Actinocyclus normanii, copyright Kristian Peters.

Belongs within: Mediophyceae.
Contains: Auliscus.

The Actinodiscaceae are a group of centric diatoms with radially ribbed valves.

| |--SynedetocystisEB93
| |--SyndetoneisEB93
| `--RutilariaCW59
| |--R. epsilon Grev. 1863CW59
| |--R. lanceolataCW59
| |--R. monile [=Pseudorutilaria monile]CW59
| |--R. pulchra A.S. 1893CW59
| `--R. radiataCW59
`--Eupodiscoideae [Actinodiscaceae, Anguliferae, Eupodisceae]EB93
|--Cosmiodiscus elegansW61
|--Grovea pedalisEB93, H04
| |--E. argusG64
| `--E. californicusM01
| |--O. auritaH04
| |--O. mobiliensis [=Biddulphia mobiliensis]RA05
| `--O. sinensisC-SC06
`--Triceratium Ehrenberg 1841EB93, G75
|--T. alternansG75 [=Biddulphia alternansM01]
| |--T. a. var. alternansM01
| `--T. a. var. tenuipunctatum [=Biddulphia alternans var. tenuipunctata]M01
|--T. antediluvianumG75 (see below for synonymy)
|--T. archangelskianumP98
|--T. arcticum [=Biddulphia arctica]M01
| |--T. a. var. arcticumM01
| `--T. a. var. tetragonum [=Biddulphia arctica var. tetragona]M01
|--T. armatumG64
|--T. brightwelliiG64
|--T. comtumG64
|--T. crenatumG64
|--T. digitaleH04
|--T. exiguumG64
|--T. favusG75
|--T. intricatum [incl. T. undulatum]G64
|--T. mirificumH04
|--T. montereyi [=Biddulphia montereyi]M01
|--T. moronenseH04
|--T. pentacrinusH04
|--T. pileolus [incl. T. obtusum]G64
|--T. reticulatumG75
|--T. robertsianumH04
|--T. sanpedroanum [=Biddulphia (Triceratium) sanpedroana Mereschkowsky 1901]M01
|--T. schulziiEB93
|--T. striolatum [incl. T. membranaceum]G64
`--T. uncinnatum [=Biddulphia uncinnata]M01

Triceratium antediluvianumG75 [=Amphitetras antediluvianaG75, Biddulphia antediluvianaM01; incl. A. tessellataM01, B. tessellataM01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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