Galaxea fascicularis, copyright David Witherall and Jacob Crabtree.

Belongs within: Scleractinia.
Contains: Faviinae, Merulinidae, Mussidae, Pectiniidae, Fungiicae, Montastreinae, Madrepora.

The Faviina are a group of corals characterised by septa formed of one or more fan systems of simple or compound trabeculae, with synapticulae absent and disseptiments well developed. Septal margins are regularly dentate (Cairns 2002). Representatives include the Oculinidae in which corallites are widely spaced and robust, with walls composed of solid tubes connected by a smooth coenosteum.

<==Faviina [Faviicae, Faviida, Faviidae]
    |--+--Turbinaria Oken 1815DFC03, V90
    |  |    |--T. bifrons Brüggemann 1877M90
    |  |    |--T. conspicua Bernard 1896M90
    |  |    |--T. frondens (Dana 1846) [incl. T. magna Bernard 1896]M90
    |  |    |--T. mesenterina (Lamarck 1816)M09
    |  |    |--T. peltata (Esper 1794)M09
    |  |    |--T. reniformis Bernard 1896M09
    |  |    |--T. robustaH04
    |  |    |--T. stellulata (Lamarck 1816)M09
    |  |    `--T. transformisH04
    |  `--+--MerulinidaeDFC03
    |     |--+--MussidaeDFC03
    |     |  `--PectiniidaeS99
    |     |--+--CatalaphylliaDFC03
    |     |  `--Enallopsammia profunda (Pourtalès 1867)DFC03, C77
    |     `--PlatygyraDFC03
    |          |--P. carnosaPP15
    |          |--P. daedalea (Ellis & Solander 1786)M09
    |          |--P. lamellina (Ehrenberg 1834)M09
    |          |--P. pini Chevalier 1975M09
    |          |--P. ryukyuensis Yabe & Sugiyama 1936M09
    |          |--P. sinensis (Milne Edwards & Haime 1849)M09
    |          `--P. verweyi Wijsman-Best 1976M09
       |  `--ProcyclolitidaeS99
       |       |--Triadophyllum posthumum Weissermel 1925NS93
       |       `--Phylloseris rugosa Tomes 1882NS93
       |  |    |--Dichocoeniinae [Trochosmilidae]PR72
       |  |    |    |--Dichocoenia stokesiiDFC03, PR72
       |  |    |    `--Dendrogyra cylindrusNS93, PR72
       |  |    `--Meandrina [Meandrininae]PR72
       |  |         |--M. exesaG20
       |  |         |--M. danaeSC62
       |  |         |--M. labyrinthicaG20
       |  |         `--M. meandritesPR72
       |  `--RhizangiidaeC77
       |       |--Arctangia nathorsti (Lindstrom 1900)NS93
       |       |--Astrangia [Astrangiidae]C77
       |       |    |--A. astreiformis Milne-Edwards & Haime 1849C77
       |       |    |--A. danaeT87
       |       |    `--A. solitaria (Lesueur 1817)C77
       |       `--PhyllangiaDFC03
       |            |--P. americana Milne-Edwards & Haime 1849C77
       |            |--P. moucheziS00
       |            `--P. papuensis Struder 1878MG-H11
          |--+--Polycyathus muellerae (Abel 1959)DFC03, S00
          |  `--Paracyathus Milne-Edwards & Haime 1848DFC03, C77
          |       `--P. pulchellus (Philippi 1842) (see below for synonymy)C77
               |--Bathelia candidaSR01
               |--Schizoculina africanaSR01
               |--Sclerhelia hirtellaSR01
               |--Lophohelia proliferaH04
               |    |--S. complicataH04
               |    `--S. elegansH04
               |--Astrea Lamarck 1801G20, BR17
               |    |--A. argus [=Madrepora (Astrea) argus; incl. M. cavernosa]G20
               |    |--A. mediterranea Risso 1826R26
               |    `--A. porulosa Risso 1826R26
               |    |--O. diffusa Lamarck 1816D84
               |    |--O. hirtellaR26
               |    |--O. patagonicaSR01
               |    |--O. tenella Pourtalès 1871C77
               |    `--O. virgineaR26
                    |--G. asperaB79
                    |--G. astreata (Lamarck 1816)M09
                    |--G. fascicularis (Linnaeus 1767)M09
                    |--G. horrescens (Dana 1846)M09
                    `--G. longisepta Fenner & Veron 2000M09
Faviina incertae sedis:
  Amphimeandra Beauvais & Mori 1988SR01
    `--A. eguchii (Mori 1963)SR01
  Plesiastrea Edwards & Haime 1848V90
    |--P. urvilleiH15
    `--P. versipora (Lamarck 1816)M09
    |--C. furcata Dana 1846M09
    `--C. tumida Matthai 1928M09
  Diploastrea heliopora (Lamarck 1816)M09
  Echinopora Lamarck 1816V90
    |--E. ashmorensis Veron 1990M09
    |--E. gemmacea Lamarck 1816M09
    |--E. hirsutissima Milne Edwards & Haime 1849M09
    |--E. horrida Dana 1846M09
    |--E. lamellosa (Esper 1795)M09
    `--E. mammiformis (Nemenzo 1959)M09
  Favites Link 1807V90
    |--F. abdita (Ellis & Solander 1786)M09
    |--F. chinensis (Verrill 1866)M09
    |--F. complanata (Ehrenberg 1834)M09
    |--F. flexuosa (Dana 1846)M09
    |--F. halicora (Ehrenberg 1834)M09
    |--F. pentagona (Esper 1794)M09
    |--F. russelli (Wells 1954)M09
    `--F. stylifera (Yabe & Sugiyama 1937)M09
    |--G. aspera Verrill 1905M09
    |--G. australensis (Milne Edwards & Haime 1857)M09
    |--G. edwardsi Chevalier 1971M09
    |--G. favulus (Dana 1846)M09
    |--G. palauensis (Yabe & Sugiyama 1936)M09
    |--G. pectinata (Ehrenberg 1834)M09
    `--G. retiformis (Lamarck 1816)M09
  Leptoria Edwards & Haime 1848V90
    `--L. phrygia (Ellis & Solander 1786)M09
    |--O. bennettae (Veron & Pichon 1977)M09
    |--O. crispa (Lamarck 1816)M09
    `--O. levis (Nemenzo 1959)M09
  Goniocora concinna Tomes 1882NS93
  Barabattoia Yabe & Sugiyama 1941V90
    `--B. amicorum (Edwards & Haime 1850)V90
  Moseleya Quelch 1884M90, P01
    `--*M. latistellata Quelch 1884P01

Paracyathus pulchellus (Philippi 1842) [=Cyathina pulchella; incl. P. confertus Pourtalès 1868, P. defilippi Duchassaing & Michelotti 1860]C77

*Type species of generic name indicated


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