Reconstruction of Ulemosaurus svijagensis, copyright Dmitry Bogdanov.

Belongs within: Therapsida.
Contains: Dicynodontia, Cynodontia.

The Eutherapsida are the clade of synapsids uniting modern mammals with the Permian Dinocephalia. Members of the clade are characterised by a bowing of the zygomatic arch and increase in size of the temporal fenestra, together with loss of the olecranon ulnae and reduction of the fifth pedal digit to three phalanges.

<==Eutherapsida [Anomodontia, Cryptodontia] S03
|  i. s.: Theriognathus Broom 1920 C07, D07
|           `–T. microps D07
|         Endothiodon [Endothiodontia] C07
|         Dromasauria R61
|           |–Galeops R61
|           |–Galechirus R61
|           `–Galepus R61
|–+–Dicynodontia S03
|  `–Theriodontia [Therosauria] S03
|       |  i. s.: Binaralia C07
|       |           |–Lycosaurus C07
|       |           `–Tigrisuchus C07
|       |         Inostrancevia [Inostranceviidae] C07
|       |           |–I. annae C07
|       |           `–I. uralensis Tatarinov 1974 TT05
|       |         Ericiolacerta Watson 1931 [Ericiolacertidae] D07
|       |           `–E. parva D07
|       |–Gorgonops C07 [Gennetotheria, Gorgonopsia S03, Tectinaralia]
|       `–Eutheriodontia HK01
|            |–Cynodontia S03
|            `–Therocephalia S03
|                 |  i. s.: Lycosuchus HK01
|                 |         Promoschorhynchus S03
|                 |–Bauria HK01 [Bauriamorpha, Baurioidea K88]
|                 `–Whaitsiidae K88
`–Dinocephalia S03
|  i. s.: Rhopalodon TT05
|         Sinophoneus Cheng & Ji 1996 CL97
|         Microsyodon orlovi CL97
|         Estemmenosuchus Tchudinov 1960 D07 [Estemmenosuchidae TT05]
|           |–E. mirabilis D07
|           `–E. uralensis D07
|–Stenocybus Cheng & Li 1997 [Stenocybusidae] CL97
|    `–*S. acidentatus Cheng & Li 1997 CL97
`–+–Tapinocephalidae [Tapinocephalia, Tretospondylia] CL97
|    |–Tapinocephalus C07
|    `–Ulemosaurus Rjabinin 1938 TT05, D07
|         |–U. gigas TT05
|         `–U. svijagensis D07
`–Anteosauridae [Anteosauria] CL97
|–Titanophoneus adamanteus (Orlov 1958) CL97, TT05
|–Deuterosaurus jubilaei (von Nopcsa 1928) TT05
|–Syodon CL97
|–Australosyodon CL97
`–Anteosaurus Watson 1921 D07
`–A. magnificus D07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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