Phidiana lynceus, copyright Robin Agarwal.

Belongs within: Aeolidacea.

The Facelinidae are a group of elongate, slender nudibranchs characterised by a uniseriate radula with teeth bearing a prominent cusp and lateral denticles.

<==Facelinidae [Facelinacea]
    |–Herviella Baba 1949 [Herviellidae, Herviellinae] BR05
    |    `–*H. yatsui (Baba 1930) [=Cratena yatsui] BR17
    |–Pteraeolidia Bergh 1875 [Pteraeolidiidae, Pteraeolidiinae, Pteraeolidinae] BR05
    |    `–*P. semperi (Bergh 1870) [=Flabellina semperi] BR17
    |–Cratena Bergh 1864 [=Rizzolia Trinchese 1877 (nom. rej.); Cratenidae, Crateninae, Rizzoliinae] BR05
    |    |–*C. peregrina (Gmelin 1791) [=Doris peregrina, *Rizzolia peregrina] BR17
    |    |–C. aurantiaca R64
    |    |–C. concinna R64
    |    |–C. pilata F68
    |    `–C. stipata [=Eolis stipata] F27
    |–Favorininae [Favorinidae] BR05
    |    |–Myrrhine Bergh 1905 [Myrrhinidae] BR05
    |    |    `–*M. longicirra Bergh 905 BR17
    |    |–Phyllodesmium Ehrenberg 1831 [Phyllodesmiacea, Phyllodesmiidae, Phyllodesmiinae] BR05
    |    |    `–*P. hyalinum Ehrenberg 1831 BR17
    |    |–Facalana Bergh 1888 [Facalaninae] BR05
    |    |    `–*F. pallida Bergh 1888 BR17
    |    `–Favorinus Gray 1850 BR05
    |         |–*F. albus (Alder & Hancock 1844) [=Eolis alba] BR17
    |         `–F. branchialis (Rathke 1806) H01
    `–Facelininae BR05
         |–Pruvotfolia Tardy 1969 BR05, KM17 [Pruvotfoliinae]
         |    `–*P. pselliotes (Labbé 1923) [=Facelina pselliotes] BR17
         |–Caloria Trinchese 1888 [Caloriidae] BR05
         |    |–*C. maculata Trinchese 1888 BR17
         |    `–C. militaris (Alder & Hancock 1864) [=Eolis militaris; incl. Learchis indica Bergh 1896] BH77
         |–Facelina Alder & Hancock 1855 BR05
         |    |–*F. coronata (Forbes & Goodsir 1839) P61, H01 [=Eolis coronata BR17, Eolida coronata P61]
         |    |–F. bostoniensis (Couthouy 1838) H01
         |    `–F. quatrefagesi (Vayssière 1888) KM17
         `–Phidiana Gray 1850 [Phidianidae] BR05
              |–*P. patagonica (d’Orbigny 1836) [=Eolidia patagonica] BR17
              |–P. crassicornis CH97
              |–P. ianthina (Angas 1864) BW09
              |–P. indica (Bergh 1896) BW09
              |–P. lynceus Bergh 1867 H01
              `–P. milleri HS01

Facelinidae incertae sedis:
  Godiva Macnae 1954 KM17
    `–G. quadricolor (Barnard 1927) [=Hervia quadricolor] HJ08
  Antonietta Schmekel 1966 BH77
    |–*A. luteorufa BH77
    `–A. janthina Baba & Hamatani 1977 BH77
  Palisa Edmunds 1964 KM17
    `–P. papillata Edmunds 1964 BH77
  Sakuraeolis Baba 1965 KM17
    `–S. enosimensis (Baba 1930) KM17
  Adfacelina Millen & Hermosillo 2012 KM17
  Algarvia Garcia-Gomez & Cervera 1990 KM17
  Amanda Macnae 1954 KM17
  Anetarca Gosliner 1991 KM17
  Austraeolis Burn 1962 KM17
  Bajaeolis Gosliner & Behrens 1986 KM17
  Burnaia Miller 2001 KM17
  Echinopsole Macnae 1954 KM17
  Emarcusia Roller 1972 KM17
  Facelinopsis Pruvot-Fol 1954 KM17
  Dicata Schmekel 1967 KM17
  Dondice Marcus 1958 KM17
  Hermissenda Bergh 1879 KM17
    `–H. crassicornis (Eschscholtz 1831) BT77
  Hermosita Gosliner & Behrens 1986 KM17
  Jason Miller 1974 KM17
  Learchis Bergh 1896 KM17
    `–L. poica Marcus & Marcus 1960 BH77
  Moridilla Bergh 1888 KM17
  Nanuca Marcus 1957 KM17
  Noumeaella Risbec 1937 KM17
  Pauleo Millen & Hamann 1992 KM17
  Setoeolis Baba & Hamatani 1965 KM17

*Type species of generic name indicated


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