Eurycaulis crocatus, copyright Faatura.

Belongs within: Dendrobium.

Eurycaulis is a Malesian genus of epiphytic orchids with elongate, more or less fleshy stems, deciduous leaves and usually showy flowers bearing a distinct claw on the labellum (Clements 2003).

Characters (from Clements 2003): Plants epiphytic; stems elongate, narrow or fusiform, more or less fleshy; leaves deciduous prior to flowering; inflorescence lateral, peduncles short and usually pendulous, bearing 1–14 flowers; flowers showy, or if not opening widely these usually being cleistogamous, forming a distinct mentum fusion of the basal part of the lateral sepals and always held away from the ovary and pedicel; free parts of sepals and petals spreading; labellum with distinct claw, with or without a small projection on the upper surface near the base, the apical part spreading, without distinct sidelobes, and with bilobed apex.

<==Eurycaulis Clements & Jones 2002 (see below for synonymy)C03
    |--E. subg. EurycaulisC03
    |    |--*E. lamellatus (Blume) Clements & Jones 2002 (see below for synonymy)C03
    |    |--E. camptocentrus (Schlechter) Clements & Jones 2002 [=Dendrobium camptocentrum]C03
    |    |--E. discocaulon (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium discocaulon Schlechter 1912]C03
    |    |--E. lamprocaulon (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium lamprocaulon Schlechter in Schumann & Laut. 1905]C03
    |    |--E. milaniae (Fessel & Lückel) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium milaniae Fessel & Lückel 1996]C03
    |    |--E. platycaulon (Rolfe) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium (sect. *Platycaula) platycaulon Rolfe 1892]C03
    |    |--E. platygastrius (Reichenb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium platygastrium Reichenb. 1878]C03
    |    |--E. praetermissus (Seidenf.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium praetermissum Seidenf. 1997]C03
    |    |--E. remiformis (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium remiforme Smith 1913]C03
    |    |--E. septemcostatus (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium septemcostatum Smith 1920]C03
    |    |--E. treubii (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium treubii Smith 1906]C03
    |    `--E. ypsilon (Seidenf.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium ypsilon Seidenf. 1985]C03
    `--E. subg. Calcariferus (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium sect. Calcarifera Smith 1908]C03
         |  i. s.: E. (subg. *C.) pedicellatus (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium pedicellatum Smith 1908]C03
         |         E. acutifolius (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium acutifolium Ridl. 1917]C03
         |         E. annamensis (Rolfe) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium annamense Rolfe 1906]C03
         |         E. anthrene (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium anthrene Ridl. 1896]C03
         |         E. appendiculoides Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium appendiculoides Ames 1922 non Smith 1913]C03
         |         E. arcuatus (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium arcuatum Smith 1905]C03
         |         E. atjehensis (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium atjehense Smith 1932]C03
         |         E. bicallosus (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium bicallosum Ridl. 1917]C03
         |         E. boumaniae (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium boumaniae Smith 1926]C03
         |         E. calcariferus (Carr) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium calcariferum Carr 1935]C03
         |         E. cinereus (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium cinereum Smith 1920]C03
         |         E. compressimentus (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium compressimentum Smith 1928]C03
         |         E. corallorhizus (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium corallorhizon Smith 1931]C03
         |         E. courtauldii (Summerh.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium courtauldii Summerh. ex Wood 1981]C03
         |         E. crabro (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dndrobium crabro Ridl. 1908]C03
         |         E. crassimarginatus (Williams) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium crassimarginatum Williams 1937]C03
         |         E. croceocentrus (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium croceocentrum Smith 1920]C03
         |         E. cumulatus (Lindley) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium cumulatum Lindley 1855]C03
         |         E. curvus (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium curvum Ridl. 1917]C03
         |         E. cymbiformis (Rolfe) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium cymbiforme Rolfe 1898]C03
         |         E. cymboglossus (Wood & Lamb) Clements 2003 (see below for synonymy)C03
         |         E. derryi (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium derryi Ridl. 1907]C03
         |         E. diffusus (Williams) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium diffusum Williams 1937]C03
         |         E. endertii (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium endertii Smith 1931]C03
         |         E. exilicaulis (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium exilicaule Ridl. 1924]C03
         |         E. fimbrilabius (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium fimbrilabium Smith 1920]C03
         |         E. foetens (Kraenzlin) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium foetens Kraenzlin in Engl. 1910]C03
         |         E. foxii (Rodl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium foxii Ridl. 1900]C03
         |         E. grastidioides (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium grastidioides Smith 1920]C03
         |         E. groeneveldtii (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium groeneveldtii Smith 1920]C03
         |         E. guerreroi (Ames & Quisumb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium guerreroi Ames & Quisumb. 1932]C03
         |         E. hamaticalcar (Wood & Dauncey) Clements 2003 (see below for synonymy)C03
         |         E. hamatus (Rolfe) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium hamatum Rolfe 1894]C03
         |         E. huttonii (Reichenb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium huttonii Reichenb. 1869]C03
         |         E. hymenanthus Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium hymenanthum Hooker 1890 non Reichenb. 1855]C03
         |         E. intricatus (Gagnepain) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium intricatum Gagnepain 1930]C03
         |         E. kentrochilus (Hooker) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium kentrochilum Hooker 1890]C03
         |         E. kruiensis (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium kruiense Smith 1926]C03
         |         E. lampongensis (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium lampongense Smith 1908]C03
         |         E. lankaviensis (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium lankaviense Ridl. 1910]C03
         |         E. leucochlorus (Reichenb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium leucochlorum Reichenb. 1879]C03
         |         E. lilacinus Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium lilacinum Reichenb. 1865 non Teijsm. & Binn. 1864]C03
         |         E. lucens (Reichenb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium lucens Reichenb. 1863]C03
         |         E. maierae (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium maierae Smith 1920]C03
         |         E. megaceras (Hooker) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium megaceras Hooker 1890]C03
         |         E. modestus Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium modestum Ridl. 1898 non Reichenb. 1855]C03
         |         E. multiflorus Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium multiflorum Ridl. 1908 non Par. & Reichenb. 1874]C03
         |         E. nieuwenhuisii (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium niuwenhuisii Smith 1906]C03
         |         E. obrienianus (Kraenzlin) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium obrienianum Kraenzlin 1892]C03
         |         E. paathii (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium paathii Smith 1935]C03
         |         E. panduriferus (Hooker) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium panduriferum Hooker 1890]C03
         |         E. peralu (Reichenb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium peralu Reichenb. 1865]C03
         |         E. pictus (Lindley) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium pictum Lindley 1862]C03
         |         E. profusus (Reichenb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium profusum Reichenb. 1884]C03
         |         E. rantii (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium rantii Smith 1934]C03
         |         E. rappardii (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium rappardii Smith 1943]C03
         |         E. rhodocentrum (Reichenb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium rhodocentrum Reichenb. 1872]C03
         |         E. roseatus (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium roseatum Ridl. 1896]C03
         |         E. singalanensis (Kraenzlin) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium singalanense Kraenzlin in Engl. 1910]C03
         |         E. subflavidus (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium subflavidum Ridl. 1908]C03
         |         E. tropaeoliflorus (Hooker) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium tropaeoliflorum Hooker 1890]C03
         |         E. undulatus (Blume) Clements 2003 [=Pedilonum undulatum Clume 1825]C03
         |         E. ventrilabius (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium ventrilabium Smith 1922]C03
         |         E. viriditepalus (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium viriditepalum Smith 1917]C03
         |         E. viridulus (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium viridulum Ridl. 1896]C03
         |         E. zamboangensis (Ames) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium zamboangense Ames 1915]C03
         |--E. crocatus (Hooker) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium crocatum Hooker 1890]C03
         `--+--E. cerinus (Reichenb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium cerinum Reichenb. 1879]C03
            `--E. ionopus (Reichenb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium ionopus Reichenb. 1882]C03

Eurycaulis Clements & Jones 2002 [=Dendrobium sect. Platycaulon Schlechter in Schumannn & Laut. 1905, D. sect. Platybulbon (l. c.); incl. D. sect. Platycaula Kraenzlin in Engl. 1910]C03

Eurycaulis cymboglossus (Wood & Lamb) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium cymboglossum Wood & Lamb in Wood & Cribb 1994]C03

Eurycaulis hamaticalcar (Wood & Dauncey) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium hamaticalcar Wood & Dauncey in Wood, Baeman & Beaman 1993]C03

*Eurycaulis lamellatus (Blume) Clements & Jones 2002 [=Onychium lamellatum Blume 1825, Dendrobium (sect. *Platycaulon) lamellatum, Pedilonum lamellatum]C03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C03] Clements, M. A. 2003. Molecular phylogenetic systematics in the Dendrobiinae (Orchidaceae), with emphasis on Dendrobium section Pedilonum. Telopea 10 (1): 247–298.

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