Australian coot Fulica atra australis with chick, copyright Bernard Spragg.

Belongs within: Gallinula.

Fulica, the coots, is a cosmopolitan genus of strongly swimming rails with a well-developed frontal shield and broad lateral lobes on the toes. Plumage is glossy black with the frontal shield often contrastingly coloured.

<==Fulica Linnaeus 1758G-RGT14 (see below for synonymy)
    |  i. s.: F. chathamensis Forbes 1892 [=*Nesophalaris chathamensis]CC10
    |         F. galeataF43
    |         F. newtoni Milne-Edwards 1867L98 [=*Palaeolimnas newtoniCC10]
    |         F. prisca Hamilton 1893CC10 [=F. chathamensis priscaGM91, Nesophalaris priscaCC10]
    |         F. spinosa Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--F. rufifrons Philippi & Landbeck 1861G-RGT14
    `--+--F. cornuta Bonaparte 1853G-RGT14 [=*Lycornis cornutaL98]
       `--+--+--F. armillata Vieillot 1817G-RGT14
          |  `--F. gigantea Eydoux & Souleyet 1841G-RGT14 [=*Phalaria giganteaL98]
          `--+--*F. atra Linnaeus 1758G-RGT14
             |    |--F. a. atraCC10
             |    `--F. a. australis Gould 1845 (see below for synonymy)CC10
             `--+--F. cristata Gmelin 1789G-RGT14
                `--+--+--F. ardesiaca Tschudi 1843G-RGT14 [incl. F. atruraL98]
                   |  `--F. leucoptera Vieillot 1817G-RGT14
                   `--+--F. alai Peale 1848G-RGT14 [=F. americana alaiUSDI77]
                      `--+--F. americana Gmelin 1789G-RGT14 [incl. F. columbianaL98]
                         `--F. caribaea Ridgway 1884L98

Fulica Linnaeus 1758G-RGT14 [incl. Lycornis Bonaparte 1856L98, Nesophalaris Brodkorb & Dawson 1962CC10, Palaeolimnas Forbes 1893CC10, Phalaria Reichenbach 1853L98]

Fulica atra australis Gould 1845 [incl. F. atra ingrami Mathews 1912, F. tasmanica Grant 1846, F. atra tasmanica]CC10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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