Left (above) and right valves of female Eucandona candida, from Benson et al. (1961).

Belongs within: Candonidae.

Eucandona is a genus of candonid ostracods characterised by the smooth gamma seta on the mandibular palp. It has been recognised in the fossil record at least as early as the Triassic (Benson et al. 1961).

Characters (from Benson et al. 1961): Elongate, medium-sized, subreniform, moderately convex, highest posterior to middle; dorsum strongly arched to nearly straight, venter concave; ends rounded, anterior margin generally narrower than posterior, left valve slightly larger but right valve may overlap along venter; surface smooth or finely punctate; shell substance cloudy white in Recent forms. Inner lamellae broadest anteriorly; radial canals few, simple, widely spaced. Males slightly larger than females, but nearly of same proportions; some species parthenogenetic.

<==Eucandona van Daday 1900PK04 [incl. Cyprida Goldenberg 1870BB61, Fabaeformiscandona Krstic 1972PK04]
    |--*E. balatonica (van Daday 1893)PK04 [=Candona balatonicaBB61]
    |--E. acuminata [=Fabaeformiscandona acuminata]PK04
    |--‘Fabaeformiscandona’ brevicornisF08
    |--E. candida (Müller 1776)BB61 [=Cypris candidaBB61, Candona candidaBB61, Monoculus candidusL02]
    |--E. csikii Daday 1901D01
    |--E. fabaeformis (Fischer 1851) (see below for synonymy)PK04
    |--E. forma Karanovic 1999PK04
    |--E. holzkampfi (Hartwig 1900) [=Candona holzkampfi, Fabaeformiscandona holzkampfi]PK04
    |--E. krstici (Petkovski 1969) [=Candona krstici]PK04
    |--‘Fabaeformiscandona’ latens (Klie 1940)DH86
    |--E. pubescensD01
    |--E. svetozari Petkovski & Karanovic 2004PK04
    `--‘Fabaeformiscandona’ wegelini (Petkovski 1962)DH86

Eucandona fabaeformis (Fischer 1851) [=Cypris fabaeformis, Candona (Eucandona) fabaeformis, Fabaeformiscandona fabaeformis]PK04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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