Female Tetramesa, copyright Mardon Erbland.

Belongs within: Eurytomidae.
Contains: Bruchophagus, Sycophila, Eurytoma.

The Eurytominae are a group of eurytomid wasps in which the antenna has at most twelve segments; a single anellus is present which may be almost fused with the first funicular segment, and the apical segments are mostly fused into a clava (Bouček 1988).

<==Eurytominae [Aximinae, Eudecatominae, Eurytomini, Harmolitinae, Philolemini, Prodecatominae]MH11
    `--+--+--Axima zabriskieiCR24, HB13
       |  `--+--Bruchodape ignotaCR24, HB13
       |     `--Bephrata ruficollisHB13
          `--+--+--Endobia donacisCR24, HB13
             |  `--+--EurytomaCR24
             |     `--Masneroma anguliferaCR24, HB13
             `--+--Systole Walker 1832CR24, B88
                |    |--*S. albipennisB88
                |    |--S. coriandriMH11
                |    `--S. foeniculi Otten 1941B88
                `--+--Aiolomorphus rhopaloidesCR24, HB13
                   `--Tetramesa Walker 1848CR24, B88 (see below for synonymy)
                        |--*T. iarbasB88
                        |--T. angelonini (Girault 1924) [=Eurytoma angelonini]B88
                        |--T. australiensis (Girault 1915) [=Isosoma australiensis]B88
                        |--T. funeralis (Girault 1915) [=*Exanthosoma funeralis; incl. Isosoma wordsworthi Girault 1915]B88
                        |--T. grandis [=Harmolita grandis]RD77
                        |--‘Isosoma’ guttulaMS01
                        |--T. linearis (Walker 1832) [=Isosoma lineare]B88
                        |--T. longicornisA71 [=*Harmolita longicornisB88]
                        |--‘Eurytoma’ longula [=*Isosoma longula]B88
                        |--T. orchidearumRD77
                        |--‘Isosoma’ ovata Szépligeti in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901MS01
                        |--T. paniciBD17
                        `--T. romanaBS23

Eurytominae incertae sedis:
    |--*P. carinigeraB88
    `--P. latrodectiBS23
  Tenuipetiolus ruberBS23
  Stigmeurytoma Bouček 1988B88
    `--*S. eucalypti (Ashmead 1900) [=Eurytoma eucalypti]B88
  Syceurytoma Bouček in Bouček, Watsham & Wiebes 1981B88
    `--*S. ficusB88
  Giraultoma Bouček 1988B88
    `--*G. pulchricopus (Girault 1915) [=Xanthosoma pulchricorpus; incl. X. haeckeli Girault 1915]B88
  Ausystole Bouček 1988B88
    `--*A. beenleighi (Girault 1926) [=Eurysystole beenleighi]B88
  Houstonia Bouček 1988B88
    `--*H. zani Bouček 1988B88
  Plutarchia Girault 1925B88
    |--*P. bicarinativentris Girault 1925B88
    `--P. indefensaB88
  Mesoeurytoma Cameron 1911 [incl. Stireurytoma Cameron 1911]B88
    |--*M. carinicepsB88
    `--*Stireurytoma’ carinataB88
  Austrodecatoma Girault 1925B88
    |--*A. trinotata (Girault 1915) (see below for synonymy)B88
    `--A. omninigra Girault 1928B88
  Hexeurytoma Dodd 1917B88
    |--*H. grandis Dodd 1917B88
    |--H. giraulti Bouček 1988 (see below for synonymy)B88
    `--H. nigripennis Bouček 1988B88
  Acantheurytoma Cameron 1911 [incl. Odonteurytoma Mukerjee 1981]B88
    |--*A. spiniferaB88
    |--A. albicornis [=Eurytoma albicornis]B88
    `--*Odonteurytoma’ tanjorensisB88
  Risbecoma Subba Rao 1978B88
    |--*R. bruchocida [=Eurytoma bruchocida]B88
    |--R. acaciarum Bouček 1988B88
    `--R. capensisB88
    |--A. javensis Girault 1917G17
    `--A. tephrosiae Girault 1917G17
    |--C. opuntiaeBS23
    `--C. rigidaG05
  Foutsia philodendriBS23
  Heimbrella Subba Rao 1978BS23, B88
  Isosomodes parkeriBS23
  Khamul erwiniBS23
  Phylloxeroxenus Ashmead 1888BS23, B88
  Prodecatoma cookiBS23
  Axanthosoma Girault 1913MH11, B88
    |--*A. nigrum Girault 1913B88
    |--A. io Girault 1915B88
    `--A. ruskini Girault 1926B88

*Austrodecatoma trinotata (Girault 1915) [=Eudecatoma trinotata; incl. E. circumnotata Girault 1915, E. rufipronotum Girault 1915]B88

Hexeurytoma giraulti Bouček 1988 [=Eurytoma fuscipennis Girault 1915 non Phylloxeroxenus fuscipennis Girault 1913]B88

Tetramesa Walker 1848CR24, B88 [incl. Exanthosoma Girault 1915B88, Gahaniola Erdös 1952B88, Harmolita Motschulsky 1863B88, Isosoma Walker 1832 non Billberg 1820B88, Isosomocharis Ashmead 1888B88, Isthmosoma Hedicke 1921B88, Philachyra Walker 1871B88, Urios Girault 1911B88, Xanthosoma Ashmead 1888B88]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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