brooker 2000B00
             |    |         `--A. melanoxylon Baker 1900 (see below for synonymy)B00
             |    |--‘Eucalyptus’ ser. Costatitae (Thiele & Ladiges) Brooker 2000 (see below for synonymy)B00
             |    |    `--A. costata (Gaertn.) Britten 1916 (see below for synonymy)B00
             |    `--A. ser. Floribundinae Thiele & Ladiges 1988 (see below for synonymy)B00
             |         |--A. (ser. *F.) floribunda (Smith) Sweet 1830 (see below for synonymy)B00
             |         |--A. bakeri Hall 1913 (see below for synonymy)B00
             |         `--A. woodsiana Bailey 1882 (see below for synonymy)B00
             `--Corymbia Hill & Johnson 1995WO05, B00 (see below for synonymy)
                  |  i. s.: C. dendromerinxLK14
                  |         C. disjunctaLK14
                  |         C. semiclaraMLP09
                  |         C. tortaLK14
                  |           |--C. t. ssp. tortaLK14
                  |           `--C. t. ssp. mixtifoliaLK14
                  |         C. variegataWO05
                  |--‘Eucalyptus’ sect. Notiales Brooker 2000B00
                  |    |--‘Eucalyptus’ ser. Cymbiformes Brooker 2000B00
                  |    |    |--*C. gummifera (see below for synonymy)B00
                  |    |    `--+--C. calophyllaJK08 [=Eucalyptus calophyllaB00]
                  |    |       |    |--C. c. var. calophyllaR35
                  |    |       |    `--‘Eucalyptus’ c. var. roseaR35
                  |    |       `--‘Eucalyptus’ haematoxylonB00
                  |    `--‘Eucalyptus’ ser. Disjunctae Brooker 2000B00
                  |         `--E. (ser. *D.) ficifoliaB00
                  `--‘Eucalyptus’ sect. SeptentrionalesB00

Angophora bakeri Hall 1913 non Eucalyptus bakeri Maiden 1913 [=A. (ser. *Bakerinae) bakeri, Eucalyptus (ser. *Angustatae) angustata Brooker 2000; incl. A. lanceolata var. angustifolia Gray 1854, A. intermedia var. angustifolia Cambage 1911 (n. n.)]B00

Angophora costata (Gaertn.) Britten 1916 [=Metrosideros costata Gaertn. 1788 non Eucalyptus costata Muell. 1855, Melaleuca costata Raeusch 1797 (n. n.); incl. Metrosideros apocynifolia Salisb. 1796, Eucalyptus (ser. *Costatitae) apocynifolia (Salisb.) Brooker 2000, A. lanceolata var. hispida Cunn. ex Gray 1854, A. lanceolata Cav. 1797 (nom. illeg.), Metrosideros lanceolata (Cav.) Pers. 1806 (nom. illeg.), Met. splendens Gaertn. ex DC. 1828 (n. n.)]B00

Angophora floribunda (Smith) Sweet 1830 [=Metrosideros floribunda Smith 1797 non Eucalyptus floribunda Huegel ex Endl. 1837, Eucalyptus florida Brooker 2000; incl. Angophora intermedia DC. 1828 non Eucalyptus intermedia]B00

Angophora hispida (Smith) Blaxell 1976 non A. lanceolata var. hispida Cunn. ex Gray 1854 [=Metrosideros hispida Smith 1797, Eucalyptus hispida (Smith) Brooker 2000; incl. *A. cordifolia Cavanilles 1797, Metrosideros cordifolia (Cavanilles) Pers. 1806, M. anomala Vent. 1803, M. hirsuta Andr. 1803, Eucalyptus hirsuta Link 1822]B00

Angophora melanoxylon Baker 1900 non Eucalyptus melanoxylon Maiden 1923 [=Eucalyptus (subser. *Melanoxylon) melana Brooker 2000]B00

Angophora woodsiana Bailey 1882 [=A. intermedia var. woodsiana (Bailey) Bailey 1900, Eucalyptus woodsiana (Bailey) Brooker 2000]B00

Angophora ser. Floribundinae Thiele & Ladiges 1988 [=Eucalyptus ser. Floribundinae (Thiele & Ladiges) Brooker 2000; incl. E. ser. Angustatae Brooker 2000, Angophora ser. Bakerinae Thiele & Ladiges 1988]B00

Corymbia Hill & Johnson 1995WO05, B00 [=Eucalyptus subg. Corymbia (Hill & Johnson) Brooker 2000B00, E. subser. Corymbosae Benth. 1867 non Loasa ser. Corymbosae Urban & Gilg 1900B00]

*Corymbia gummifera [=Eucalyptus (subser. *Corymbosae) gummifera, E. (sect. *Notiales ser. *Cymbiformes) gummifera]B00

‘Eucalyptus’ ser. Costatitae (Thiele & Ladiges) Brooker 2000 [=Angophora subser. Costatitae Thiele & Ladiges 1988]B00

*Type species of generic name indicated


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