Eudendrium racemosum, copyright Peter Schuchert.

Belongs within: Medusozoa.
Contains: Hydractinioidea.

The Filifera are a group of hydrozoans characterised by the possession of filiform tentacles on the feeding polyps, together with desmoneme and eurytele nematocysts (Daly et al. 2007).

|--Eudendriidae [Eudendriida, Eudendrioidea]P79
| |--Myrionema Pictet 1893 non Greville 1827P79
| | `--M. amboinenseT87
| `--Eudendrium Ehrenberg 1834P79
| |--E. arbusculumKM17
| |--E. armatumPP64
| |--E. capillare Alder 1856VV77
| |--E. carneum Clarke 1882HJ08
| |--E. disparA64
| |--E. glomeratumLS09
| |--E. racemosum [=Sertularia racemosa]A64
| `--E. vaginatumA64
| |--Niobia Mayer 1900 [Niobiidae]P79
| `--+--CalycopsisBP00 [CalycopsidaeP79]
| | `--C. simplex Kramp & Damas 1925BP00
| `--+--Protiara Haeckel 1879 [Protiaridae]P79
| `--PandeidaeP79
| |--Halitiara Fewkes 1882P79
| |--Paratiara Kramp & Damas 1925P79
| |--Cnidotiara Uchida 1927P79
| `--LeuckartiaraBP00
| |--L. brownei Larson & Harbison 1990BP00
| `--L. octonaPP64
`--+--PerarellaDB07 [CytaeididaeP79]
|--Clavopsella Stechow 1919P79
|--Silhouetta Millard & Bouillon 1973P79
|--Koellikerina Kramp 1939P79
|--Bimeria Wright 1859P79
| `--B. nutansA64
|--Velkovrhia Matjašič & Sket 1971CS-P86
| `--V. enigmatica Matjašič & Sket 1971CS-P86
|--B. britannicaG90
|--B. fulvaG90
|--B. maclovianaPO99
|--B. muscusLS09
|--B. proliferaG90
|--B. ramosaKBC03
`--B. superciliarisB26

Filifera incertae sedis:
Balella Stechow 1919P79 [BalellidaeDB07]
Fabienna [Laingiidae, Laingiomedusae]DB07
`--F. sphaericaDB07
|--Crucimedusina walcotti (Barbour 1914)NS93
|---Turritopsis nutriculaA64
|--O. armataA64
|--O. cymbaloideaG20
|--O. flavidulaR26
|--O. gibbosaR26
|--O. lesueuriaR26
|--O. lineolataR26
|--O. octonaA64
|--O. paradoxaR26
|--O. pileataR26
`--O. turritaA64
ProboscidactylaS79 [ProboscidactylidaeDB07]
`--P. mutabilisPO99
|--P. borealisPO99
|--P. carneaPP15
|--P. exiguaLS09
|--P. minutaPO99
`--P. proboscideaPP64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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