Ventral view of female Klinckowstroemia starri, from Rosario & Hunter (1988).

Belongs within: Trigynaspida.

The Fedrizzioidea are a group of tropical mites most commonly found in association with passalid beetles. They are divided between the Klinckowstroemiidae, with well developed latigynal and mesogynal shields and an ellipsoidal male genital aperture between coxae III, and the Fedrizziidae, in which the latigynal and mesogynal shields are reduced and hidden by the ventral plate and the male genital aperture is subcircular and between coxae II–III (Lindquist et al. 2009).

Characters (from Lindquist et al. 2009): Holodorsal shield bearing numerous minute setae. Mesogynal and latigynal shields well developed or reduced and withdrawn under ventral plate. Sternal setae 1 on tetartosternum, sternal shield with three pairs of setae. Sternogynum entire, hinged along posterior margin of sternal shield and covering anterior genital opening. Endopodal shields fused to ventral plate (fused ventral, peritrematic, exopodal, and marginal elements) or free; pedofossae often present. Ventrianal shield obtriangular, meeting or partially fused to ventral plate. Palptibia and tarsus distinct, unfused; chelicerae with short digits and dense, mop-like mass of filamentous and ribbonlike excrescences; corniculi broad, membranous.

<==Fedrizzioidea [Fedrizziina]LKW09
    |    |--ParafedrizziaS09
    |    |--Fedrizzia Canestrini 1884H98
    |    |    |--F. bornemisszai Womersley 1959H98
    |    |    |--F. derricki Womersley 1959H98
    |    |    |--F. gloriosa Berlese 1910H98
    |    |    |--F. grossipes Canestrini 1884H98
    |    |    |--F. oudemansi Womersley 1959H98
    |    |    `--F. sellnicki Womersley 1959H98
    |    `--Neofedrizzia Womersley 1959S09
    |         |--*N. gayi Womersley 1959S09
    |         |--N. brooksi Womersley 1959H98
    |         |--N. camini Womersley 1959H98
    |         |--N. canestrinii Womersley 1959H98
    |         |--N. cynota Womersley 1959H98
    |         |--N. gorirossiae Womersley 1959H98
    |         |--N. jeffi Seeman 2009S09
    |         |--N. laevis (Canestrini 1884) [=Fedrizzia laevis]H98
    |         |--N. susanae Seeman 2009S09
    |         |--N. tragardhi Womersley 1959H98
    |         |--N. vidua Womersley 1959H98
    |         `--N. vitzthumiLKW09
         |--Antennurella Berlese 1904 [incl. Eufedrizzia Sellnick 1938, Neooudemansia Trägårdh 1938]FH93
         |    |--A. tragardhi (Baker & Wharton 1952) [=Neooudemansia tragardhi]FH93
         |    `--A. trouessarti Berlese 1904 [incl. Trachyuropoda tricuspis Banks 1914]FH93
         |--Similantennurella Rosario 1988FH93
         |    |--S. aspinata Rosario 1988FH93
         |    `--S. spinata Rosario 1988FH93
         |--Klinckowstroemiella Turk 1951FH93
         |    |--K. blumae Rosario & Hunter 1987FH93
         |    |--K. helleri (Oudemans 1929) [=Fedrizzia helleri]FH93
         |    |--K. prima Turk 1951FH93
         |    `--K. sexisetosa Rosario & Hunter 1987FH93
         `--Klinckowstroemia Trägårdh 1938FH93
              |--K. atramaculata Rosario & Hunter 1988FH93
              |--K. candidoi Rosario & Hunter 1988FH93
              |--K. concava Hunter & Butler 1966FH93
              |--K. grabowskii Chernoff & Pope 1970FH93
              |--K. multisetillosa Rosario & Hunter 1988FH93
              |--K. reyesi Rosario & Hunter 1988FH93
              |--K. schusteri Rosario & Hunter 1988FH93
              |--K. scotti Rosario & Hunter 1988FH93
              |--K. simplisetosa Rosario & Hunter 1988FH93
              |--K. starri Rosario & Hunter 1988FH93
              |--K. tapachulensis Chernoff & Pope 1970FH93
              |--K. truncata Hunter & Butler 1966FH93
              `--K. victoriae Rosario & Hunter 1988FH93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FH93] Farrier, M. H., & M. K. Hennessey. 1993. Soil-inhabiting and free-living Mesostigmata (Acari-Parasitiformes) from North America: an annotated checklist with bibliography and index. North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, North Carolina State University, Technical Bulletin 302: i–xvi, 1–408.

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[S09] Seeman, O. D. 2009. Two new species of Fedrizziidae (Acari: Mesostigmata) from Australian passalid beetles (Coleoptera: Passalidae). Systematic and Applied Acarology 14: 51–59.

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