Buccinulum robustum, copyright Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Belongs within: Tudiclidae.

The subgenus Euthrena of the genus Buccinulum is a group of whelks bearing a shell with flattened whorls with a sculpture of low broad axials, and a very small protoconch that is weakly axially ribbed at an early stage, the transition from juvenile to adult sculpture being a very well-marked brephic stage of narrow strong axial and spiral cords producing a coarse reticulation with the points of intersection marked as blunt gemmules (Finlay 1927).

Euthrena Iredale 1918P61
|--*E. vittata (Quoy & Gaimard 1833)P61 [=Fusus vittatusP61, Buccinulum (*Euthrena) vittatumP61]
| |--E. v. vittataP61
| `--E. v. costulata (Suter 1913) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) vittatum costulatum]P61
|--E. bicincta (Hutton 1873)P61 [=Fusus bicinctusF27, Buccinulum (Euthrena) bicinctumP61]
|--E. colensoi (Suter 1908) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) colensoi]P61
|--E. flavescens (Hutton 1884) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) flavescens]P61
|--E. heteromorpha (Powell 1929) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) heteromorphum]P61
| |--E. h. heteromorphaP61
| `--E. h. bucknilli (Powell 1929) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) heteromorphum bucknilli]P61
|--E. kaikouraensis (Powell 1929) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) kaikouraense]P61
|--E. littorinoides (Reeve 1846) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) littorinoides]P61
|--E. maketuensis (Powell 1929) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) maketuense]P61
|--E. mariae (Powell 1940) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) mariae]P61
|--E. martensiana (Hutton 1878) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) martensianum]P61
|--E. motutaraensis (Powell 1929) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) motutaraense]P61
|--E. robusta (Powell 1929) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) robustum]P61
|--E. strebeli (Suter 1908) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) strebeli]P61
| |--E. s. strebeliP61
| |--E. s. exsculpta (Powell 1929) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) strebeli exsculptum]P61
| `--E. s. mestayerae (Powell 1929) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) strebeli mestayerae]P61
`--E. suteri (Powell 1934) [=Buccinulum (Euthrena) suteri]P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F27] Finlay, H. J. 1927. A further commentary on New Zealand molluscan systematics. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 320–485.

[P61] Powell, A. W. B. 1961. Shells of New Zealand: An illustrated handbook 4th ed. Whitcombe and Tombs Limited: Christchurch.

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