Eucinetus stewarti, photographed by S. E. Thorpe.

Belongs within: Scirtoidea.

The Eucinetidae is a small family of beetles with a reduced prothorax and deflexed head. Where feeding habits of eucinetids are known, they feed on slime moulds or mushrooms.

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Small, fusiform, with reduced prothorax, narrow deflexed head, very large oblique hind coxae with plates partly concealing femora, and short legs with mid and hind tibiae and tarsi bearing fringes of dark spines. Larvae more or less oblong and moderately lightly sclerotised with setiferous tubercles dorsally, and broad head narrowed anteriorly.

|--Eucinetus Germar 1818MW15, V99 [incl. Hamaxobium Duftschmid 1825Y02]
| |--*E. haemorrhoidalisV99
| |--E. morioY02
| |--E. ovumV99
| |--E. stewarti (Broun 1881)MW15, BL04
| |--E. strigosusY02
| `--E. terminalisY02
`--+--Noteucinetus Bullians & Leschen 2004MW15, BL04
| |--*N. nunni Bullians & Leschen 2004BL04
| |--N. chilensis Bullians & Leschen 2004BL04
| `--N. latipennis Bullians & Leschen 2004BL04
`--Nycteus Latreille 1829MW15, V99
|--*N. meridionalis Laporte 1836 [=Eucinetus meridionalis]V99
|--N. bicolor [=Eucinetus bicolor]V99
|--N. falsus Vit 1999V99
|--N. hopffgarteni [=Eucinetus hopffgarteni]V99
|--N. infumatus [=Eucinetus infumatus]V99
|--N. oertzeni [=Eucinetus oertzeni]V99
|--N. oviformis [=Eucinetus oviformis]V99
|--N. punctulatus [=Eucinetus punctulatus]V99
|--N. rugosus [=Eucinetus rugosus]V99
|--N. subrutilus [=Eucinetus subrutilus]V99
|--N. testaceus [=Eucinetus testaceus]V99
`--N. wollastoni Vit 1999 [=Eucinetus meridionalis f. wollastoni Vit 1985 (nom. inv.)]V99

Eucinetidae incertae sedis:
Euscaphurus Casey 1885Y02
|--E. saltatorBL04
`--E. spinipesY02
Jentozkus Vit 1977Y02
Tohlezkus Vitt 1977BL04
`--T. inexpectusY02

Nomen nudum: Nycteus hispanicusV99

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BL04] Bullians, M. S., & R. A. B. Leschen. 2004. Noteucinetus new genus from New Zealand and Chile and notes on Eucinetus stewarti (Broun) (Coleoptera: Eucinetidae). New Zealand Entomologist 27: 29–38.

[MW15] McKenna, D. D., A. L. Wild, K. Kanda, C. L. Bellamy, R. G. Beutel, M. S. Caterino, C. W. Farnum, D. C. Hawks, M. A. Ivie, M. L. Jameson, R. A. B. Leschen, A. E. Marvaldi, J. V. McHugh, A. F. Newton, J. A. Robertson, M. K. Thayer, M. F. Whiting, J. F. Lawrence, A. Ślipiński, D. R. Maddison & B. D. Farrell. 2015. The beetle tree of life reveals that Coleoptera survived end-Permian mass extinction to diversify during the Cretaceous terrestrial revolution. Systematic Entomology 40 (4): 835–880.

[V99] Vit, S. 1999. Sur les genres Nycteus Latreille, 1829, et Eucinetus Germar, 1818 (Coleoptera, Eucinetidae). Mitteilungen der Schweizerischen Entomologischen Gesellschaft 72: 387–394.

[Y02] Young, D. K. 2002. Eucinetidae Lacordaire 1857. In: Arnett, R. H., Jr, M. C. Thomas, P. E. Skelley & J. H. Frank (eds) American Beetles vol. 2. Polyphaga: Scarabaeoidea through Curculionoidea pp. 82–84. CRC Press.

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