Collared forest falcon Micrastur semitorquatus, copyright Jerry Oldenettel.

Belongs within: Telluraves.
Contains: Polyborinae, Falco.

The Falconidae are a cosmopolitan group of predatory birds of comparatively long, pointed wings, bare feet and tarsi, and often a notch or tooth in the upper bill.

<==Falconidae [Falconiformes]JT12
    |    |--Herpetotheres Vieillot 1816JT12, B94
    |    |    `--H. cachinnansJT12
    |    `--Micrastur Gray 1841RN72, B94 [Micrasturinae]
    |         |--M. buckleyiJT12
    |         |--M. gilvicollisJT12
    |         |--M. guerillaS18
    |         |--M. melanoleucusS18
    |         |--M. mintoniJT12
    |         |--M. mirandolleiJT12
    |         |--M. plumbeusJT12
    |         |--M. ruficollisJT12
    |         |    |--M. r. ruficollisE52
    |         |    `--M. r. interstesE52 [=M. guerilla interstesS18]
    |         `--M. semitorquatusJT12
    |              |--M. s. semitorquatusE52
    |              `--M. s. nasoE52
       |  `--Spiziapteryx Kaup 1852JT12, B94 [Spiziapteryginae]
       |       `--S. circumcinctaJT12
       `--Falconinae [Cerchneinae, Hypotriorchinae, Polihieracinae, Tinnunculinae]B94
            |  i. s.: NeohieraxRN72
            |  `--Pediohierax ramenta [=Falco ramenta]OF19
            `--+--Polihierax Kaup 1847JT12, B94
               |    |--P. insignisJT12
               |    `--P. semitorquatusJT12
               |         |--P. s. semitorquatusRN72
               |         `--P. s. castanonotusRN72
                    |--M. caerulescensJT12
                    |    |--M. c. caerulescensRN72
                    |    |--M. c. burmanicusRN72
                    |    `--M. c. horsfieldiRN72
                    |--M. erythrogenysJT12
                    |    |--M. e. erythrogenysRN72
                    |    `--M. e. mendionalisRN72
                    |--M. fringillariusJT12
                    |--M. latifronsJT12
                    `--M. melanoleucosJT12
Falconidae incertae sedis:
  Thegornis Ameghino 1894A94
    |--*T. musculosus Ameghino 1894A94
    `--T. debilis Ameghino 1894A94
  Rupornis magnirostrisS18
    |--R. m. magnirostrisS18
    `--R. m. ruficaudaS18
  Spiziastur melanoleucusS18
  Stintonornis Harrison 1984U93, M05
    `--*S. mitchelli Harrison 1984M02
  Parvulivenator Harrison 1982U93, M05
    `--*P. watteli Harrison 1982M02
  Hierofalco Cuvier 1817S05
    `--H. islandus (Brünnich 1764) [=Falco islandus, F. gyrfalco islandus]S05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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