Yellow-fin flyingfish Cypselurus poecilopterus, from Day (1889).

Belongs within: Exocoetoidei.

The Exocoetidae, flyingfishes, are warm-water marine fishes characterised by extremely long pectoral fins used for gliding above the surface of the water.

Characters (from Collette 2002): Pectoral fins exceptionally long, wing-like; pelvic fins sometimes also enlarged; caudal fins very deeply forked, outer tips rounded, lower lobe longer. Mouth small. Scales large, rounded.

    |--Danichthys rondeletii (Valenciennes 1846) [=Exocoetus rondeletii, Cypselurus rondeletii]M58
    |--Dermatogenys viviparus (Peters 1865) [=Hemirhamphus (Dermatogenys) viviparus]JR10
    |--Rhamphexocoetus volans Bannikov et al. 1985P93
    |    |--O. argenteus (Bennett 1840)M58 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--O. micropterus (Cuvier & Valenciennes 1846)W81, M58 [=Exocoetus micropterusM58]
    |    |--P. gibbifrons (Valenciennes 1846) [=Exocoetus gibbifrons; incl. Cypselurus zaca Seale 1935]M58
    |    `--P. rondeletiB96
    |--Fodiator acutusM58
    |    |--F. a. acutusM58
    |    `--F. a. rostratus (Günther 1866) [=Exocoetus rostratus, Parexocoetus rostratus]M58
    |    |--P. brachypterus (Richardson 1846) [=Exocoetus brachypterus; incl. E. brevipinnis Cuvier & Valenciennes 1846]M58
    |    |--P. mento Valenciennes 1847MM09 [=Exocoetus mentoM58]
    |    `--P. mesogasterMK00
    |--Exocoetus Linnaeus 1758L58
    |    |--*E. volitans Linnaeus 1758L58 [incl. E. evolans Cuvier & Valenciennes 1846M58, E. melanopus Günther 1909M58]
    |    |--E. longibarba DeVis 1884M58
    |    |--E. obtusirostrisB96
    |    `--E. unicolorO97
    |    |--H. affinis (Günther 1866) [=Exocoetus affinis]M58
    |    |--H. oxycephalus (Bleeker 1852) [=Exocoetus oxycephalus, Cypselurus oxycephalus]M58
    |    `--H. speculiger (Valenciennes 1846) (see below for synonymy)M58
    |    |--C. heterurus (Rafinesque 1810)LD09
    |    |--C. intermedius Parin 1961MM09
    |    |--C. melanurus (Valenciennes 1847)C02
    |    |--C. pinnatibarbatusND13
    |    `--C. spilopterus (Valenciennes 1847)MM09
    `--Cypselurus [=Cypsilurus (l. c.)]JR10
         |--C. altipinnisJR10
         |--C. arcticeps (Günther 1866) [=Exocoetus arcticeps]M58
         |--C. atrisignis Jenkins 1904M58
         |--C. bilobatus Weber & de Beaufort 1922M58
         |--C. brachysomusJR10
         |--C. californicusB96
         |--C. crockeri Seale 1935M58
         |--C. exsiliens (Linnaeus 1771) [=Exocoethus exsiliens; incl. C. nigricans Giltay 1933]M58
         |--C. hexagona (Bleeker 1853) [=Exocoetus hexagona]M58
         |--C. melanocercusG75
         |--C. naresii (Günther 1889) [=Exocoetus naresii]M58
         |--C. nigripennis (Valenciennes 1846) [=Exocoetus nigripennis]M58
         |--C. oligolepis (Bleeker 1866) [=Exocoetus oligolepis]M58
         |--C. opisthopus (Bleeker 1866) [=Exocoetus opisthopus]M58
         |--C. pinnatibarbatusB96
         |--C. poecilopterus (Valenciennes 1846) [=Exocoetus poecilopterus]M58
         |--C. simus (Valenciennes 1846) [=Exocoetus simus]M58
         |--c. spilonotopterusJR10
         `--C. spilurus (Günther 1866) [=Exocoetus spilurus]M58

Hirundichthys speculiger (Valenciennes 1846) [=Exocoetus speculiger, Cypselurus speculiger; incl. C. rubescens Herre 1931]M58

Oxyporhamphus argenteus (Bennett 1840) [=Exocoetus argenteus; incl. Hemirhamphus convexus Seale 1935, E. kuag Thiollière 1857]M58

*Type species of generic name indicated


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