Euhesma maculifera, copyright Keith Martin-Smith.

Belongs within: Colletidae.
Contains: Xanthesma (Xenohesma), Euryglossina (Euryglossina), Euryglossina (Turnerella), Euryglossa (Euryglossa), Pachyprosopis (Pachyprosopis).

The Euryglossinae are typically small, rather hairless bees endemic to Australia (Houston 2018).

Characters (from Houston 2018): Fore wing with two or one submarginal cells (second, if present, smaller to much smaller than first), outer veins complete or absent; scopa of female absent; prepygidial fimbria absent; pygidial plate of female present, narrow, parallel-sided, sometimes spatulate or spine-like; basitibial plate of female partly defined by row of tubercles or just one apically; abdomen with longitudinal median groove of T1; prementum of female lacking spiculate area.

    |--Tumidihesma tridentataH18
    |--Stenohesma Michener 1965M65
    |    `--*S. nomadiformis Michener 1965M65
    |--Holohesma Michener 1965M65
    |    `--*H. semisericea (Cockerell 1905) (see below for synonymy)M65
    |--Dasyhesma Michener 1965M65
    |    `--*D. robusta Michener 1965M65
    |--Stilpnosoma Smith 1879M65
    |    `--*S. laevigatum Smith 1879 [incl. S. turneri Friese 1917 non Baker 1906]M65
    |--Sericogaster Westwood 1835H18, BM76
    |    `--*S. fasciatusBM76
    |--Heterohesma Michener 1965M65
    |    |--*H. clypeata (Rayment 1954) [=Stilpnosoma clypeata]M65
    |    `--H. weiriH18
    |--Xanthesma Michener 1965M65
    |    |  i. s.: X. argosomata Exley 1969E69a
    |    |         X. brachycera (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossa brachycera]M65
    |    |         X. dasycephala Exley 1969E69a
    |    |         X. flava Michener 1965M65
    |    |         X. lasiosomata Exley 1969E69a
    |    |         X. lutea Exley 1969E69a
    |    |         X. nigrior Michener 1965M65
    |    |         X. parva Exley 1969E69a
    |    |         X. trisulca Exley 1969E69a
    |    |         X. vittata Exley 1969E69a
    |    |--*X. (Xanthesma) furcifera (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossa furcifera]M65
    |    `--X. (Xenohesma)H18
    |--Melittosmithia Schulz 1906 (see below for synonymy)M65
    |    |--*M. carinata (Smith 1862) [=Scrapter carinata, *Smithia carinata]M65
    |    |--M. adelaidae (Friese 1924) [=Stilpnosoma adelaidae]M65
    |    |--M. australiensisR35
    |    |--M. froggattiana (Cockerell 1905) [=Euryglossa froggattiana]M65
    |    `--M. subtilis Cockerell 1926M65
    |--Hyphesma Michener 1965M65
    |    |--*H. atromicans (Cockerell 1913) [=Pachyprosopis atromicans]M65
    |    |--H. barbata (Cockerell 1914) [=Pachyprosopis barbata]M65
    |    |--H. elthamensis (Rayment 1935) [=Euryglossa elthamensis]M65
    |    |--H. nitidiceps (Cockerell 1912) [=Pachyprosopis nitidiceps]M65
    |    `--H. oleariae (Rayment 1935) [=Euryglossa oleariae]M65
    |--Euryglossula Michener 1965M65
    |    |--*E. chalcosoma (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossina chalcosoma]M65
    |    |--E. carnarvonensisH18
    |    |--E. claristigma (Rayment 1935)M65 [=Euryglossina chalsosoma claristigmaM65, R35]
    |    |--E. fultoni (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossina fultoni]M65
    |    |--E. microdonta (Rayment 1934) [=Euryglossina microdonta]M65
    |    `--E. parazantha (Rayment 1934) [=Euryglossina parazantha]M65
    |--Euryglossina Cockerell 1910M65
    |    |--E. (Euryglossina)M65
    |    |--E. (Euryglossella Cockerell 1910) [incl. Zalygus Cockerell 1929]M65
    |    |    |--E. (*E.) minima (Cockerell 1910) [=Euryglossella minima]M65
    |    |    |--E. (E.) cornuta (Cockerell 1929) [=*Zalygus cornutus]M65
    |    |    `--E. (E.) perkinsi Michener 1965M65
    |    |--E. (Microdontura Cockerell 1929)M65
    |    |    `--E. (*M.) mellea (Cockerell 1929) [=*Microdontura mellea]M65
    |    |--E. (Quasihesma) moonbiensisH18
    |    `--E. (Turnerella)M65
    |--Brachyhesma Michener 1965M65
    |    |--B. (Brachyhesma)M65
    |    |    |--*B. (B.) sulphurella (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossina sulphurella]M65
    |    |    |--B. (B.) colorata (Rayment 1935)M65 [=Euryglossina sulphurella var. colorataM65, R35]
    |    |    |--B. (B.) microxantha (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossina microxantha]M65
    |    |    `--B. (B.) perlutea (Cockerell 1916)M65 [=Euryglossina sulphurella perluteaM65, R35]
    |    `--B. (Microhesma Michener 1965)M65
    |         |--B. (*M.) incompleta Michener 1965M65
    |         |--B. (M.) cooki Michener 1965M65
    |         |--B. (M.) dichaeta Michener 1965M65
    |         `--B. (M.) hypoxantha (Rayment 1934) [=Euryglossina hypoxantha]M65
    |--Euryglossa Smith 1853M65
    |    |  i. s.: E. catanii Rayment 1949M65
    |    |         E. endeavouricola Strand 1921M65
    |    |         ‘Allodape’ grisea Alfken 1907M65
    |    |         E. hypochromaR35
    |    |         E. nigrocyanea Rayment 1935M65
    |    |         E. tarsata Alfken 1907M65
    |    |--E. (Euryglossa)M65
    |    |--E. (Dermatohesma Michener 1965)M65
    |    |    `--E. (*D.) abnormis (Rayment 1935) [=Euryglossimorpha abnormis]M65
    |    `--E. (Parahesma Michener 1965)M65
    |         `--E. (*P.) tuberculipes Michener 1965M65
    |--Pachyprosopis Perkins 1908M65
    |    |  i. s.: P. celmisiae Rayment 1949M65
    |    |         P. semisericeaR35
    |    |--P. (Pachyprosopis)M65
    |    |--P. (Pachyprosopina Michener 1965)M65
    |    |    `--P. (*P.) paupercula (Cockerell 1915) [=Euryglossa paupercula]M65
    |    `--P. (Pachyprosopula Michener 1965)M65
    |         |--P. (*P.) kellyi Cockerell 1916M65
    |         |--P. (P.) angulifera Cockerell 1929M65
    |         |--P. (P.) flavicauda Cockerell 1912M65
    |         |--P. (P.) fulvescens Rayment 1935M65
    |         |--P. (P.) humeralis Cockerell 1912M65
    |         |--P. (P.) purnongensis (Rayment 1935) [=Euryglossina purnongensis]M65
    |         |--P. (P.) saturina Cockerell 1913M65
    |         |--P. (P.) strigata Rayment 1935M65
    |         `--P. (P.) xanthodonta (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossina xanthodonta]M65
    |--Callohesma Michener 1965M65
    |    |--*C. calliopsiformis (Cockerell 1905) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) calliopsiformis]M65
    |    |--C. aurantifera (Cockerel 1912) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) aurantifera]M65
    |    |--C. aureopicta (Cockerell 1929) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) aureopicta]M65
    |    |--C. calliopsella (Cockerell 1910) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) calliopsella]M65
    |    |--C. cambournii (Rayment 1939) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) cambournii]M65
    |    |--C. campbelli (Cockerell 1929) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) campbelli]M65
    |    |--C. carnosa (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) carnosa]M65
    |    |--C. euxantha (Perkins 1912) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) euxantha]M65
    |    |--C. flavopicta (Smith 1879) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) flavopicta]M65
    |    |--C. geminata (Cockerell 1911) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) geminata]M65
    |    |--C. lacteipennis (Michener 1965) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) lacteipennis]M65
    |    |--C. megachloraH18
    |    |--C. melanothorax (Rayment 1935) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) melanothorax]M65
    |    |--C. ornatula (Cockerell 1929) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) ornatula]M65
    |    |--C. picta (Smith 1854) [=Allodape picta, Euryglossa (*Callohesma) picta]M65
    |    |--C. quadrimaculata (Smith 1879) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) quadrimaculata]M65
    |    |--C. raffae (Rayment 1935) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) raffae]M65
    |    |--C. sinapina (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) sinapina]M65
    |    |--C. sinapipes (Cockerell 1910) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) sinapipes]M65
    |    |--C. strigosa (Rayment 1935) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) strigosa]M65
    |    |--C. sulphurea (Michener 1965) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) sulphurea]M65
    |    `--C. tridentifrons (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossa (*Callohesma) tridentifrons]M65
    |--Argohesma Exley 1969E69b
    |    |--*A. eremica Exley 1969E69b
    |    |--A. deloschema Exley 1969E69b
    |    |--A. euxesta Exley 1969E69b
    |    `--A. lukinsiana Exley 1969E69b
    `--Euhesma Michener 1965M65
         |--*E. wahlenbergiae (Michener 1965) [=Euryglossa (*Euhesma) wahlenbergiae]M65
         |--E. acanthaH18
         |--E. altitudinis (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossa altitudinis]M65
         |--E. anthracocephala (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossa anthracocephala]M65
         |--E. aureophilaH18
         |--E. australis (Michener 1965) [=Euryglossa (Euhesma) australis]M65
         |--E. crabronica (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossa crabronica]M65
         |--E. dolichocephala (Rayment 1953) [=Euryglossa dolichocephala]M65
         |--E. fasciatella (Cockerell 1907) [=Euryglossa fasciatella]M65
         |--E. filicis (Cockerell 1926) [=Euryglossa filicis]M65
         |--E. flavocuneata (Cockerell 1915) [=Euryglossa flavocuneata]M65
         |--E. goodeniae (Cockerell 1926) [=Euryglossa goodeniae]M65
         |--E. halictina (Cockerell 1920) [=Euryglossa halictina]M65
         |--E. halictoides (Rayment 1939) [=Euryglossa halictoides]M65
         |--E. hemichlora (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossa hemichlora]M65
         |--E. hemixantha (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossa hemixantha]M65
         |--E. hyphesmoides (Michener 1965) [=Euryglossa (Euhesma) hyphesmoides]M65
         |--E. inconspicua (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossa inconspicua]M65
         |--E. latissima (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossa latissima]M65
         |--E. lutea (Rayment 1934) [=Euryglossa lutea]M65
         |--E. maculifera (Michener 1965) (see below for synonymy)M65
         |--E. malaris (Michener 1965) [=Euryglossa (Euhesma) malaris]M65
         |--E. maura (Cockerell 1927) [=Euryglossa maura]M65
         |--E. melanosoma (Cockerell 1941) [=Euryglossa melanosoma]M65
         |--E. mica (Cockerell 1918) [=Euryglossa mica]M65
         |--E. morrisoniH18
         |--E. neglectula (Cockerell 1905) [=Euryglossa neglectula]M65
         |--E. nigra (Friese 1924) [=Stilpnosoma nigrum, Euryglossa (Euhesma) nigra non Smith 1879]M65
         |--E. nigritula [=Euryglossa (Euhesma) nigritula]M65
         |--E. nitidifrons (Smith 1879) [=Euryglossa nitidifrons]M65
         |--E. nubifera (Cockerell 1922) [=Euryglossa nubifera]M65
         |--E. palpalis (Michener 1965) [=Euryglossa (Euhesma) palpalis]M65
         |--E. perditiformis (Cockerell 1910) [=Euryglossa perditiformis]M65
         |--E. perkinsi (Michener 1965) [=Euryglossa (Euhesma) perkinsi]M65
         |--E. pernana (Cockerell 1905) [=Euryglossa pernana]M65
         |--E. platyrhina (Cockerell 1915) [=Euryglossa platyrhina]M65
         |--E. rainbowi (Cockerell 1929) [=Euryglossa rainbowi]M65
         |--E. ricae (Rayment 1948) [=Euryglossa ricae]M65
         |--E. ridens (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossa ridens]M65
         |--E. rufiventris (Michener 1965) [=Euryglossa (Euhesma) rufiventris]M65
         |--E. semaphoreH18
         |--E. serrata (Cockerell 1927)M65 [=Euryglossa nitidifrons serrataM65, R35]
         |--E. striata Exley 2002 [=E. sulcata Exley 2002 non Euryglossa sulcata Exley 1998]E08
         |--E. subinconspicua (Rayment 1934) [=Euryglossa subinconspicua]M65
         |--E. sulcata (Exley 1998) [=Euryglossa (Euhesma) sulcata]E08
         |--E. tasmanica (Cockerell 1918) [=Euryglossa tasmanica]M65
         |--E. tuberculata (Rayment 1939) [=Euyglossa tuberculata]M65
         |--E. tubuliferaH18
         |--E. undulata (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossa undulata]M65
         |--E. walkeriana (Cockerell 1905) [=Euryglossa walkeriana]M65
         `--E. wowineH18
Nomen nudum: Euryglossa (Melanoxantha) husellaE69b

Euhesma maculifera (Michener 1965) [=Euryglossa (Euhesma) maculifera, Melittosmithia maculata Rayment 1935 non Eur. maculata Smith 1879]M65

*Holohesma semisericea (Cockerell 1905) [=Stilpnosoma semisericea; incl. S. cambournii Rayment 1935, S. histrio Friese 1924]M65

Melittosmithia Schulz 1906 [=Smithia Vachal 1897 nec Milne-Edwards & Haime 1851 nec Maltzan 1883 nec Monterosato 1884]M65

*Type species of generic name indicated


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