Male Freyana anatina, from Aksin (2007).

Belongs within: Psoroptidia.

The Freyanidae are a group of astigmatine mites found living on feathers in the wings and occasionally tail of aquatic birds (OConnor 2009).

Characters (from OConnor 2009): Prodorsum with two rostral setae or none; posterior legs ventrally inserted; tarsi with proral setae filiform, spine-like or absent; tarsi III and IV with three ventral setae; pretarsal ambulacral discs well developed, without condylophore guide; condylophores flattened and pointed apically.

    |--Diomedacaraus gigasO09
    |--Dobyella Gaud & Atyeo 1975H98
    |    `--D. longipalpa Gaud & Atyeo 1975H98
    |--Allofreyana Gaud & Atyeo 1975H98
    |    `--A. oxygonata Gaud & Atyeo 1975H98
    |--Michaelichus Trouessart & Mégnin 1885H98
    |    `--M. heteropus (Michael 1881) [=Dermaleichus heteropus]H98
    |--Morinyssus Gaud & Atyeo 1982H98
    |    `--M. simplex Gaud & Atyeo 1982H98
    |--Pelecymerus Gaud & Atyeo 1975H98
    |    `--P. tetragonus Gaud & Atyeo 1975H98
    |--Sulanyssus Dubinin 1953H98
    |    `--S. caputmedusae (Trouessart 1887)H98 [=Freyana (Michaelichus) caputmedusaeT05, Microchelys caputmedusaeH98]
    |--Freyanopsis Dubinin 1940H98
    |    |--F. decidilatatusetae Dubinin 1950H98
    |    `--F. periproctus Gaud & Atyeo 1975H98
    `--Freyana Haller 1877H98
         |--F. anatina (Koch 1844) [=Dermaleichus anatinus]T05
         |--F. australis Dubinin 1950H98
         |    |--F. a. australisH98
         |    `--F. a. stictonettae Dubinin 1950H98
         |--F. dendrocygni Dubinin 1950H98
         |--F. largifolia Mégnin & Trouessart 1885 [=F. anatina var. largifolia]H98
         `--F. microchaeta Dubinin 1950H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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