Australian leafroller tachinid Trigonospila brevifacies, copyright Katja Schulz.

Belongs within: Tachinidae.
Contains: Ethillini, Winthemiini, Exoristini, Blondeliini, Eryciini.

The Exoristinae are a poorly defined group of parasitoid flies, most of which possess setae on the prosternum. Members include both oviparous and ovolarviparous species with phylogenetic analysis suggesting multiple origins of ovolarviparity from oviparous ancestors and vice versa. The ancestral hosts of Exoristinae were likely to be Lepidoptera with, again, multiple transitions to other hosts such as Coleoptera or Orthoptera (Stireman et al. 2019). Parasitoids of Lepidoptera include the cosmopolitan genus Trigonospila, in which the prosternum is bare, as is the arista, and the eye is kidney-shaped (Wood & Zumbado 2010). Larvae of the Neotropical genus Phyllophilopsis are parasites of endomychid beetles (Wood & Zumbado 2010).

<==Exoristinae [Goniidae, Goniinae]WZ10
| |--T. brevifaciesWFS04
| |--T. cingulataSC19
| `--T. verticalisWZ10
`--+--+--Gastrolepta anthracinaSC19
| `--+--UromedinaSC19
| `--Phyllophilopsis nitensSC19, WZ10
`--+--+--Staurocheta albocingulataSC19
| `--ExoristiniSC19

Exoristinae incertae sedis:
Myothyriopsis pictaWZ10
Acantholespesia Wood 1987WZ10, W87
|--*A. comstockiW87
|--A. signataW87
`--A. texanaW87
|--C. albicansWZ10 [=Monochaeta albicansA71]
|--C. anassaW87
|--C. browni [=Zenillia browni]W87
|--C. festinansW87
|--C. incrassataW87
|--C. mitisW87
|--C. regillaW87
`--C. ustulataWZ10
Eunemorilla longicornisWZ10, W87
Aplomyopsis politaWZ10
Argyrochaetona cubanaWZ10
Atacta brasiliensisWZ10
|--Z. chihuahuaensis [=Drino chihuahuaensis; incl. Sturmia chrysoprocta]W87
|--Z. crescentis [=Drino crescentis]W87
`--Z. limataW87
|--Sturmiopsis Townsend 1916F92
| `--*S. inferens Townsend 1916F92
`--Pseudoperichaeta Brauer & Bergenstamm 1889F92
|--*P. palesoideaF92
`--P. nigrolineata Walker 1853 (see below for synonymy)F92

Pseudoperichaeta nigrolineata Walker 1853 [incl. Phorocera atripalpis Rondani 1868, Ps. insidiosa, Ph. pumilio Aldrich 1933]F92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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