Eustigmaeus frigida, copyright D. E. Walter.

Belongs within: Raphignathoidea.

Eustigmaeus is a cosmopolitan genus of parasitic or bryophagous mites (Faraji et al. 2007). They are globular stigmaeids with the dorsum broadly covered by three unpaired shields, with four pairs of setae on the prodorsal and six pairs on the opisthosomal shields.

Characters (from Faraji et al. 2007): Dorsum with 3 shields, prodorsal shield with 4 pairs of setae and usually one pair of eyes, opisthosomal shield with 6 pairs of setae and suranal shield with 2 pairs of setae; humeral setae c2 situated on triangular shields, displaced to a ventral or ventrolatral position; dorsal shield generally sculptured or ornamented; legs shorter than idiosoma; gnathosoma partly covered by overhanging prodorsum; palp 5-segmented, with a tridentate, terminal eupathidium; primary claw on palptibia well developed, with a smaller accessory claw at its base; chelicerae not joined together; venter with 2 or 4 endopodal shields which may be united or divided midventrally; aggenital area with 1 to 3 pairs setae and pseudoanal covers with 3 to 4 pairs of setae.

<==Eustigmaeus Berlese 1910 [incl. Ledermuelleria Oudemans 1923] FUB07
|–*E. kermesinus (Koch 1841) [=Stigmaeus kermesinus] FUB07
|–E. abseus Dogan 2005 FUB07
|–E. anauniensis (Canestrini 1889) FUB07 (see below for synonymy)
|–E. arcticus (Wood 1972) [=Ledermuelleria arctica; incl. E. mineus Barillo 1989] FUB07
|–E. arcuata TG96
|–E. bali Dogan & Ayyildiz 2003 FUB07
|–‘Ledermuelleria’ brevisetosa Wood 1966 SL71
|–E. brevivestitus Kazmierski & Donczyk 2003 FUB07
|–E. chilensis (Chaudhri 1965) FUB07
|–E. clavatus (Canestrini & Fanzago 1876) [incl. Raphignathus sphagneti Hull 1918] FUB07
|–‘Ledermuelleria’ clavigera Wood 1966 SL71
|–E. collarti (Cooreman 1955) FUB07
|–E. coronaria (Kuznetzov 1977) FUB07
|–‘Ledermuelleria’ corticola Wood 1966 SL71
|–‘Ledermuelleria’ distincta Wood 1966 SL71
|–‘Ledermuelleria’ dumosa Wood 1966 SL71
|–E. erciyesiensis Dogan, Ayyildiz & Fan 2003 FUB07
|–E. erzincanensis Dogan 2005 FUB07
|–E. erzurumensis Dogan 2005 FUB07
|–E. etruscus (Berlese 1910) FUB07
|–E. formosus Kazmierski & Donczyk 2003 FUB07
|–E. frigida WL09
|–‘Ledermuelleria’ granulosa Wood 1966 SL71
|–E. ioanninensis Kapaxidi & Papadoulis 1999 FUB07
|–E. jiangxiensis Hu, Chen & Huang 1996 FUB07
|–E. johnstoni Zhang & Gerson 1995 FUB07
|–E. kauaiensis S01
|–E. longisetosus (Willmann 1956) FUB07
|–‘Ledermuelleria’ manapouriensis Wood 1966 SL71
|–E. microsegnis (Chaudhri 1965) FUB07
|–E. mixta (Wood 1966) [=Ledermuelleria mixta] H98
|–E. myrtea (Chaudhri 1965) FUB07
|–E. nasrinae Khanjani & Ueckermann 2002 KU02
|–E. ornatus Ueckermann & Meyer 1987 S96
|–E. ottavii (Berlese 1910) FUB07
|–E. oudemansi (Thor 1930) FUB07
|–‘Rhaphignathus’ patrius Berlese 1885 SB63 (see below for synonymy)
|–E. philippica KU02
|–E. pinnatus (Kuznetsov 1977) FUB07
|–E. plumifer (Halbert 1923) FUB07
|–E. pulchellus (Thor 1930) FUB07
|–E. rhodomela (Koch 1841) [incl. E. fani Dogan 2005] FUB07
|–E. schusteri (Summers & Price 1961) FUB07
|–E. sculptus Dogan, Ayyildiz & Fan 2003 FUB07
|–E. segnis (Koch 1836) FUB07 [=Caligonus segnis KU02, *Ledermuelleria segnis SB63]
|–‘Ledermuelleria’ simplex Wood 1966 SL71
|–E. truncates (Halbert 1923) FUB07
|–E. turcicus Dogan & Ayyildiz 2003 FUB07
|–E. vacuus Dogan 2005 FUB07
`–E. variolatus Barilo 1987 FUB07

Eustigmaeus anauniensis (Canestrini 1889) FUB07 [incl. E. granulosus Willmann 1951 FUB07, E. kentingensis Tseng 1982 FUB07, Raphignathus pectinatus Ewing 1917 FUB07, E. pectinatus KU02]

‘Rhaphignathus’ patrius Berlese 1885 SB63 [=Ledermuelleria patrius SB63; incl. Raphignathus patrius var. brevipalpe S22]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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