Skull and dorsal fin spine of Xenosynechodus egloni, from here.

Belongs within: Chondrichthyes.
Contains: Eugeneodontiformes, Petalodontiformes, Ctenacanthoidea, Hybodontiformes, Selachimorpha, Rhinobatiformes, Rajiformes, Myliobatiformes, Torpediniformes.

The Euselachii are a major clade of chondrichthyan fishes, including all post-Palaeozoic sharks and rays and their relatives, united by the development of propterygial and mesopterygial cartilages supporting the pectoral fins (Bond 1996).

    |–Protoselachii [Xenacanthimorpha] B96
    |    |–Ctenacanthoidea B96
    |    |–Hybodontiformes B96
    |    `–Xenacanthiformes [Pleuracanthodii, Xenacanthida] B96
    |         |  i. s.: Leonodus carlsi Mader 1986 CDZ93
    |         |–Diplodoselache [Diplodoselachidae] CDZ93
    |         |    `–D. woodi Dick 1981 CDZ93
    |         |–Xenosynechodus [Xenosynechodontidae] TT05
    |         |    `–X. egloni Gluckman 1980 TT05
    |         `–Xenacanthidae [Expleuracanthidae] G88
    |              |–Xenacanthus moorei (Woodward 1889) CDZ93
    |              |–Anodontacanthus pusillus Hussakof & Bryant 1918 CDZ93
    |              `–Dittodus CDZ93
    |                   |–D. priscus (Eastman 1899) CDZ93
    |                   `–D. striatus (Eastman 1899) CDZ93
    `–Neoselachii [Hypnosqualea, Selachii, Squalea] B96
         |  i. s.: Agaleus Duffin & Ward 1983 [Agaleidae]
         |           `–A. dorsetensis Duffin & Ward 1983
         |         Vallisia coppi Duffin 1982
         |         Glaucostegus [Rhinopristiformes] VF21
         |           |–G. granulatus VF21
         |           |–G. halavi VF21
         |           `–G. thoin VF21
         |–Selachimorpha MW07
         `–Batoidea [Batoidei, Batomorphii, Platosomeae, Rajomorphii] MW07
              |  i. s.: Pristidae [Pristiformes, Pristoidei] B96
              |           |–Pristiopsis leichhardti G75
              |           |–Anoxypristis cuspidata (Latham 1794) CL99a
              |           |–Peyeria libyca Weiler 1935 CDZ93
              |           `–Pristis M58
              |                |–P. clavata Garman 1906 CL99a
              |                |–P. lathami Galeotti 1837 CDZ93
              |                |–P. microdon Latham 1794 [incl. P. leichhardti (Whitley 1945)] CL99a
              |                |–P. pectinata Latham 1794 [incl. P. annandalei] CL99a
              |                |–P. perotteti Müller & Henle 1841 CL99a
              |                |–P. pristis (Linnaeus 1758) CL99a
              |                |–P. zephyreus Jordan & Starks in Jorda 1895 CL99a
              |                `–P. zijsron Bleeker 1851 CL99a
              |         Heteronarce garmani H72
              |         Cestracion philippi H72
              |         Trygon H72
              |           |–T. pastinacea H72 [=Dasyatis pastinaca Y56]
              |           `–T. walga [=Dasyatis walga] Y56
              |         Rhinobatiformes CL99b
              |         Parapalaeobates [Parapalaeobatidae] CDZ93
              |           |–P. atlanticus Arambourg 1952 CDZ93
              |           `–P. pygmaeus (Quaas 1902) CDZ93
              |         Sulcidens VF21
              |–Rajiformes MW07
              `–+–Myliobatiformes MW07
                 `–Torpediniformes MW07

Euselachii incertae sedis:
  Protacrodontidae [Protacrodontoidea] CDZ93
    |–Protacrodus vetustus Jaekel 1921 CDZ93
    `–Holmesella Gunnell 1931 CDZ93, H62
         `–H. equilaterata Gunnell 1933 CDZ93
  Desmiodontidae [Desmiodontida, Desmiodontiformes] CDZ93
    |–Desmiodus tumidus St John & Worthen 1875 CDZ93
    `–Heteropetalus elegantulus Lund 1977 CDZ93
  Coronodontidae [Coronodontida, Coronodontiformes] CDZ93
    |–Coronodus reimanni Bryant 1923 CDZ93
    `–Diademodus Harris 1950 W85
         `–*D. hydei Harris 1950 W85
  Eugeneodontiformes CDZ93
  Orodontidae [Orodontiformes] CDZ93
    |–Orodus ‘corrugatus’ Romer 1942 non Newberry & Worthen 1870 CDZ93
    `–Hercynolepis meischneri Gross 1973 CDZ93
  Petalodontiformes CDZ93
  Squatinactis [Squatinactidae, Squatinactiformes] CDZ93
    `–S. caudispinatus Lund & Zangerl 1974 CDZ93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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