European wild cat Felis silvestris, photographed by Aconcagua.

Belongs within: Felidae.

The genus Felis has been used in the past to refer to the majority of the small cats (if not all cats), but recent authors have tended to restrict it to a smaller group of species closely related to, and similar in appearance to, the domestic cat F. catus. These include the European wild cat F. silvestris and the African wild cat F. libyca, either of which has been proposed as the ancestor of the domestic cat.

<==Felis Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--F. (Felis)S78
    |    |  i. s.: F. (F.) ornataN10
    |    |--F. (F.) chausJE06 [=Catolynx chausJ63]
    |    `--+--F. (Microfelis) nigripesS78, JE06
    |       `--+--F. (F.) margaritaJE06
    |          |    |--F. m. margaritaBP87
    |          |    `--F. m. scheffeliBP87
    |          `--+--+--F. (F.) bietiJE06
    |             |  `--F. (F.) libycaJE06 [=F. silvestris lybicaK84]
    |             `--+--*F. (F.) catus Linnaeus 1758GC-BG04 [=F. silvestris catusK84]
    |                `--F. (F.) silvestris Schreber 1777JE06, GC-BG04
    |                     |--F. s. silvestrisJ63
    |                     `--F. s. magnaJ63
    |--F. (Herpailurus Severtzow 1858)C57
    |    `--F. (H.) yagouaroundi Geoffroy 1803 (see below for synonymy)C57
    |         |--F. y. yagouaroundi (see below for synonymy)C57
    |         |--F. y. ameghinoi Holmberg 1898C57
    |         |--F. y. cacomitliUSDI77
    |         |--F. y. eyra Fischer 1814 (see below for synonymy)C57
    |         |--F. y. fossataUSDI77
    |         |--F. y. melantho Thomas 1914 [=F. yaguarondi melantho, Herpailurus yaguarondi melantho]C57
    |         |--F. y. panamensis Allen 1904 (see below for synonymy)C57
    |         `--F. y. toltecaUSDI77
    |--F. (Lynchailurus Severtzow 1858) [incl. Pajeros Gray 1867]C57
    |    `--F. (L.) colocolo Molina 1782) [=Felis colocola, F. colorolla, Lynchailurus colocolus]C57
    |         |--F. c. colocolo (see below for synonymy)C57
    |         |--F. c. braccata Cope 1889 (see below for synonymy)C57
    |         |--F. c. budini (Pocock 1941) [=Lynchailurus pajeros budini]C57
    |         |--F. c. crespoi Cabrera 1958C57
    |         |--F. c. garleppi Matschie 1912 (see below for synonymy)C57
    |         |--F. c. pajeros Desmarest 1816 (see below for synonymy)C57
    |         `--F. c. thomasi Lönnberg 1913 [=Lynchailurus colocolus thomasi, L. pajeros thomasi]C57
    |--F. (Oreailurus Cabrera 1940) [incl. Colocolo Pocock 1941]C57
    |    `--F. (*O.) jacobita Cornalia 1865 [incl. F. colocolo Philippi 1869 non Molina 1782, Oncifelis colocolo]C57
    |--F. (Profelis) aurataS78
    `--F. (Sivafelis) obscuraS78
Felis incertae sedis:
  F. atticaJE06
  F. badiaK84
  F. bengalensisK84
  F. caudataJ63
  F. cervariaG41
  F. domesticaT99
  F. euptilura Elliot 1871I92
  F. iriomotensisK84
  F. jubataT66
  F. leopardusT66
  F. lunensisME05
  F. lynx Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--F. l. lynxBP87
    |--F. l. canadensisBP87
    `--F. l. pardinaBP87
  F. manulK84
  F. marmorataK84
  F. pardus Linnaeus 1758L58
  F. planicepsK84
  F. rexroadensisV91
  F. rubiginosusK84
  F. rutilus Waterhouse 1842W42
  F. spelaeaF82
  F. teilhardiDW04
  F. temminckiK84
  F. thinobiusJ63
  F. tigris Linnaeus 1758L58
  F. viverrinaK84
  F. vorohuensisV91
Inorganic: Felis chaus protominilorientalis Okamura 1987 O87

Felis (Herpailurus) yagouaroundi Geoffroy 1803 [=Felis jaguarondi, F. (Catopuma) yaguarundi, Herpailurus jaguarondi, H. jaguarundi, H. yaguarondi, Leopardus yagouarondi]C57

Felis (Herpailurus) yagouaroundi eyra Fischer 1814 [=F. eira, Herpailus yagouaroundi eyra; incl. F. darwini Martin 1837, F. yaguarondi Lacépède in Azara 1809 non F. yagouaroundi Geoffroy 1803, *Herpailurus yaguarondi]C57

Felis (Herpailurus) yagouaroundi panamensis Allen 1904 [=F. yaguarondi panamensis, Herpailurus yagouaroundi panamensis, H. yaguarondi panamensis]C57

Felis (Herpailurus) yagouaroundi yagouaroundi [incl. F. unicolor Traill 1819, F. jaguarondi unicolor, Herpailurus yaguarondi unicolor]C57

Felis (Lynchailurus) colocolo braccata Cope 1889 [=Lynchailurus colocolus braccatus, L. pajeros braccatus; incl. F. (Lynchailurus) colocola neumayeri Matschie 1912, Oncifelis colocolo neumayeri]C57

Felis (Lynchailurus) colocolo colocolo Molina 1782 [=Felis pajeros colocolo; incl. Panthera maracaya albescens Fitzinger 1869, Lynchailurus pajeros huina Pocock 1841, Felis passerum Sclater 1871]C57

Felis (Lynchailurus) colocolo garleppi Matschie 1912 [=F. (L.) pajeros garleppi, F. pajeros parleppi, Lynchailurus colocolus garleppi; incl. L. pajeros steinbachi Pocock 1941 non Leopardus pardalis steinbachi Pocock 1941]C57

Felis (Lynchailurus) colocolo pajeros Desmarest 1816 [=F. pageros, F. pajero, *Lynchailurus colocolus pajeros; incl. F. pajeros crucina Thomas 1901, L. colocolus crucinus, L. pajeros crucina, Felis pampa Schinz 1831 (n. n.), Pajeros pampanus Gray 1867]C57

*Type species of generic name indicated


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