Peristernia nassatula, copyright Richard Parker.

Belongs within: Buccinoidea.
Contains: Fasciolariinae, Fusinus.

The Fasciolariidae, band shells and spindle shells, are a group of carnivorous gastropods found in both tropical and temperate seas. They have a long anterior canal (sometimes extraordinarily so), and a large horny operculum that fills the aperture when retracted (Wilson & Gillett 1971). Members of the subfamilies Fasciolariinae and Fusininae tend to be larger than the smaller, hard-shelled members of the Peristerniinae. Within Peristerniinae, members of the genus Fusolatirus have a long, recurved siphonal canal.

The Fusininae, spindle shells, have more or less elongately fusiform shells with a smooth columella (Wilson & Gillett 1971). Members of the New Zealand genus Glaphyrina have a lightly built, relatively short shell with inflated whorls.

<==Fasciolariidae [Fasciolariacea, Fasciolariadae, Fasciolariana, Fusinae, Fusinidae]
    |  `--PeristerniinaeKF22
    |       |--Fusolatirus pearsoni (Snyder 2002)KF22
    |       `--Peristernia Mörch 1852BR05
    |            |--*P. nassatula (Lamarck 1822) [=Turbinella nassatula]BR17
    |            |--P. australiensis Reeve 1847WG71
    |            |--P. fastigium (Reeve 1847)BW09
    |            |--P. incarnata Kiener 1840BW09 [=Turbinella incarnataH09]
    |            |--P. lyrata (Reeve 1847) [=Turbinella lyrata]H09
    |            |--P. nodulosa Adams 1855H08
    |            |--P. ustulata (Reeve 1847)BW09
    |            `--P. wagneri (Anton 1839) [=Turbinella wagneri]H09
         |  i. s.: Cyrtulus Hinds 1843 [Cyrtulidae]BR05
         |           `--*C. serotinus Hinds 1843BR17
         |         Streptochetus Cossmann 1889 [Streptochetinae]BR05
         |           |--*S. intortus (Lamarck 1803) [=Fusus intortus]BR17
         |           `--S. incertus [=Fusus incertus]F27
         |         Microfulgur carinatus Ponder 1970 [=Pararetifusus carinatus]KF22
         |--+--Vermeijius pallidus (Kuroda & Habe 1961)KF22
         |  `--ChryseofususKF22
         |       |--C. acherusius (Hadorn & Fraussen 2003)KF22
         |       `--+--C. bradneri (Drivas & Jay 1990)KF22
         |          `--C. kazdallisi (Fraussen & Hadorn 2000)KF22
            |    |  i. s.: G. kiranus Shuto 1958MG-H11
            |    |--G. annae Kantor, Fedosov et al. 2018KF22
            |    `--+--G. bacciballus Hadorn & Fraussen 2005KF22
            |       `--G. hayashii Habe 1961KF22
               |    |--A. candoris Fraussen, Kantor & Hadorn 2007KF22
               |    `--A. pacificus Fraussen, Kantor & Hadorn 2007KF22
                  `--Glaphyrina Finlay 1927KF22, P61
                       |--*G. vulpicolor (Sowerby 1880) [=Fusus vulpicolor]F26
                       |--G. caudata (Quoy & Gaimard 1833)KF22
                       |--G. plicata Powell 1929P61
                       `--G. progenitor Finlay 1926F26
Fasciolariidae incertae sedis:
  Propefusus Iredale 1924WG71
    |--P. pyrulatus Reeve 1847WG71
    `--P. undulatusM54
  Latirolagena Harris 1897WG71
    `--L. smaragdula (Linnaeus 1758)BW09
  Euthriofusus tangituensis Marwick 1926F26
  Kryptos Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896P66
    `--*K. elegans Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896BW80 (see below for synonymy)
  Ruscula Casey 1904P66
    `--*R. plicata (Lea 1833) [=Fasciolaria plicata, Fusus plicata]P66
  Surculofusus Vincent 1895P66
    `--*S. bruxellensis Vincent 1895P66
  Priscofusus Conrad 1865P66
    |--*P. geniculus (Conrad 1849) [=Fusus geniculus]P66
    `--P. medialisP66
  Surculites Conrad 1865P66
    |--*S. annosa (Conrad 1865) [=Surcula (*Surculites) annosa]P66
    `--S. errans (Solander 1766) [=Strombus errans]P66
  Dennantia Tate 1888DK08
    |--D. aldingensis (Tate 1888) [=Peristernia aldingensis]DK08
    `--D. inoBRW98
  ‘Caveola’ bellsana Stephenson 1953PH90
  ‘Caveola’ pinguis Stephenson 1953PH90
  Metzgeria Norman 1879 non Raddi 1818 (ICBN)O27 [=Meyeria Dunker & Metzger 1874 non M’Coy 1849N79]
    |--*M. alba (Jeffreys in Wyville Thomson 1873)N79 (see below for synonymy)
    `--M. californica Dall 1903O27
  Pleia Finlay 1930P61
    |--*P. decipiens [=Fasciolaria decipiens]P61
    `--P. cryptocarinata Dell 1956P61
  ‘Clathurella’ rugosissima Locard 1897BW80
  Mariafusus Petuch 1988P12
  Conradconfusus Snyder 2000P12
    `--C. parilis (Conrad 1832)P12
  Pseudaptyxis Petuch 1988P12
    `--P. sanctaemariae Petuch 1988P12
  Paralgena smaragdulaSP72
  Cinctura tortuganaPMB15

*Kryptos elegans Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896BW80 [=Pleurotomella elegansP66; incl. Pleurotomella atlantica Locard 1897BW80, Pleurotoma atlanticaP66, Pleurotomella demulcata Locard 1897BW80, Pleurotomella koehleri Locard 1896BW80]

*Metzgeria alba (Jeffreys in Wyville Thomson 1873)N79 [=Latirus albusN79, *Meyeria albaO27; incl. Lathyrus albellus Dunker & Metzger 1874N79, Meyeria albellusN79, Tritonium pusillum Sars 1858 (n. n.) non Triton pusilla Pease 1861N79]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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