Gasterocoma sp., from

Belongs within: Cyathocrinida.

The Gasterocomidae are a group of crinoids known from the Lower and Middle Devonian (Moore et al. 1978).

Characters (from Moore et al. 1978): Theca conical bowl shaped to globose; infrabasals five, three, or one; radial articular facets narrow horseshoe shaped; axial canal present; radianal absent, anal X present or absent, anal opening generally through side of cup below posterior radials. Anal sac absent. Moderately thick uniserial arms spread sideward, branching isotomously. Transversely round to quadrangular stem with axial and three or four peripheral canals.

Gasterocomidae [Gastrocomidae, Lecythocrinidae, Schultzicrinidae]
|--Trapezocrinus Haude 2007W12
|--Scoliocrinus Jaekel 1895ML78
| `--*S. eremita Jaekel 1895ML78
|--Nanocrinus Müller 1856ML78
| `--*N. paradoxus Müller 1856ML78
|--Schultzicrinus Springer 1911ML78
| `--*S. typus Springer 1911ML78
|--Mictocrinus Goldring 1923ML78
| `--*M. robustus Goldring 1923ML78
|--Ancyrocrinus Hall 1862W12
| `--*A. bulbosus Hall 1862ML78
|--Arachnocrinus Meek & Worthen 1866W12
| `--*A. bulbosus (Hall 1862) [=Cyathocrinus bulbosus]ML78
|--Corynecrinus Kirk 1934W12
| `--*C. romingeri Kirk 1934ML78
|--Tetrapleurocrinus Wanner 1942ML78
| `--*T. eifelensis Wanner 1942ML78
|--Gasterocoma Goldfuss 1839 [=Gastrocoma Beyrich 1871; incl. Ceramocrinus Müller 1855, Epactocrinus Müller 1855]ML78
| |--*G. antiqua Goldfuss 1839 [=*Gastrocoma antiqua]ML78
| `--G. bicaulaN79
|--Lecythocrinus Müller 1859W12
| |--*L. eifelianus Müller 1858ML78
| `--L. briareusML78
`--Myrtillocrinus Sandberger & Sandberger 1856 [incl. Tripleurocrinus Wood 1904]ML78
|--*M. elongatus Sandberger & Sandberger 1856ML78
|--M. americanusML78
`--‘*Tripleurocrinus’ levis Wood 1904ML78

*Type species of generic name indicated


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