Littleleaf rhatany Krameria erecta, copyright Andrey Zharkikh.

Belongs within: Gunneridae.
Contains: Zygophyllaceae, Celastrales, Oxalidales, Malpighiales, Fabales, Rosales, Cucurbitales, Faganae.

The Fabidae are a major clade of flowering plants united by molecular data, informally referred to in some sources as the ‘eurosid I’ clade.

<==Fabidae [Violales]MS10
    |    |--ZygophyllaceaeAPG16
    |    `--KrameriaWM09 [KrameriaceaeAPG16]
    |         |--K. erecta [incl. K. glandulosa, K. parvifolia var. imparata, K. parvifolia]H93
    |         |--K. grayi [incl. K. canescens]H93
    |         |--K. ixineNDA05
    |         `--K. lanceolataWM09
       |  `--+--OxalidalesEN20
       |     `--MalpighialesEN20

*Type species of generic name indicated


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