Cyphoderia ampulla, copyright Picturepest.

Belongs within: Imbricatea.
Contains: Psammonobiotidae, Euglyphidae.

The Euglyphida are a group of testate amoeboids, often with a covering of silica scales (Adl et al. 2012).

Characters (from Adl et al. 2012): Test of organic material; usually with secreted silica scales held together by organic cement; tubular mitochondrial cristae.

Euglyphida [Euglyphacea]
    |  i. s.: MatsakisionAS12
    |         PsammonobiotidaeAS12
    |    |--Tracheleuglypha Deflandre 1928C-SC03, LT64
    |    |    |--*T. dentata (Vejdovský 1882) [=Euglypha dentata]LT64
    |    |    `--T. acollaLNB03
    |    `--+--AssulinidaeAS12
    |       |    |--ValkanoviaAS12
    |       |    |--Placocista Leidy 1879AS12, LT64 [=Placocysta Blochmann 1886LT64]
    |       |    |    `--*P. spinosa (Carter 1865) [=Euglypha spinosa, *Placocysta spinosa]LT64
    |       |    `--Assulina Ehrenberg 1872C-SC03, LT64
    |       |         |--*A. seminulum (Ehrenberg 1848) [=Difflugia seminulum, Sphenoderia seminulum]LT64
    |       |         `--A. muscorumC-SC03
    |       `--+--+--EuglyphidaeBM05
    |          |  `--SphenoderiidaeAB19
    |          |       |--Trachelocorythion pulchellumC-SC03
    |          |       |--DeharvengiaAB19
    |          |       `--Sphenoderia Schlumberger 1845 [=Hologlypha Ehrenberg 1872]LT64
    |          |            `--*S. lenta Schlumberger 1845 [=Difflugia (Assulina) lenta, *Hologlypha lenta]LT64
    |          `--Trinematidae [Trinematinae, Trinemidae, Trineminae]LT64
    |               |--PlayfairinaAS12
    |               |--PuytoraciaAS12
    |               |--Corythion Taránek 1882LT64
    |               |    |--*C. dubium Taránek 1882LT64
    |               |    |--C. delmareiLB90
    |               |    `--C. pulchellumV63
    |               `--Trinema Dujardin 1841BM05, LT64 [incl. Homoeochlamys Ehrenberg 1872LT64]
    |                    |--T. enchelys (Ehrenberg 1838) (see below for synonymy)LT64
    |                    |--T. complanatum [incl. T. complanatum var. inaequalis]LNB03
    |                    `--T. lineareG86
    `--+--Paulinellidae [Paulinellinae]AS12
       |    |--OvulinataAS12
       |    |--MicropyxidiellaAB19
       |    `--Paulinella Lauterborn 1895BM05, MM05 [incl. Cyanospira Chodat 1920LT64]
       |         |--*P. chromatophora Lauterborn 1895MM05
       |         |--*Cyanospira’ aeruginosa Chodat 1920LT64
       |         `--P. ovalisMM05
       `--Cyphoderiidae [Revolventiidae]N03
            |--Messemvriella Golemansky 1973N03, G86
            |    `--M. filosa Golemansky 1973G86
            |--Pseudocyphoderia Sudzuki 1979G86
            |    `--P. orientalis Sudzuki 1979G86
            |--Schaudinnula Averintsev 1906AS12, LT64
            |    `--*S. arcelloides Averintsev 1906 [=Cyphoderia arcelloides]LT64
            |--Corythionella Golemansky 1970N03, G86
            |    |--C. acolla Golemansky 1970G86
            |    |--C. anteroplanata Chardez 1977G86
            |    |--C. minima Golemansky 1970 [incl. C. minima var. nipponica Sudzuki 1979]G86
            |    |--C. pontica Golemansky 1970G86
            |    `--C. sudzukii Chardez 1977G86
            |--Pseudocorythion Valkanov 1970N03, G86
            |    |--P. acutum (Wailes 1927) [incl. P. acutum var. nipponicum Sudzuki 1979]G86
            |    |--P. mannei Chardez 1971G86
            |    |--P. nipponicum Sudzuki 1976G86
            |    |--P. undulacollis Chardez & Thomas 1980G86
            |    `--P. wailesi Golemansky 1971G86
            `--Cyphoderia Schlumberger 1845G86 (see below for synonymy)
                 |--C. ampulla (Ehrenberg 1840) (see below for synonymy)LT64
                 |    |--C. a. ampullaN03
                 |    `--C. a. bicornisN03
                 |--C. compressa Golemansky 1979G86
                 |--C. laevisN03
                 |--‘Difflugia’ lagena Ehrenberg 1843 [=*Allodictya lagena, D. (Reticella) lagena]LT64
                 |--C. littoralis Golemansky 1973 [incl. C. littoralis var. simodensis Sudzuki 1979]G86
                 `--C. lunata Štĕpánek 1967N03

Cyphoderia Schlumberger 1845G86 [incl. Allodictya Ehrenberg 1872LT64, Ampullaria Werneck in Ehrenberg 1872 non Lamarck 1799LT64]

Cyphoderia ampulla (Ehrenberg 1840) [=Difflugia ampulla, *Ampullaria ampulla; incl. *Cyphoderia margaritacea Schlumberger 1845]LT64

Trinema enchelys (Ehrenberg 1838) [=Difflugia enchelys, Arcella (*Homoeochlamys) enchelys; incl. *Trinema acinus Dujardin 1841]LT64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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