Munida rugosa, copyright B. E. Picton.

Belongs within: Anomala.

The Galatheidae, squat lobsters, are a group of benthic or pelagic crustaceans somewhat similar to a lobster in superficial appearance but with the abdomen carried reflexed under the cephalothorax in the manner of a crab.

<==Galatheidae [Munididae]
         |    |--G. amboinensis de Man 1888MG-H11
         |    |--G. antiquaR26
         |    |--G. australiensis Stimpson 1858J90
         |    |--G. balssi Miyake & Baba 1964MG-H11
         |    |--G. bolivai Zariquiey-Alvarez 1950KK03
         |    |--G. californiensisS52
         |    |--G. cenarroi (Zariquiey-Alvarez 1968)KK03
         |    |--G. consobrina De Man 1902MG-H11
         |    |--G. dispersa Bate 1859KK03
         |    |--G. glabraR26
         |    |--G. intermedia Liljeborg 1851KK03
         |    |--G. nexa Embleton 1834KK03
         |    |--G. orientalis Stimpson 1858HS15
         |    |--G. rostrata Milne Edwards 1880HC79
         |    |--G. rugosaR26
         |    |--G. squamifera Leach 1814DAS03
         |    |--G. strigosa (Linnaeus 1767)KK03
         |    `--G. subsquamata Stimpson 1858HS15
         `--Munida Leach 1820 [incl. Austromunida Schweitzer & Feldmann 2000]CA04
              |--*M. rugosa (Fabricius 1775) [=Pagurus rugosus]CA04
              |--M. andamanica Alcock 1894MG-H11
              |--M. aprosoma Ahyong & Poore 2004MG-H11
              |--M. babai Tirmizi & Javed 1976MG-H11
              |--M. casadioi (Schweitzer & Feldmann 2000) [=*Austromunida casadioi]CA04
              |--M. disgrega Baba 2005MG-H11
              |--M. gordoae Macpherson 2004MG-H11
              |--M. haswelli Henderson 1885MG-H11
              |--M. heteracantha Ortmann 1892MG-H11
              |--M. intermedia Milne-Edwards & Bouvier 1899KK03
              |--M. irisPP64
              |--M. irrasa Milne Edwards 1880HC79
              |--M. keiensis Baba 2005MG-H11
              |--M. konara Schweitzer & Feldmann 2000CA04
              |--M. microphtalmaPP64
              |--M. perarmataPP64
              |--M. primaeva (Segerberg 1900)CA04
              |--M. quadrispinaH47
              |--M. quadroblonga Schweitzer & Feldmann 2000CA04
              |--M. roshanei Tirmizi 1996MG-H11
              |--M. rubridigitalis Baba 1994MG-H11
              |--M. rugosa (Fabricius 1775)KK03
              |--M. rutlanti Zariquiey-Alvarez 1952KK03 [=M. iris rutlandiPP64]
              `--M. tenuimana Sars 1872KK03
Galatheidae incertae sedis:
  Munidopsis Whiteaves 1874H86
    |--M. andamanica MacGilchrist 1905MG-H11
    |--M. comarge Taylor, Ahyong & Andreakis 2010MG-H11
    |--M. crenatirostris Baba 1988MG-H11
    |--M. cylindrophthalma (Alcock 1894)MG-H11
    |--M. dasypus Alcock 1894MG-H11
    |--M. kensleyi Ahyong & Poore 2004MG-H11
    |--M. levis (Alcock & Anderson 1894)MG-H11
    `--M. polymorpha Koelbel 1892H86
  Allogalathea elegans (Adams & White 1848)MG-H11
    |--A. eminens (Baba 1988)MG-H11
    |--A. incerta (Henderson 1888)MG-H11
    |--A. pilosimanus (Baba 1969)MG-H11
    |--A. rubrizonata Macpherson & Baba 2009MG-H11
    `--A. similis (Baba 1988)MG-H11
  Enriquea leviantennata (Baba 1988)MG-H11
  Lauriea gardineri (Laurie 1926)MG-H11
  Paramunida stichas Macpherson 1993MG-H11
    |--P. integrirostris (Dana 1852)HS15
    `--P. pusillus (Henderson 1885)MG-H11
  Palaeomundiopsis moutieri Van Straelen 1925BWW93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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