Eviota queenslandica, copyright Glen Whisson.

Belongs within: Gobiidae.

Eviota is an Indo-West Pacific genus of tiny gobies with a translucent appearance in life, found in coral areas (Smith 1958).

Characters (from Smith 1958): Body covered with 20–25 series of mostly ctenoid scales, the head, nape, chest and narrow area along dorsal base naked. Mouth moderate, with bands of small teeth, sometimes a few caniniform, palate edentate. Gill openings lateral, gill rakers few, rudimentary. Dorsal fin VI+I 8–10. Anal fin I 7–9. Pectorals with upper rays simple, most lower branched, fimbriate. Pelvics separate, I 4, sometimes a rudimentary fifth ray, the four rays feathery.

<==Eviota Jenkins 1903S58
    |--*E. epiphanes Jenkins 1903S58
    |--E. afelei Jordan & Seale 1906M58
    |--E. bimaculata Lachner & Karnella 1980H90
    |--E. distigma Jordan & Seale 1906K55
    |--E. gymnocephalus Weber 1913S58
    |--E. nebulosa Smith 1958S58
    |--E. prasinus Klunzinger 1871S58
    |--E. prasites Jordan & Seale 1906MM09
    |--E. queenslandica Whitley 1932MM09
    |--E. sealei Herre 1927H27
    |--E. smaragdus Jordan & Starks 1905S58
    |--E. stigmapteron Smith 1958S58
    |--E. storthynx (Rofen 1959)H90
    |--E. verna Smith 1958S58
    |--E. viridis Waite 1904S58
    `--E. zonura Jordan & Starks 1905S58

*Type species of generic name indicated


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