Rufous horneros Furnarius rufus, photographed by Dario Sanches.

Belongs within: Furnariida.
Contains: Leptasthenura, Phacellodomus, Asthenes, Synallaxeinae, Automolus, Philydor, Cinclodes.

The Furnariidae are a family of mostly grey to brown insectivorous birds found in Central and South America. They often have short rounded wings, strong legs and feet, and relatively long tails in which the feather shafts may be strengthened (Internet Bird Collection). They are often referred to as ‘ovenbirds’, in reference to the oven-like mud nests built by the horneros Furnarius, but other furnariid genera build different nest types. The leaftossers of the genus Sclerurus are primarily terrestrial birds that get their vernacular name from their manner of foraging among leaf litter.

Furnariidae [Furnariinae, Philydorinae, Synallaxeidae, Upucerthiidae]
|--Xenops Illiger 1811JT12, B94 [Xenopinae]
| |--X. approximansSS66a
| |--X. genibarbisS18
| | |--X. g. genibarbisS18
| | `--X. g. mexicanusS18
| |--X. heterurusSS66b
| |--X. minutusA61
| | |--X. m. minutusE52
| | `--X. m. ridgwayiE52
| |--X. rutilansJT12
| `--X. tenuirostrisJT12
`--+--+--‘Xenops’ milleriJT12
| `--+--Pygarrhichas Burmeister 1837JT12, B94 [Pygarrhichadinae]
| | `--P. albogularisJT12
| `--OchetorhynchusJT12
| |--O. melanurusBKB15
| `--+--O. andaecolaJT12
| `--+--O. phoenicurusJT12
| `--O. ruficaudusJT12
`--+--Berlepschia rikeriBKB15
| | | |--P. brunnescensJT12
| | | | |--P. b. brunnescensW51
| | | | |--P. b. albescensW51
| | | | |--P. b. distinctus Griscom 1927W51
| | | | `--P. b. mnionophilus Wetmore 1951W51
| | | `--P. tateiJT12
| | `--Margarornis Reichenbach 1853JT12, B94 [Margarornithinae]
| | | i. s.: M. stellatusJT12
| | |--M. rubiginosusJT12
| | `--+--M. bellulusJT12
| | `--M. squamigerJT12
| `--+--AphrasturaBKB15
| | |--A. masafuerae (Philippi & Landbeck 1866)HRS06
| | `--A. spinicaudaN10
| `--+--LeptasthenuraBKB15
| `--+--PhacellodomusBKB15
| `--+--+--AsthenesBKB15
| | `--SynallaxeinaeBKB15
| `--+--Hellmayrea gularisBKB15
| `--+--Coryphistera alaudinaJT12
| `--Anumbius annumbiJT12
`--+--+--Anabazenops dorsalisBKB15
| `--+--+--‘Philydor’ ruficaudatumJT12
| | `--+--AutomolusBKB15
| | `--+--Clibanornis dendrocolaptoidesJT12
| | `--+--‘Automolus’ rubiginosusJT12
| | `--HylocryptusJT12
| | |--H. erythrocephalusJT12
| | `--H. rectirostrisJT12
| `--+--AncistropsBKB15
| | |--A. lineaticepsSS66b
| | `--A. strigilatusJT12
| `--+--PhilydorBKB15
| `--+--+--Anabazenops fuscusBKB15
| | `--Megaxenops parnaguaeBKB15
| `--+--‘Philydor’ lichtensteiniBKB15
| `--+--AnabacerthiaBKB15
| | |--A. amaurotisJT12
| | |--A. striaticollisJT12
| | `--A. variegaticepsJT12
| `--+--SimoxenopsJT12
| | |--S. striatuaJT12
| | `--S. ucayalaeJT12
| `--SyndactylaJT12
| |--S. dimidiataJT12
| |--S. guttulataJT12
| |--S. ruficollisJT12
| |--S. rufosuperciliataJT12
| `--S. subalarisJT12
`--+--+--Pseudocolaptes Reichenbach 1853BKB15, B94 [Pseudocolaptinae]
| | |--P. boissonneautiiJT12
| | |--P. johnsoniJT12
| | `--P. lawrenciiJT12
| `--+--Premnornis guttuligeraJT12
| `--TarphonomusJT12
| |--T. certhioidesJT12
| `--T. hartertiJT12
`--+--+--Geocerthia serranaBKB15 [=Upucerthia serranaJT12]
| `--+--CinclodesJT12
| `--Upucerthia Geoffroy St.-Hilaire 1832JT12, B94 [Upucerthiinae]
| | i. s.: U. saturatiorJT12
| |--+--U. albigulaJT12
| | `--U. dumetaria Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1832JT12, MW91
| `--+--U. jelskiiJT12
| `--U. validirostrisJT12
`--+--+--Lochmias nematuraBKB15
| `--+--Limnornis curvirostrisJT12
| `--Phleocryptes melanopsJT12
`--Furnarius Vieillot 1816BKB15, B94
| i. s.: F. cinnamomeusJT12
| F. longirostrisJT12
| F. minorSS66a
| F. torridus Sclater & Salvin 1866SS66a
|--F. leucopusBKB15
`--+--F. figulusBKB15
`--+--F. cristatusBKB15
`--F. rufusJT12

Furnariidae incertae sedis:
Leptoxyura cinnamomeaSS66a
|--D. palliataSS66a
`--D. rostripallensSS66a
Cichlocolaptes leucophrusJT12
Geobamon rufipennisS66
Geobates Swainson 1838S66
|--G. poecilopterus Maximilian 1830 (see below for synonymy)S66
`--‘Anthus’ fuscus (n. d.)S66
|--S. coryiJT12
|--S. fuliginosaJT12
|--S. griseomurinaJT12
|--S. palpebralisJT12
|--S. perijanaJT12
`--S. vilcabambaeJT12

Geobates poecilopterus Maximilian 1830 [=Anthus poecilopterus; incl. *Geobates brevicauda Swainson 1838, Geositta brevicauda]S66

*Type species of generic name indicated


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