Siphanta acuta, copyright Jean & Fred Hort.
Belongs within: Auchenorrhyncha.

The Flatidae are a group of plant-sucking bugs characterised by conspicuous granules over the clavus of the fore wing (Carver et al. 1991).

Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Fore wings usually broad, triangular, steeply tectiform, opaque and brightly coloured, most commonly green; clavus with conspicuous granules. Second segment of hind tarsi small, apex rounded or pointed, without spines. Nymphs usually sessile, producing copious wax filaments.

`–Flatinae MC13
|–Falcophantis [Phantiini] MC13
|    `–F. westcotti MC13
|–Flata B35
|    |–F. candelaria G20
|    |–F. doryca Boisduval 1835 B35
|    `–F. io Boisduval 1835 [incl. Ricania oculata] B35
|–Siphanta [Siphantini] MC13
|    |–S. acuta CGW91
|    |–S. eberhardi CGW91
|    |–S. hebes K89
|    `–S. patruelis MC13
|–Barsac MC13
`–Massila sicca MC13, CGW91

Flatidae incertae sedis:
Sephena cinerea M83
Anzora unicolor CGW91
Geisha YS01
Cenestra affinis B88
Dworena hyacintha CGW91
Mimophantia stictica CGW91
Colgar peracuta R70
Phromnia marginella RD77
Euryphantia cinerascens K89
Dascalina K89

*Type species of generic name indicated


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