Yellowtip halfbeak Hemirhamphus marginatus, copyright John E. Randall.

Belongs within: Atherinomorpha.
Contains: Belonidae, Exocoetidae.

The Exocoetoidei are a group of fishes in which the lower jaw is elongate for at least part of the life history. Members of the suborder also possess a plate-like process on the posterioventral part of the basioccipital, one nasal opening on each side of the head, a median lower pharyngeal tooth plate, and more than three anterior branchiostegals (Bond 1996).

|  i. s.: Zenarchopterus M58 [Zenarchopteridae B-RB13]
|           |–Z. brevirostris (Günther 1866) [=Hemirhamphus brevirostris] M58
|           |–Z. buffonis (Valenciennes 1846) [=Hemiramphus buffonis] M58
|           |–Z. dispar (Valenciennes 1846) [=Hemirhamphus dispar] M58
|           |–Z. dunckeri Mohr 1926 M58
|           |–Z. kampeni (Weber 1913) [=Hemiramphus (Zenarchopterus) kampeni] M58
|           |–Z. novaeguineae (Weber 1913) [=Hemiramphus (Zenarchopterus) novaeguineae] M58
|           |–Z. philippinus (Peters 1868) [=Hemirhamphus (Zenarchopterus) philippinus] JR10
|           `–Z. sepikensis Herre 1935 M58
|–+–Dermogenys collettei ND13
|  `–+–Xenentodon cancila ND13
|     `–Scomberesocoidei M58
|          |–+–Belonidae ND13
|          |  `–Platybelone argala ND13
|          `–Scomberesocidae C02a
|               |–Cololabis saira B96
|               |–Cobitopsis acutus R13
|               |–Chriodorus atherinoides R13
|               `–Scomberesox ND13
|                    |–S. edwardsi Jordan & Gilbert 1919 P93
|                    |–S. licatae Sauvage 1880 P93
|                    `–S. saurus (Walbaum 1792) C02a
`–+–Exocoetidae ND13
`–Hemiramphidae G75
|–Rhynchorhamphus georgii (Valenciennes 1846) M58 (see below for synonymy)
|–Labidorhamphus caudovittatus (Weber 1908) [=Hemiramphus (Zenarchopterus) caudovittatus] M58
|–Arrhamphus sclerolepis ND13
|    |–A. s. sclerolepis G75
|    `–A. s. kreffti G75
|–Euleptorhamphus C02b
|    |–E. longirostris (Cuvier 1829) [=Hemirhamphus longirostris] M58
|    |–E. velox C02b
|    `–E. viridis G75
|–Hyporhamphus C02b
|    |–H. australis [=Hemirhamphus australis] G75
|    |–H. erythrorhinchus (Lesueur 1821) M58 (see below for synonymy)
|    |–H. gaimardi (Valenciennes 1846) [=Hemirhamphus gaimardi] M58
|    |–H. intermedius T90
|    |–H. meeki Banford & Collette 1993 C02b
|    |–H. melanochir G75
|    |–H. regularis G75
|    |    |–H. r. regularis G75
|    |    `–H. r. ardelio G75
|    |–H. sajori (Temminck & Schlegel 1846) PC01 [=Hemiramphus sajori MK00]
|    `–H. unifasciatus (Ranzani 1842) [=Hemirhamphus unifasciatus] M58
`–Hemirhamphus M58
|–H. balinensis Bleeker 1858-1859 M58
|–H. brasiliensis [incl. H. pleii Günther 1866] F16
|–H. commersonii Cuvier 1829 [incl. H. far Weber 1913, H. moar Thiollière 1857] M58
|–H. cotnog Smith 1902 JR10
|–H. edwardsi Bassani 1876 P93
|–H. limbatus JR10
|–H. lutkei JR10
|–H. marginatus JR10
|–H. melanurus Cuvier & Valenciennes 1846 M58
|–H. neglectus JR10
|–H. ovalis Stinton 1978 P93
|–H. quoyi Valenciennes 1846 M58 [=Hyporhamphus quoyi G75; incl. Reporhamphus caudalis G75]
`–H. robustus G75

Inorganic: Hemiramphus sajori minilorientalus Okamura 1987 O87

Hyporhamphus erythrorhinchus (Lesueur 1821) M58 [=Hemirhamphus erythrorhinchus M58; incl. He. dussumieri Herre 1931 M58, Hyporhamphus dussumieri G75]

Rhynchorhamphus georgii (Valenciennes 1846) M58 [=Hemirhamphus georgii M58; incl. Hemiramphus cantori Macleay 1883 M58, Loligorhamphus normani G75]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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