Black planthopper Desudaba psittacus, copyright Graham Wise.

Belongs within: Auchenorrhyncha.

The Fulgoridae, lanternflies, are a group of medium-sized to large planthoppers in which the head is often remarkably prolonged before the eyes. Species of the Neotropical genus Fulgora are sometimes referred to as peanut bugs in reference to the shape of the head.

Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Large species, 15 mm or more in length; head often prolonged; clypeus with lateral carinae. Clavus open distally, running full length of fore wing, with numerous cross-veins between anal veins; anal area of hind wings reticulate. Apex of second segment of hind tarsi with ventral row of small dark spines.

    |--Eurinopsyche arboreaCGW91
    |--Rentinus dilatatusCGW91
    |--Scolops hesperiusBM76
    |--Ormenoides venustaBM76
    |--Lycorma delicatulaH01
    |--Dictyophora pannonicaBM76, H01 [incl. D. pannonica var. diminuta Horváth 1901H01]
    |--Kelisia perspicillataH01
    |--Eurybregma nigrolineataH01
    |--Metropis flavipesH01
    |--Stiroma albomarginataH01
    |--Urvillea melanesica Kirkaldy 1907K08
    |--Nesocharis kalypso Kirkaldy 1907K08
    |--Leirioessa vitiensis Kirkaldy 1907K08
    |--Dystheatias beecheyi Kirkaldy 1907 [incl. D. beecheyi var. fuscata Kirkaldy 1907]K08
    |--Quirosia vitiensis Kirkaldy 1907K08
    |--Nesochlamys vitiensis Kirkaldy 1907K08
    |--Eurystheus dilatatusWEE70
    |--Pentagramma vittatifronsS38
    |--Ormenis pruinosaS38
    |--Galela [Aphaeninae]MC13
    |    `--G. parvaMC13
    |    |--P. bicuneata Kirkaldy 1907K08
    |    `--P. tristis Kirkaldy 1907K08
    |    |--C. muiri Kirkaldy 1907K08
    |    `--C. undulata Kirkaldy 1907K08
    |    |--H. crudusF11
    |    |--H. pictifronsE66
    |    `--H. radicisE66
    |    |--F. europeaR26
    |    |--F. lanternariaGE05
    |    `--F. nervosa (Linnaeus 1758)L02, L58 [=Cicada nervosaL02]
    |    |--D. danaeC91
    |    |--D. maculataWEE70
    |    `--D. psittacusCGW91
         |--C. ornata Kirkaldy 1907K08
         |--C. pulchra Kirkaldy 1907K08
         |--C. pusilla Kirkaldy 1907K08
         `--C. venusta Kirkaldy 1907K08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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