Male chestnut-bellied euphonia Euphonia pectoralis, copyright Dario Sanches.

Belongs within: Fringillidae.

Euphonia is a Neotropical genus of frugivorous birds. They are small and dumpy, with a short tail and stubby bill. Males are commonly patterned in dark and yellow whereas females are olive-green (Austin 1961).

<==Euphonia Desmarest 1806 [incl. Tanagra Linnaeus 1764 (nom. rej.); Tanagrinae]B94
    |--+--E. pectoralis (Latham 1801)BKB15, H11 [=Pipra pectoralisH11]
    |  `--+--E. affinis (Lesson 1842)JT12, H11 [=Tanagra (Euphonia) affinisH11]
    |     |    |--E. a. affinisH11
    |     |    |--E. a. godmani Brewster 1889H11
    |     |    `--E. a. olmecorum Dickerman 1981H11
    |     `--+--E. chlorotica (Linnaeus 1766)JT12, H11 [=Tanagra chloroticaH11]
    |        |    |--E. c. chloroticaH11
    |        |    |--E. c. amazonica Parkes 1969H11
    |        |    |--E. c. cynophora (Oberholser 1918)H11
    |        |    |--E. c. serrirostris d’Orbigny & Lafresnaye 1837H11
    |        |    `--E. c. taczanowskii Sclater 1886H11
    |        `--E. finschi Sclater & Salvin 1877JT12, H11
    `--+--+--E. minuta Cabanis 1848ZP-J12, H11 [=Tanagra minutaS18]
       |  |    |--E. m. minutaS18
       |  |    `--E. m. humilis (Cabanis 1861)H11 [=Tanagra minuta humilisS18]
       |  `--+--E. laniirostris d’Orbigny & Lafresnaye 1837ZP-J12, H11 [=Tanagra laniirostrisE52]
       |     |    |--E. l. laniirostrisH11
       |     |    |--E. l. crassirostris Sclater 1857H11 [=Tanagra laniirostris crassirostrisE52]
       |     |    |--E. l. hypoxantha Berlepsch & Taczanowski 1884H11
       |     |    |--E. l. melanura Sclater 1851H11
       |     |    `--E. l. zopholega (Oberholser 1918)H11
       |     `--E. violacea (Linnaeus 1758)ZP-J12, H11 [=Fringilla violaceaH11]
       |          |--E. v. violaceaH11
       |          |--E. v. aurantiicollis Bertoni 1901H11
       |          `--E. v. rodwayi (Penard 1919)H11
       `--+--E. xanthogaster Sundevall 1834ZP-J12, H11 [=Euphone xanthogasterH11]
          |    |--E. x. xanthogasterH11
          |    |--E. x. badissima Olson 1981H11
          |    |--E. x. brevirostris Bonaparte 1851H11
          |    |--E. x. brunneifrons Chapman 1901H11
          |    |--E. x. chocoensis Hellmayr 1911H11
          |    |--E. x. cyanonota Parkes 1969H11
          |    |--E. x. dilutior (Zimmer 1943)H11
          |    |--E. x. exsul Berlepsch 1912H11
          |    |--E. x. oressinoma Olson 1981H11
          |    |--E. x. quitensis (Nelson 1912)H11
          |    `--E. x. ruficeps d’Orbigny & Lafresnaye 1837H11
          `--+--E. cayennensis (Gmelin 1789)ZP-J12, H11 [=Tanagra cayennensisH11]
             `--E. rufiventris (Vieillot 1819)ZP-J12, H11 [=Tanagra rufiventrisH11]
                  |--E. r. rufiventrisH11
                  `--E. r. carnegiei Dickerman 1988H11
Euphonia incertae sedis:
  E. anneae Cassin 1865H11
    |--E. a. anneaeH11
    `--E. a. rufivertex Salvin 1866H11
  E. chalybea (Mikan 1825) [=Tanagra chalybea]H11
  E. chrysopasta Sclater & Salvin 1869H11
    |--E. c. chrysopastaH11
    `--E. c. nitida (Penard 1923)H11
  ‘Tanagra’ coelestisSS66
  E. concinna Sclater 1855H11
  E. cyanocephala (Vieillot 1819)BKB15, H11 [=Pipra cyanocephalaH11; incl. E. aureataH11]
    |--E. c. cyanocephala [incl. E. cyanocephala intermedia]H11
    |--E. c. insignis Sclater & Salvin 1877H11
    `--E. c. pelzelni Sclater 1886H11
  ‘Tanagra’ darwini [incl. T. frugilegus]Sc66
  E. elegantissima (Bonaparte 1838) [=Pipra elegantissima]H11
    |--E. e. elegantissimaH11
    |--E. e. rileyi (van Rossem 1942)H11
    `--E. e. vincens Hartert 1913H11
  E. fulvicrissa Sclater 1857BKB15, H11 [=Tanagra fulvicrissaS18]
    |--E. f. fulvicrissaH11
    |--E. f. omissa Hartert 1913H11
    `--E. f. purpurascens Hartert 1901H11
  E. gouldi Sclater 1857JT12, H11
    |--E. g. gouldi [incl. E. gouldi loetscheri]H11
    `--E. g. praetermissa (Peters 1929)H11
  E. gracilisSa66
  E. hirundinacea Bonaparte 1838BKB15, H11
    |--E. h. hirundinacea [incl. E. h. caribbaea, E. h. russelli, E. h. suttoni]H11
    `--E. h. gnatho (Cabanis 1861)H11
  E. imitans (Hellmayr 1936) [=Tanagra imitans]H11
  E. jamaica (Linnaeus 1766) [=Fringilla jamaica]H11
  E. luteicapilla (Cabanis 1861)H11 [=Phonasca luteicapillaH11, Tanagra luteicapillaA61]
  ‘Tanagra’ melanopteraSS66
  E. mesochrysa Salvadori 1873H11
    |--E. m. mesochrysaH11
    |--E. m. media (Zimmer 1943)H11
    `--E. m. tavarae (Chapman 1925)H11
  E. plumbea du Bus de Gisignies 1855H11
  ‘Tanagra’ rubraJ23
  E. saturata (Cabanis 1861) [=Phonasca saturata]H11
  ‘Tanagra’ striataSc66
  E. trinitatis Strickland 1851H11
Hybrid: Euphonia vittata [E. pectoralis × E. xanthogaster]H11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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