Euomphalus pentangulatus in the Paläontologische Museum München, copyright Ghedoghedo.

Belongs within: Macluritida.
Contains: Euomphalus, Straparollus.

The Euomphalidae are a group of often discoidal gastropods known from the Ordovician to the Triassic, generally with a sharp dorsal ridge marking the position of the exhalant channel.

Characters (from Knight et al. 1960): Shell mostly discoidal with wide umbilicus, but varying widely in form; abandoned early part of whorls closed off by septa; presumed exhalant channel generally present within outer-upper angulation, rarely with short slit or selenizone; outer calcitic shell may be pigmented, foreign materials such as other shells may be cemented to outer surface.

    |--Odontomaria Roemer 1876KC60 [OdontomariinaeBR17]
    |    |--*O. elephantina Roemer 1876KC60
    |    |--O. cindiprelleraeF12
    |    `--O. gracilisF12
         |--Schizostoma Bronn 1835BR17, BR05 [Schizostomatidae, Schizostomica]
         |    `--*S. catillum (Martin 1809) [=Helicites catillus]BR17
         `--Poleumita Clarke & Ruedemann 1903BR17, BR05 (see below for synonymy)
              `--*P. discors (Sowerby 1814) [=Euomphalus discors, *Polytropina discors, *Polytropis discors]KC60
Euomphalidae incertae sedis:
  Phymatifer deKoninck 1881FBL02, KC60
    |--P. coroniferus de Koninck 1881G31
    |--P. pernodosus (Meek & Worthen 1870)G31, W77 [=Straparollus (Euomphalus) pernodosusW77]
    `--P. sumatrensis [=Euomphalus sumatrensis]G31
  Serpulospira Cossmann 1915FBL02 [=Serpularia Roemer 1843 nec Fries 1829 nec Münster 1840KC60]
    |--*S. centrifuga (Romer 1843) [=*Serpularia centrifuga, Straparollus (*Serpulospira) centrifugus]KC60
    |--S. crassitesta (Tietze 1870)D94
    `--S. pustulosaF12
  Planotectus Yochelson 1956KC60
    `--*P. cymbellatus Yochelson 1956KC60
  Tongweispira Tong & Erwin 2001TE01
    `--*T. sichuanensis Tong & Erwin 2001TE01
  Heteronodosus Pan & Zhang 1983PZ83
    `--*H. giganteus Pan & Zhang 1983PZ83
  Centrifugus Bronn 1834 [=Hisingeria Ulrich & Scofield 1897, Inachus Hisinger 1837 non Fabricius 1798]KC60
    `--*C. planorbis Bronn 1834 [=*Hisingeria planorbis, *Inachus planorbis]KC60
  Pleuronotus Hall 1879KC60
    `--*P. decewi (Billings 1861) [=Euomphalus decewi]KC60
  Mastigospira LaRocque 1949KC60
    `--*M. alatus (Whiteaves 1892) [=Hyolithes alatus]KC60
  Phanerotinus Sowerby 1844 [=Phanerotina Paetel 1875]KC60
    `--*P. cristatus (Phillips 1836) [=Euomphalus cristatus]KC60
  Anisostoma Koken 1889 [=Platystoma Hörnes 1855 nec Meigen 1803 nec (Fr.) Bonord. 1851 (ICBN)]KC60
    `--*A. suessi (Hörnes 1855) [=*Platystoma suessi]KC60
  Condonella McClellan 1927KC60
    `--*C. suciensis McClellan 1927KC60
  Woehrmannia Böhm 1895KC60
    |--*W. boehmi Kittl 1899KC60
    `--W. lineataKC60
  Crenilunula Knight 1945LYR78
    |--*C. limata (Lindström 1884) [=Pleurotomaria limata]KC60
    `--C. markhaensis Peel & Gubanov 1997FBL02
  Lytospira Koken 1896FBL02
    |--*L. angelini (Lindström 1884) [=Euomphalus angelini]KC60
    |--L. exarata (Hadding 1913) [=Hyolithes exaratus, Hyolithus (l. c.) exaratus]M02
    |--L. grocera (Roemer 1876)TTE93
    `--L. norvegica Koken 1925M02
  Nummocalcar Cossmann 1896KC60
    |--*N. (Nummocalcar) polygonium (d’Archiac 1843) [=Solarium polygonium]KC60
    `--N. (Platybasis Cossmann 1916)KC60
         `--N. (*P.) pulchellus (d’Orbigny 1850) [=Straparollus pulchellus]KC60
  Cylicioscapha Yochelson 1956PE02
    |--*C. texana (Yochelson 1956) [=Amphiscapha (*Cylicioscapha) texana]KC60
    |--C. alta Pan 1984PE02
    |--C. giganteusPE02
    |--C. longlingensis Pan 1985PE02
    |--C. multinodosa Pan 1983 [incl. Euomphalus gigantonodus Wang 1985]PE02
    |--C. siensis Qiao 1983PE02
    |--C. subquadrataP85
    `--C. williamsiPE02
  Lecanospira Butts 1926LK84, KC60
    |--*L. (Lecanospira) compacta (Salter 1859) [=Ophileta compacta]KC60
    `--L. (Barnesella Bridge & Cloud 1947)KC60
         `--L. (*B.) lecanospiroides (Bridge & Cloud 1947) [=*Barnesella lecanospiroides]KC60
  Ophiletina Ulrich in Ulrich & Scofield 1897LK84
    |--*O. sublaxa Ulrich & Scofield 1897KC60
    `--O. angularisKC60
  Euomphalopsis Ulrich & Bridge 1931LK84
  Sinutropis Perner 1903LK84
  Nevadaspira Yochelson 1971LK84
  Austerum Heidecker 1959LK80
  Labrocuspis Heidecker 1959LK84
  Amphiscapha Knight 1942KC60
    |--*A. reedsi (Knight 1934) [=Straparollus (*Amphiscapha) reedsi]KC60
    `--A. catilloidesF12

Poleumita Clarke & Ruedemann 1903BR17, BR05 [=Polytropina Donald 1905KC60, Polytropis de Koninck 1881 non Sandberger 1875BR05, Polytrophis (l. c.)BR05; Poleumitidae, Polytrophidae, Polytropidae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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