Spinifex termite Eutermes triodiae soldiers, from here.

Belongs within: Nasutitermitinae.

Eutermes has been used in the past as a cosmopolitan genus of nasute termites; its members are now divided between a number of other genera, and the name Eutermes itself is little used.

Characters (from Hill 1942): Winged adult: Head broadly oval, generally narrowed towards the front. Fontanelle usually in middle of head. Ocelli variable in position. Eyes small to large. Postclypeus variable in length from much less than half its width to more than half its width. Labrum widest in the middle. Mandibles variable, first tooth usually about as long as second, rarely much longer than second. Antennae of 13-17 segments. Pronotum very slightly saddle-shaped, narrower than head. Meso- and metanotum usually more or less widely indented posteriorly. Wing stumps almost equal in size. Wings usually dark in colour, rarely hyaline. Radius usually absent. Median vein very close to cubitus, all veins distinct, particularly the anteriormost veins and proximal branches of the cubitus. Cerci short. Styli absent. Tibiae with two apical spurs. Soldier: Nasute. Mandibles rudimentary, with molar part more or less evident, often with point towards apex. Antennae of 10-15 segments. Pronotum always saddle-shaped. Cerci present. Styli absent. Tibiae with two apical spurs. Worker: Head wide and relatively flat. Fontanelle in middle of head, more or less distinct. Postclypeus and mandibles as in winged adult. Antennae of 12-17 segments. Pronotum saddle-shaped. Cerci short. Styli absent. Tibiae with two apical spurs.

<==Eutermes Heer 1849H42
    |--E. carnarvonensis Hill 1942H42
    |--E. centraliensis Hill 1925H42
    |--E. coalescens Mjöberg 1920H42
    |--E. comatus Hill 1942H42
    |--E. curtus Hill 1942H42
    |--E. dalbiensis Hill 1942H42
    |--E. dilucidus Hill 1942H42
    |--E. dixoni Hill 1932H42
    |--E. eucalypti Mjöberg 1920 [incl. E. fieldi Hill 1923]H42
    |--E. exitiosus Hill 1925H42
    |--E. fumigatus Brauer 1865 [=Termes (Eutermes) fumigatus]H42
    |--E. fumipennis (Walker 1853) [=Termes fumipennis]H42
    |--E. gracilirostris (Desneux 1905) [=Termes (Eutermes) gracilirostris]H42
    |--E. grallator (Desneux 1905) [=Termes (Eutermes) grallator, E. (Grallatotermes) grallator]H42
    |--E. graveolus Hill 1925H42
    |--E. greavesi Hill 1942H42
    |--E. hastilis Froggatt 1898 [=Termes (Eutermes) hastilis]H42
    |--E. kaewiengensis Hill 1927H42
    |--E. kershawi Hill 1942H42
    |--E. kimberleyensis Mjöberg 1920H42
    |--E. longipennis Hill 1915 [incl. E. yarrabahensis Mjöberg 1920]H42
    |--E. magnus Froggatt 1898 [=Termes (Eutermes) magnus; incl. E. vernoni Hill 1922]H42
    |--E. marcidus Hill 1942H42
    |--E. mareebensis Hill 1922H42
    |--E. morioHWB03
    |--E. nichollsi Hill 1942H42
    |--E. novarumhebridarum Holmgren & Holmgren 1915 (see below for synonymy)H42
    |--E. occultus (Hill 1927) [=Mirotermes occultus]H42
    |--E. olidus Hill 1926H42
    |--E. orientis (Snyder 1925) (see below for synonymy)H42
    |--E. pastinator Hill 1915 [incl. E. tribulis Hill 1923, E. tyriei Mjöberg 1920]H42
    |--E. peracutus Hill 1925H42
    |--E. perlevis Hill 1942H42
    |--E. petilus Hill 1942H42
    |--E. pluvialis Mjöberg 1920H42
    |--E. princeps (Desneux 1905) [=Termes (Eutermes) princeps]H42
    |--E. projectus Hill 1942H42
    |--E. pulleinei Mjöberg 1920 [=E. (Trinervitermes) pulleinei]H42
    |--E. recalvus Hill 1942H42
    |--E. rippertiiF97
    |--E. rufirostris Hill 1927H42
    |--E. sanctaecrucis (Snyder 1925) [=Nasutitermes (Subulitermes) sanctaecrucis]H42
    |--E. smithi Hill 1942H42
    |--E. subaquilus Hill 1942H42
    |--E. torresi Hill 1942H42
    |--E. triodiae Froggatt 1898 (see below for synonymy)H42
    |--E. tumuli Froggatt 1898 [=E. (Tumulitermes) tumuli, Termes (Eutermes) tumuli]H42
    |--E. walkeri Hill 1942H42
    `--E. westraliensis Hill 1921H42

Eutermes novarumhebridarum Holmgren & Holmgren 1915 [incl. Nasutitermes (Grallatotermes) oceanicum Snyder 1925, E. yandiniensis Hill 1927]H42

Eutermes orientis (Snyder 1925) [=Nasutitermes (Subulitermes) orientis; incl. N. (S.) orientis var. tulagiensis Snyder 1925, E. orientis var. tulagiensis]H42

Eutermes triodiae Froggatt 1898 [=Termes (Eutermes) triodiae; incl. E. nigerrimus Mjöberg 1920, E. palmerstoni Hill 1922, E. pyriformis Froggatt 1898, Termes (Eutermes) pyriformis, E. nigerrimus var. queenslandicus Mjöberg 1920]H42

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F97] Froggatt, W. W. 1897. Australian Termitidae. Part II. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 21 (4): 510–552, pls 35–36.

[HWB03] Henk, D. A., A. Weir & M. Blackwell. 2003. Laboulbeniopsis termitarius, an ectoparasite of termites newly recognized as a member of the Laboulbeniomycetes. Mycologia 95 (4): 561–564.

[H42] Hill, G. F. 1942. Termites (Isoptera) from the Australian Region (including Australia, New Guinea and islands south of the Equator between 140°E. longitude and 170°W. longitude). Commonwealth of Australia Council for Scientific and Industrial Research: Melbourne.

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