Polypora sp., from here.

Belongs within: Cryptostomata.
Contains: Fenestellidae.

The Fenestrata are a group of bryozoans known from the Early Ordovician to the Permian. Fenestrates have zoaria arranged in a lacy network with short autozooids on one side of the zoarium, often with a hemiseptum at the base (Prothero 1998).

Fenestrata [Fenestrina]
| |--ChainodictyonidaeE01
| | |--RhomboclaidaE01
| | `--ChainodictyonT93
| | |--C. aktasicum Plamenskaha 1964T93
| | |--C. lucidum Goryunova 1970T93
| | `--C. undata (M’Coy 1844)T93
| `--PhylloporinidaeT93
| |--AustralophylloporinaJB12
| |--PhylloporinaT93
| | |--P. fragilis Lavrentjeva 1985T93
| | `--P. punctata (Bekker 1921)T93
| `--PseudohorneraT93
| |--P. bifida (Eichwald 1855)T93
| |--P. diffusa (Hall 1852)T93
| `--P. retiformis Crockford 1941F71
| i. s.: Penniretepora lobata Crockford 1941E01, F71
| Alternifenestella Termier & Termier 1971E01
|--Carnocladia Ernst 2001 [Carnocladiidae]E01
| |--*C. fasciculata Ernst 2001E01
| `--C. punctata Ernst 2001E01
| |--AcanthocladiaJB12
| |--Polyporella intermedia (Shrubsole 1880)T93
| |--ThamniscusJB12
| | |--T. orientalisG31
| | `--T. tenuisG31
| `--Streblascopora Bassler 1952DX84
| |--S. marmionensis (Etheridge 1926) [=Streblotrypa marmionensis]F71
| `--S. multifasciculataDX84
`--Polypora McCoy 1844DX84 [PolyporidaeE01]
|--P. biarmicaW77
|--P. koninckianaG31
|--P. montuosa (Laseron 1918) [=Protoretepora montuosa]F71
|--P. pertinax Laseron 1918F71
|--P. praepluriformis Morozova 1965DX84
|--P. stragula White 1874W77
|--P. virga Laseron 1918F71
`--P. woodsi [incl. P. tumula Laseron 1918]F71

Fenestrata incertae sedis:
Mackinniella Morozova & Lisitsyn 1996E01
Archimedes wortheniP98
|--F. barringtonensis Crockford 1947F71
|--F. cellulosa Crockford 1947F71
|--F. exserta (Laseron 1918) [=Fenestella exserta; incl. Fenestella cavea Laseron 1918]F71
|--F. granuliferaF71
|--F. pectinisP98
`--F. propinquaF71
|--Alwynopora orodamnus Taylor & Curry 1985T93
`--Pushkinella acanthoporoides (Pushkin 1976)T93
|--Ralfina aluverensis (Männil 1958)T93
`--Ralfinella plana (Männil 1958)T93
Sardesonina [Sardesoninidae]T93
|--S. corticosa (Ulrich 1886)T93
`--S. maxima (Toots 1952)T93
|--Esthonioporina quadrata (Bekker 1921)T93
|--B. nikiforovae Schulga-Nesterenko 1952T93
|--B. operculata Schulga-Nesterenko 1952T93
`--B. ornata Nikiforova 1939T93
|--Semicoscinium tenuicepsEB01
|--Septopora Prout 1959DX84
| `--S. robusta Yang & Loo 1962DX84
`--Synocladia King 1849T93, W77
|--S. biserialis Swallow & Hawn 1858 [incl. S. virgulacea Geinitz 1866]W77
`--S. rigida Morozova 1965T93
| |--P. arborescens (Nechaev 1893)T93
| `--P. longa Morozova 1970T93
|--T. formosa (Morozova 1963)T93
`--T. permiana (Nikiforova 1945)T93
Septatopora [Septatoporidae]T93
|--S. acarinata (Crockford 1947)T93
`--S. nodosa Engel 1975T93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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