Gammarus desperatus, copyright Andrew Cannizzaro.

Belongs within: Gammaridae.

Gammarus is a primarily Holarctic genus of freshwater to estuarine amphipods with a strongly developed accessory flagellum, and natatory uropods with the inner ramus of uropod 3 well developed (Bousfield 1977).

Gammarus Fabricius 1775S86 [incl. Bathyonyx Vejdovsky 1905B77, Rivulogammarus Karaman 1931B77]
    |--*G. pulex (Linnaeus 1758)B77 [=Cancer pulexB77, G. (Rivulogammarus) pulexB50a]
    |    |--G. p. pulexS86
    |    |--G. p. cognominis Karaman & Pinkster 1977S86
    |    |--G. p. polonicus Karaman & Pinkster 1977S86
    |    `--G. p. sobaegensis Ueno 1966S86
    |--G. abyssinus [=Oniscus abyssinus]L02
    |--G. accretes Hou & Li 2002HL03
    |--G. acherondytes Hubricht & Mackin 1940S86
    |--G. aequicauda (Martynov 1931)BD95
    |--G. albimanus (Karaman 1968)S86
    |--G. annulatus Smith 1879B77
    |--G. balcanicus [=G. (Rivulogammarus) balcanicus]B50b
    |--G. barringtonensisN26
    |--G. crinicornis Stock 1966BD95
    |--G. desperatus Cole 1981S86
    |--*Bathyonyx’ devismesi Vejdovski 1905S86
    |--G. duebeniR96
    |--G. effultus Karaman 1975S86
    |--G. fossarum Koch in Panzer 1836 [incl. G. fossarum var. subterraneus Schneider 1885]S86
    |--G. frater Karaman & Pinkster 1977S86
    |--G. gracilis (Martynov 1935)S86
    |--G. haaseiN26
    |--G. hyalelloides Cole 1976S86
    |--G. komarekiS86
    |    |--G. k. komarekiS86
    |    |--G. k. caucasicus (Birstein 1933)S86
    |    `--G. k. imeretinus (Birstein 1933)S86
    |--G. lacustrisVVP01
    |--G. microps Pinkster & Goedmakers 1975S86
    |--G. minus Say 1818 [incl. G. elki Reiner 1969, G. minus var. tenuipes Shoemaker 1940]S86
    |    |--G. m. minusS86
    |    `--G. m. pinicollis Cole 1970S86
    |--G. nipponensis Ueno 1940S86
    |--G. ochridanus [=G. (Rivulogammarus) ochridanus] B50b
    |--G. oliviiPP64
    |--G. pecos Cole & Bousfield 1970S86
    |--G. platvoeti Hou & Li 2003HL03
    |--G. pseudosyriacus Karaman & Pinkster 1977S86
    |--‘Rivulogammarus’ spinicaudatusD56
    |--G. stroemianus [=Oniscus stroemianus]L02
    |--G. subaequalis [incl. G. subaequalis f. compressus (Martynov 1935)]S86
    |--G. syriacus Chevreux 1895S86
    |--G. troglophilus Hubricht & Mackin 1940S86
    |--G. turanus (Martynov 1935)S86
    `--G. vignai Pinkster & Karaman 1978S86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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