Three-spined stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus, copyright Jack Wolf.

Belongs within: Cottioidei.

The Gasterosteidae are a group of fishes with subthoracic pelvic fins placed below the pectoral fins. They are found in both fresh and marine waters in cooler regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Gasterosteidae [Aulorhynchidae, Gasterosteales, Protosyngnathidae]
|--Hypoptychus [Hypoptychidae]ND13
| `--H. dybowskiiND13
`--+--Aulorhynchus flavidusND13
`--+--Aulichthys japonicusND13
`--+--Apeltes quadracus (Mitchill 1815)ND13, K02
`--Gasterosteus Linnaeus 1758ND13, L58
|--G. aculeatus Linnaeus 1758K02
| |--G. a. aculeatusI92
| |--G. a. microcephalus (Girard 1854)I92
| `--G. a. williamsoniUSDI77
|--G. apodusG88
|--G. doryssusBL87
|--G. occidentalis Linnaeus 1758L58
|--G. pungitius Linnaeus 1758L58
|--G. spinachia Linnaeus 1758L58
|--G. spinarella Linnaeus 1758L58
`--G. wheatlandi Putnam 1867K02

Gasterosteidae incertae sedis:
Culaea inconstansK02
Spinachia spinachia (Linnaeus 1758)LD09
|--P. hexacanthus (Schtylko 1934)P93
|--P. kaibarae (Tanaka 1915)I92
|--P. pungitiusK02
| |--P. p. pungitiusK02
| `--P. p. occidentalis (Cuvier 1829)K02
|--P. sinensisK02
`--P. tymensis (Nikolsky 1889)I92 [=P. pungitius tymensisT90]
Protosyngnathus sumatrensis von der Marck 1876P93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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