Chileanthicus inflatus, from Kejval (2009).

Belongs within: Anthicidae.

The Formicomini are a tribe of anthicid beetles united by having the mesepisterna simply connected with the mesepimera, their margins not raised and bare, a widely rounded to subtruncate and incompletely bordered intercoxal process on abdominal sternum III, and distinct posteriorly projecting prongs on the male sternite VIII (Kejval 2009).

    |--Andrahomanus Pic 1903K09
    |--Stenidius LaFerté-Sénectère 1847K09
    |--Anthelephila Hope 1833 [incl. Formicomus LaFerté-Sénectère 1849]K09
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ agilis King 1869M86
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ australis King 1869M86
    |    |--‘Notoxus’ caeruleus Thunberg 1789 [=Formicomus caeruleus]H61
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ clarki King 1869M86
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ cyaneusM86
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ cyanopterusG89
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ denisoni King 1869M86
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ humeralis Macleay 1872M86
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ nobilisC01
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ obliquifasciatus King 1869M86
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ rubricollis La Ferté-Sénectère 1848H61
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ senex Laferté 1848M86
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ simplicicruralis van Hille 1950H61
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ subtruncatus Pic 1899H61
    |    |--‘Formicomus’ tropicalis Krekich-Strassoldo 1928H61
    |    `--‘Formicomus’ tuberculifer Pic 1897H61
    `--Chileanthicus Werner 1966K09
         |--*C. lafertei (Solier 1851) [=Formicomus lafertei, Anthicus lafertei]K09
         |--C. acutipennis Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. angulicollis Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. aprilis Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. audax Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. baculentus Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. campicola Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. comes Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. communis Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. cursor Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. decipiens Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. dentatus (Dajoz 1980) [=Pseudoleptaleus dentatus]K09
         |--C. dentivarius (Lea 1922) [=Formicomus dentivarius]K09
         |--C. discus Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. elmorado Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. exul Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. eyrensis Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. femineus Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. gammon Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. hirsutus Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. improvidus Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. inflatus Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. insignis Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. interruptus (Lea 1922) [=Formicomus interruptus]K09
         |--C. kinchega Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. kingii (MacLeay 1872) [=Formicomus kingii]K09
         |--C. latibasis (Lea 1922) [=Formicomus latibasis]K09
         |--C. maritimus Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. mastersii (King 1869) [=Formicomus mastersii; incl. F. tridentipes Lea 1922]K09
         |--C. matthewsi Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. melasomus (Lea 1922) [=Formicomus melasomus]K09
         |--C. mitis Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. paganus Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. penai Werner 1966K09
         |--C. pubifasciatus (Lea 1922) [=Formicomus pubifasciatus]K09
         |--C. pulcher Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. pumilio Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. quadrimaculatus (King 1869) [=Formicomus quadrimaculatus]K09
         |--C. speciosus (King 1869) [=Formicomus speciosus]K09
         |--C. tuberculifer Kejval 2009K09
         |--C. uhmanni Kejval 2009K09
         `--C. volselifer Kejval 2009K09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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