Paraeuchaeta barbara, from Russ Hopcroft.

Belongs within: Copepoda.

The Euchaetidae are a group of bathypelagic copepods characterised by a prominent supralabrum bearing a rake formed from long stiff hairs.

Characters (from Park 1995): Supralabrum anterior to labrum, highly prominent with rows of long stiff hairs forming a ‘rake’; antennule with segments 8 and 9 fused, extremely long seta on each of segments 3, 7, 9, 14, 18, 21, 24; second exopodal segment of male left P5 extending distally into serrated lamella and with a digitiform process; appendicular caudal setae highly developed, straight, smoothly curved, or geniculated, usually longer than marginal caudal setae.

    |--Euchaeta Philippi 1843P95
    |    |  i. s.: E. ovata Sato 1913P95
    |    |         E. wrighti Park 1968P95
    |    |--E. spinosa Giesbrecht 1892P95
    |    `--+--+--E. acuta Giesbrecht 1892P95
    |       |  |--E. magniloba Park 1978P95
    |       |  |--E. media Giesbrecht 1888 [incl. E. diegensis Esterly 1911, E. acuta var. pacifica Esterly 1911]P95
    |       |  |--E. paracuta Tanaka 1973P95
    |       |  |--E. pubera Sars 1907P95
    |       |  `--E. tenuis Esterly 1906 [incl. E. solida Esterly 1911]P95
    |       `--+--+--*E. marina (Prestandrea 1833) [=Cyclops marinus]P95
    |          |  |--E. indica Wolfenden 1905 [incl. E. wolfendeni Scott 1909]P95
    |          |  |--E. marinella Bradford 1974P95
    |          |  `--E. rimana Bradford 1974P95
    |          `--+--E. concinna Dana 1849 [incl. E. consimilis Farran 1936]P95
    |             |--E. longicornis Giesbrecht 1888P95
    |             |--E. paraconcinna Fleminger 1957 [incl. E. gladiofera Gaudy 1963]P95
    |             `--E. plana Mori 1937 [incl. E. murrayi Sewell 1947]P95
    `--Paraeuchaeta Scott 1909P95
         |  i. s.: P. abyssaloides Heptner 1987P95
         |         P. affinis (Cleve 1904) [=Euchaeta affinis]P95
         |         P. bulbirostris Heptner 1987P95
         |         P. flava (Giesbrecht 1888) [=Euchaeta flava]P95
         |         P. perplexa Heptner 1987P95
         |         P. rotundirostris Heptner 1987P95
         |         P. tridentata Heptner 1987P95
         |--+--P. bisinuata (Sars 1907) [=Euchaeta bisinuata]P95
         |  `--+--P. antarctica (Giesbrecht 1902) [=Euchaeta antarctica]P95
         |     |--P. austrina (Giesbrecht 1902) [=Euchaeta austrina]P95
         |     |--P. erebi Farran 1929P95
         |     |--P. similis (Wolfenden 1908) [=Euchaeta similis]P95
         |     `--P. tycodesma (Park 1978) [=Euchaeta tycodesma]P95
         `--+--+--P. elongata (Esterly 1913) [=Euchaeta elongata; incl. E. japonica Marukawa 1921]P95
            |  |--P. hebes (Giesbrecht 1888) [=Euchaeta hebes]P95
            |  |--P. russelli (Farran 1936) [=Euchaeta russelli; incl. E. daitomarui Mori 1937]P95
            |  `--P. simplex Tanaka 1958P95
            `--+--+--P. glacialis (Hansen 1887) [=Euchaeta glacialis]P95
               |  `--P. tumidula (Sars 1905) (see below for synonymy)P95
               `--+--P. grandiremis (Giesbrecht 1888) [=Euchaeta grandiremis]P95
                  `--+--+--P. biloba Farran 1929P95
                     |  `--+--*P. norvegica (Boeck 1872) [=Euchaeta norvegica]P95
                     |     |--P. exigua (Wolfenden 1911) [=Euchaeta exigua]P95
                     |     |--P. gracilis (Sars 1905) [=Euchaeta gracilis; incl. E. quadrata Farran 1908]P95
                     |     |--P. incisa (Sars 1905) [=Euchaeta incisa]P95
                     |     |--P. pseudotonsa (Fontaine 1967) [=Euchaeta pseudotonsa]P95
                     |     |--P. tonsa (Giesbrecht 1895) [=Euchaeta tonsa; incl. E. spinifera Esterly 1906]P95
                     |     |--P. tuberculata Scott 1909 [incl. Euchaeta scaphula Fontaine 1967]P95
                     |     `--P. weberi Scott 1909P95
                     `--+--+--P. dactylifera (Park 1978) [=Euchaeta dactylifera]P95
                        |  |--P. pavlovskii Brodsky 1955P95
                        |  |--P. scopaeorhina Park 1995P95
                        |  |--P. sesquipedalis Park 1995P95
                        |  `--P. vervoorti (Park 1978) [=Euchaeta vervoorti]P95
                        `--+--P. abbreviata (Park 1978) [=Euchaeta abbreviata]P95
                           |--P. abrikosovi Heptner 1971P95
                           |--P. abyssalis Brodsky 1950P95
                           |--P. aequatorialis Tanaka 1958P95
                           |--P. alaminae (Park 1975) [=Euchaeta alaminae]P95
                           |--P. altibulla Park 1995P95
                           |--P. anfracta Park 1995P95
                           |--P. barbata (Brady 1883) (see below for synonymy)P95
                           |--P. birostrata Brodsky 1950P95
                           |--P. bradyi (With 1915) [=Euchaeta bradyi]P95
                           |--P. brevirostris Brodsky 1950 [incl. P. laudabilis Tanaka & Omori 1968]P95
                           |--P. californica (Esterly 1906) [=Euchaeta californica; incl. E. dubia Esterly 1906]P95
                           |--P. calva Tanaka 1958 (see below for synonymy)P95
                           |--P. comosa Tanaka 1958P95
                           |--P. confusa Tanaka 1958P95
                           |--P. copleyae Park 1995P95
                           |--P. eltaninae (Park 1978) [=Euchaeta eltaninae]P95
                           |--P. eminens Tanaka & Omori 1968P95
                           |--P. euryrhina Park 1995P95
                           |--P. gracilicauda Scott 1909P95
                           |--P. guttata Heptner 1971P95
                           |--P. hansenii (With 1915) [=Euchaeta hansenii; incl. P. withi Sewell 1947]P95
                           |--P. hastata Heptner 1987P95
                           |--P. implicata Heptner 1987P95
                           |--P. investigatoris Sewell 1929P95
                           |--P. kurilensis Heptner 1971 [incl. Euchaeta longissima Park 1978]P95
                           |--P. longisetosa Heptner 1971P95
                           |--P. malayensis Sewell 1929P95
                           |--P. megaloba Park 1995P95
                           |--P. mexicana Park 1995P95
                           |--P. modesta Brodsky 1950P95
                           |--P. oculata Heptner 1971P95
                           |--P. orientalis Brodsky 1950P95
                           |--P. papilliger Park 1995P95
                           |--P. parabbreviata Park 1995P95
                           |--P. paraprudens Park 1995P95
                           |--P. parvula (Park 1978) [=Euchaeta parvula]P95
                           |--P. plaxiphora Park 1995P95
                           |--P. plicata Heptner 1971P95
                           |--P. polaris Brodsky 1950P95
                           |--P. prima Heptner 1971P95
                           |--P. propinqua (Esterly 1906) [=Euchaeta propinqua]P95
                           |--P. prudens Tanaka & Omori 1968P95
                           |--P. rasa Farran 1929P95
                           |--P. regalis (Grice & Hulsemann 1968) [=Euchaeta regalis]P95
                           |--P. robusta (Wolfenden 1911) [=Euchaeta robusta]P95
                           |--P. rubicunda (Farran 1908) [=Euchaeta rubicunda]P95
                           |--P. rubra Brodsky 1950 [incl. P. crassa Tanaka 1958]P95
                           |--P. sarsi (Farran 1908) [=Euchaeta sarsi; incl. P. dentata Scott 1909]P95
                           |--P. scotti (Farran 1908) [=Euchaeta scotti]P95
                           |--P. sibogae Scott 1909P95
                           |--P. subtilirostris Heptner 1971P95
                           |--P. triloba Park 1995P95
                           `--P. vorax (Grise & Hulsemann 1968) [=Euchaeta vorax; incl. P. striata Tanaka & Omori 1968]P95

Paraeuchaeta barbata (Brady 1883) [=Euchaeta barbata; incl. E. farrani With 1915, E. porrecta Sars 1905]P95

Paraeuchaeta calva Tanaka 1958 [incl. P. polita Tanaka & Omori 1968, P. simulantis Tanaka & Omori 1968]P95

Paraeuchaeta tumidula (Sars 1905) [=Euchaeta tumidula; incl. E. biconvexa Park 1978, Paraeuchaeta pseudotumidula Brodsky 1950]P95

*Type species of generic name indicated


[P95] Park, T. 1995. Taxonomy and distribution of the marine calanoid copepod family Euchaetidae. Bulletin of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego 29: i–xi, 1–203.

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