Pisinna zosterophila, copyright Eddie Hardy.

Belongs within: Mollusca.
Contains: Scoliostomatidae, Caseolus, Leiostyla, Clisospiroidea, Bellerophontoidea, Archinacelloidea, Pelagielloidea, Macluritida, Neomphaliones, Patellogastropoda, Vetigastropoda, Neritimorpha, Loxonematoidea, Heterobranchia, Peruneloidea, Cyclophoroidea, Ampullariidae, Viviparoidea, Orthonematoidea, Subulitoidea, Soleniscidae, Meekospiridae, Cerithiimorpha, Hypsogastropoda.

The Gastropoda, snails and slugs, are a major clade of molluscs characterised by the process of torsion during larval development with the visceral mass and mantle becoming turned 180° relative to the head and foot. The shell (if present) has a single valve and is often spirally coiled; an operculum is also often present that closes the aperture of the shell when the body is withdrawn. Both of these features may be modified in derived subgroups: the shell may be lost or coiling reduced, and torsion may be secondarily reversed over the course of continued development. Gastropods are ancestrally aquatic but a number of derived lineages have become terrestrial. Embryonic development in aquatic gastropods may be indirect, with a free-living, planktotrophic larval stage, or direct, with lecithotrophic embryos hatching into crawling juveniles. These differing modes of development are often reflected in different aspects of the protoconch (the initial, larval section of the shell which often differs in appearance from the mature teleoconch) with planktotrophic developers have more whorls to the protoconch than lecithotrophs.

Historically, gastropods have often been divided between three major groupings—the Prosobranchia (possessing a gill and torted anatomy at maturity), Opisthobranchia (gilled but with torsion not evident at maturity), and Pulmonata (respiring via a lung)—but the ‘prosobranchs’ are recognised as paraphyletic to the last two groups (which together form part of the broader clade Heterobranchia). The ‘prosobranchs’ have in turn been historically divided between the grades Archaeogastropoda, Mesogastropoda and Neogastropoda but, again, the ‘archaeogastropods’ are now regarded as paraphyletic with the Neogastropoda and most ‘mesogastropods’ forming the clade Caenogastropoda. The Caenogastropoda and Heterobranchia together form a clade Apogastropoda, supported by a number of synapomorphies such as the presence of a single columellar muscle, loss of the right auricle, and the oesophagus originating at the posterior end of the buccal mass (Simone 2011).

Various Early Palaeozoic fossils such as Bellerophontoidea and Pelagielloidea resemble modern gastropods in the possession of a coiled shell but have not been universally accepted as gastropods due to uncertainty whether or not they exhibited torsion. Thomas et al. (2020) argued for the presence of torsion in Pelagielloidea on the basis of functional interpretations of preserved chaetae and internal grooves on the shell.

<==Gastropoda (see below for synonymy)
| `--MacluritidaTRM20
| `--VetigastropodaS11
`--Adenogonogastropoda [Branchiata, Cyclostomacea, Ectophthalma, Teleohydrophila]S11
`--Apogastropoda (see below for synonymy)S11
| i. s.: Protostylus Mansuy 1914 (n. d.)KC60
| `--*P. lantenoisi Mansuy 1914KC60
| ‘Cyclora’ imbricata Whiteaves 1881G88
| ‘Cyclora’ valvatiformis Whiteaves 1881G88
| OnisciaR42
| |--O. dennisoni Reeve 1842R42
| |--O. strombiformis Reeve 1842R42
| `--O. tuberculosaC64
`--Caenogastropoda (see below for synonymy)S11
| i. s.: Gaeatrivia millardi Cate 1979M03
| Serratovolva dondani Cate 1964M03
| Decorochilina Frýda 1999F01
| Plicatus Pan & Erwin 2002 [Plicatusidae]BR05
| |--*P. scalaris Pan & Erwin 2002PE02
| `--P. multifilaris Pan & Erwin 2002PE02
| Spanionema Whidborne 1891 [Spanionematidae, Spanionematoidea]BR05
| `--*S. scalaroides (Whidborne 1889) [=Loxonema scalaroides]KC60
| Spirochrysalis Kittl 1894NE02
| `--S. protomicra Pan 1982NE02
| Lampanella minimaPC08
| Pragoscutula Frýda 1998PC08, BR05 [Pragoscutulidae]
| `--P. wareni Frýda 1998FB01
| Dendropupoidea [Anthracopupoidea, Dendropupinae, Procyclophoroida]BR05
| |--Maturipupa Pilsbry 1926KC60
| | `--*M. vermilionensis (Bradley 1872) [=Pupa vermilionensis]KC60
| |--Anthracopupa Whitfield 1881 [Anthracopupidae, Anthracopupinae]BR05
| | |--*A. ohioensis Whitfield 1881KC60
| | `--A. britannica Cox 1926TTE93
| `--Dendropupa Owen 1859BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| |--*D. vetusta (Dawson 1859) [=Pupa vetusta]KC60
| |--D. grandaeva (Dawson 1880)TTE93
| `--D. primaeva (Matthew 1895)TTE93
| Acanthonema Grabau in Sherzer & Grabau 1909BR05 [AcanthonematidaeBR17, Acanthonematinae]
| `--A. newberryi (Meek 1871)TTE93 (see below for synonymy)
| AmpezzanildidaeBR17
| |--Cassianilda Bandel 1995NE02
| |--Stuorilda Bandel 1995NE02
| `--Ampezzanilda Bandel 1994BR05
| `--*A. aialensis (Zardini 1980) [=Promathildia aialensis]BR17
| Kittlidiscus Haas 1953BR05 (see below for synonymy)
| `--K. bronni (Klipstein 1845)KC60 (see below for synonymy)
| Spirostylidae [Spirostylinidae]TE01
| |--Spirostylus Kittl 1894TE01
| | |--*S. subcolumnaris (Münster 1841) [=Melania subcolumnaris]TE01
| | `--S. linctus (Böhm 1895) (see below for synonymy)TE01
| `--ClimacinaTTE93
| |--C. catharinae Gemmellaro 1876TTE93
| `--C. mariae Gemmellaro 1876TTE93
| PeruneloideaBR17
`--Epiarthroidea [Teleobranchia, Vivipariformes, Vivipariformii]S11
`--Sorbeoconcha (see below for synonymy)S11
| i. s.: Globocornus Espinosa & Ortea 2010 [Globocornidae]BR17
| `--*G. darwini Espinosa & Ortea 2010BR17
| Acteonina d’Orbigny 1850BR05 (see below for synonymy)
| |--*A. carbonaria (de Koninck 1843) [=Chemnitzia carbonaria]BR05
| |--A. acuta (d’Orbigny 1841) [=Tornatina acuta]BR17
| `--A. obesa Stoliczka 1868TTE93
| OrthonematoideaBR17
| Subulitina [Subulitata]GS75
| |--SubulitoideaGS75
| `--SoleniscoideaBR17
| |--SoleniscidaeBR17
| |--MeekospiridaeBR17
| `--AnozygidaeBR17
| |--Anozyga Hoare 1980 [Anozyginae]BR05
| | `--*A. bulla Hoare 1980BR17
| `--Tmetonema Longstaff 1912 [Tmetoneminae]BR05
| `--*T. subsulcatum Longstaff 1912KC60
| PluviostillaBR17

Gastropoda incertae sedis:
Serpentubina Horný 1964FBL02
Kiviasukkaan Peel 1975FBL02
Pragoserpulina Frýda 1998 [Pragoserpulinidae]BR05
`--*P. tomasi Frýda 1998BR17
Luoguispira Pan & Erwin 2002PE02
|--*L. micra Pan & Erwin 2002PE02
|--L. lineata Pan & Erwin 2002PE02
`--L. multilinea Pan & Erwin 2002PE02
Luoguella Pan & Erwin 2002PE02
|--*L. elegantula Pan & Erwin 2002 [=Gyrospira elegantula]PE02
`--L. diana Pan & Erwin 2002 [=Gyrospira diana]PE02
Kalchreuthia Gründel & Nützel 1998GK02
Paladilha (Lartella Cossmann 1921)GK02
Pseudotaphrus (Pezantia Cossmann 1896)GK02
Derjuginella rufofasciataGAS03
Erheria vinctaGAS03
Yokoyamia ornatissimaGAS03
Epheria turritaKBC03
Tersiella plicosaKBC03
Ausola angustataKBC03
Hinia cuvieriM62
Neritula donovaniM62
Oxytrema Rafinesque 1819B63
`--O. siliculaB96
Hystrivasum horridum Heilprin 1886HP04
Benthonella tenella (Jeffreys 1869)OT04
Chlupacispira spinosa Blodgett & Rohr 1989FB04
Eulepetopsis vitreaGO06
Purkynespira Frýda & Bandel 1997FB01
`--P. reticulataFB01
Streptopelma henchmani Marwick 1926F26
Buccinulus huttoni Kirk 1882F26
Triploca Tate 1894F26
|--T. ligataF26
`--T. waihaoensis Marshall & Murdoch 1923F26
Sublacuna Cossmann 1899 [=Strebloramphus Tate 1898 (preoc.)]F27
`--*S. mirula (Tate 1898) [=*Strebloramphus mirulus]F27
Coptochetus asperulus [=Fusus asperulus]F27
Trifora Deshayes in Blainville 1828O27b
|--*T. perversaO27b
|--T. callipyrga Bartsch 1907O27b
|--T. carpenteri Bartsch 1903O27b
|--T. catalinensis Bartsch 1907O27b
|--T. montereyensis Bartsch 1907O27b
|--T. pedroana Bartsch 1907O27b
|--T. peninsularis Bartsch 1907O27b
`--T. stearnsi Bartsch 1907O27b
Barocospira Horný 1964FBL02
Ibergia Blodgett & Frýda 1999FBL02
|--Yukonoconcha Frýda, Blodgett & Lenz 2002FBL02
| `--*Y. pedderi Frýda, Blodgett & Lenz 2002FBL02
`--Crassimarginata Jhaveri 1969BR05
|--*C. crassicosta Jhaveri 1969FBL02
`--C. tenuicosta Jhaveri 1969FBL02
Levihelix pusilla Gründel 2000GK02
Adelphotectonica reeviHS01
Limulatys reliquusHS01
|--P. manawatawhiaHS01
|--P. olivaceaHS01
| |--P. o. olivaceaHS01
| `--P. o. impressaHS01
|--P. rekohuanaHS01
| |--P. r. rekohuanaHS01
| `--P. r. lactorubraHS01
|--P. semiplicataHS01
`--P. zosterophilaHS01
Camita rotellina (Gould 1860) [=Trochus (Monodonata) rotellinus]H08
|--T. maculata (Brazier 1877) [=Thalotia maculata]H09
|--T. monilifera Adams 1855H09
`--T. montrouzieri (Fischer 1878) [=Tectaria montrouzieri]H09
Mecoliotia spinosa Hedley 1902H09
Couthouyia aculeata Hedley 1900H09
|--O. tasmanica (Ten.-Woods 1877) [=Parthenia tasmanica]H09
`--O. terebellum [=Cingula terebellum; incl. O. exarata, Parthenia exarata]C64
Elusa subulata (Adams 1855) [=Pyramidella subulata]H09
Laimodonta conica Pease 1863K65
Paraplysia piperata (Smith 1884) [=Aplysia piperata]H09
Euselenops luniceps (Cuvier 1830) [=Pleurobranchus luniceps]H09
Placomopherus insignis Smith 1884H09
Adiozoptyxis Dietrich 1925 [Adiozoptyxinae, Adiozoptyxisinae]BR05
`--*A. polymorpha (Gemmellaro 1865) [=Nerinea polymorpha]BR17
‘Cavolinia’ Bruguière 1791 non Abilgaard 1791BR05
Crenea Risso 1826BR05
Cypraeogemmula Vredenburg 1920 [Cypraeogemmulinae, Cypraeogemmulini]BR05
`--*C. scabriuscula (Koenen 1890)BR17 [=Trivia scabriusculaBR17, Cypraea scabriusculaH09]
Incrispella Tasch 1963 [Incrispellidae]BR05
`--*I. rectotortis Tasch 1963BR17
Ladamarekia Horný 1992 [Ladamarekiidae]BR05
`--*L. miranda Horný 1992BR17
Melanioptyxis Cossmann 1896 [Melanioptyxinae]BR05
`--*M. altararis (Cossmann 1885) [=Nerinea altararis]BR17
Neoptyxis Wenz 1940 [Neoptyxidae]BR05
`--*N. astrachanica (Rebinder 1902) [=Nerinea astrachanica]BR17
Oligoptyxis Pchelintsev 1953 [Oligoptyxidae]BR05
`--*O. turricula Pchelintsev 1953BR17
Yuopisthonema Nützel in Bouchet, Rocroi et al. 2017BR17 (see below for synonymy)
`--*Y. undulatum (Yu 1974) [=*Opisthonema undulatum]BR17
Palaeocyclophorus Wenz 1923BR05
Pentaptyxis Pchelintsev 1965 [Pentaptyxidae]BR05
`--*P. staszycii (Zeuschner 1849) [=Acteon staszycii]BR17
Plesioplocus Pchelintsev 1953 [Plesioplocidae]BR05
`--*P. grandis Pchelintsev 1953BR17
Polyodonte Fischer 1807BR05
Polyodonta Megerle 1811BR05
Protoconchoididae [Protoconchioididae]BR05
|--Patelliconus Horný 1961BR17, BR05 [Patelliconidae]
| `--*P. primulus (Perner 1903) [=Palaeacmaea primula]BR17
`--Protoconchoides Shaw 1962 [=Protoconchioides (l. c.)]BR05
|--*P. hermitensis (Resser 1945) [=Scenella hermitensis]BR17
`--P. conulaTS11
Rhytidopilus Cossmann 1895 [=Rhytidophilus (l. c.); Rhytidophilidae, Rhytidopilidae]BR05
`--*R. humbertinus (Buvignier 1852) [=Patella humbertina]KC60
Stylocheilus Gould 1852 [Stylocheilinae, Stylochiniae]BR05
`--*S. lineolatus (Gould 1852) [=Aplysia lineolatus]BR17
Transovula de Gregorio 1880 [Transovulini]BR05
`--*T. schefferi (de Gregorio 1880) [=Ovula schefferi]BR17
Papustyla pulcherrimaUSDI77
Acilia franciscaeTE01
Bathyomphalus contortus (Linnaeus 1758)L06
Heterostoma Filippi 1837CC06, LT64 [=Heterostomum Diesing 1850LT64]
`--H. paupercula (Lowe 1831) [incl. Steenbergia duplex]CC06
|--S. depauperata (Lowe 1831) [incl. S. latinea (Paiva 1866)]CC06
|--S. obtectaCC06
`--S. squalidaCC06
Plagyrona placida (Shuttleworth 1852)CC06
Staurodon saxicolaCC06
|--A. arcinellaCC06
| |--A. a. arcinellaCC06
| `--A. a. papillosaCC06
|--A. crassiusculaCC06
|--A. effugiensCC06
|--A. morenensisCC06
`--A. promontoriensisCC06
|--P. loweiCC06
`--P. portosanctanaCC06
|--A. cimensisCC06
|--A. gracilisCC06
|--A. melampoidesCC06
|--A. oryzaCC06
|--A. terebellaCC06
|--A. triticeaCC06
`--A. tuberculataCC06
Cylichnidia ovuliformisCC06
Lemniscia michaudiCC06
Eufenella pupoides (Adams 1860)BD86
Clathrofenella reticulata (Adams 1860)BD86
Allocharopa belliSC07
|--P. gerassimoviZZ88
|--P. rammelmeyeriZZ88
`--P. vitimensisZZ88
Brotiopsis wakinoensisZZ88
Tulotomoides talatziensisZZ88
Gyrodema etheridgeiF71
Magelia bidens Tenison-Woods 1878F71
Odontostomia cretacea Etheridge 1907F71
Lindoliva spengleri Petuch 1988P89
Armiger crista (Linnaeus 1758)P88
Probythinella lacustris (Baker 1928)P88
Bulimnea megasoma (Say 1824)P88
|--J. ciliata (Sowerby 1843)AA88
`--J. stephanophora (Moellendorff 1895)AA88
Gymnentome validaH75
Ittibittium Houbrick 1993BC01
`--I. turriculum (Usticke 1969) (see below for synonymy)BC01
Torrella Henderson & Bartsch 1920BC01
`--*T. torreiana (Gundlach ex Arango y Molina 1878) [=Ctenopoma torreianum]BC01
Pseudotorinia retifera (Dall 1892) [incl. Heliacus crystallina Usticke 1969]BC01
Boonea impressa (Say 1822) [incl. Odostomia (Menestho) beauforti Jacot 1921]BC01
Fargoa bushiana (Bartsch 1909) [incl. Odostomia charlottae Usticke 1969]BC01
Aroapyrgus Baker 1931BC01
`--A. dubiosus (Adams 1852) [=Truncatella dubiosa]BC01
Chippewaella patellithecaW01
Moerkeia Böhm 1895NE02
Greggelix indigenaC90
Torquilla frumentumD56
Sinopupoides hubeiensisNG13
Bulgarica thessalonica (Olivier 1801)O03
Clavilithes rugosusC60
Partulida spiralisC60
Ampullella bulimoidesC60
Cepatia cepaceaC60
Palaeocyclotus exaratusC60
Pseudorhytidopilus Cox in Knight, Cox et al. 1960KC60
`--*P. lennieri Cox in Knight, Cox et al. 1960 (see below for synonymy)KC60
Atlantobellerophon Trechmann 1930KC60
`--*A. zealandicus Trechmann 1930KC60
Burdikinia Knight 1937 [=Polyamma Etheridge 1917 non Kriechbaumer 1894]KC60
`--*B. burdikiensis (Etheridge 1917) [=*Polyamma burdikiensis]KC60
Cinctaspira Powell 1933KC60
`--*C. conica Powell 1933KC60
‘Conchula’ Steininger 1849 non Herrmannsen 1847 (n. d.)KC60
`--*C. cylindracea Steininger 1849 (n. d.)KC60
‘Geinitzia’ Dietz 1911 nec Gemmellaro 1892 nec Handlirsch 1906KC60
`--*G. carinata Dietz 1911KC60
Kebina Vologdin 1955KC60
`--*K. pulchra Vologdin 1955KC60
Ozarkina Ulrich & Bridge 1931 [=Ozarkispira Ulrich & Bridge 1931 non Walcott 1924]KC60
`--*O. typica (Ulrich & Bridge 1931) [=*Ozarkispira typica]KC60
Ozarkocanus Heller 1956KC60
`--*O. prearcuatus Heller 1956KC60
Pondia Oder 1932KC60
`--*P. powelli Oder 1932KC60
Pythmenema Lamont & Gilbert 1945KC60
`--*P. praenantium (Phillips 1848) [=Euomphalus praenantius]KC60
Trochotremaria Ryckholt 1860KC60
Umbotrochus Perner 1903 [=Umbonitrochus Cossmann 1918]KC60
`--*U. aspersus Perner 1903KC60
Acevina Rusconi 1952KC60
`--*A. cuyunchensis (Rusconi 1952) [=Helcionella (*Acevina) cuyunchensis]KC60
|--O. abbotti Vanatta 1918V18
|--O. blandiV18
`--O. hilliV18
Aplysiopsis smithi (Marcus 1961)B77
Sorapisella Bandel 1993B00
Triadoskenea Bandel 1993B00
`--T. ampezzana Bandel 1993B02
Rolandomphalus Schwardt 1992B00
Macrophragmus tokyoensisK10
Fascioplex neozelanicaK95
Pseudoaclisina Yoo 1994B02
|--*P. turgida [=Aclisina turgida]B02
`--P. microspirulataB02
Palaeoalvania Yoo 1994B02
`--*P. talenti (Yoo 1994) [=Aclisina talenti]B02
Sinistriconcha Heidelberger & Bandel 1999B02
|--*S. lierli Heidelberger & Bandel 1999B02
`--S. minutissima (Yoo 1988)B02
|--I. dupuydelomeiE99
`--I. marmoratusC84
Scabrella Sacco 1890H22
`--*S. scabra [=Columbella scabra]H22
Pseudaulicina Chavan 1948BR17
`--*P. musicalis (Lamarck 1803) [=Voluta musicalis, Volutilithes musicalis]BR17
Kimina Yoo 1994B02
|--*K. globosa Yoo 1994B02
|--K. australis Yoo 1994B02
|--K. minor Yoo 1994B02
`--K. yooi Frýda & Bandel 1997B02
Harperispira Bandel 2002BR17
Kiringella Rozov 1968W01, RJ76
|--K. kultavasaensisRJ76
`--K. pyramidalisW01
Palaeoniso brazieriSS16
Stusakia pulchraF12
|--M. bajanohongorensisV-RR93
|--M. debilicostataV-RR93
`--M. shuwaloviV-RR93
Severynella trochlearis Hynda 1983D94
Lacunina Kittl 1899TTE93
Bullopsis Conrad 1858TTE93
Serradonta Okutani, Tsuchida & Fujikara 1992AJH07
Pleuroprocta silvaticaPB27
|--T. maculatumPB27
| |--T. m. maculatumPB27
| `--T. m. perforatumPB27
|--T. pardusPB27
`--T. ruwenzoriensePB27
|--B. germainiPB27
|--B. interiorisPB27
|--B. liocephalaPB27
`--B. runssorinaPB27
|--A. copiosusPB27
|--A. spatiosusPB27
`--A. tenebrosusPB27
|--L. apicalisE99
|--L. dufrenoyiE99
|--L. kleiniE99
|--L. leptolomaE99
|--L. pisumE99
`--L. valentinensisE99
|--L. v. valentinensisE99
`--L. v. sermenazensisE99
Wenzia ramondiE99
|--M. christoliE99
|--M. delphinensisE99
| |--M. d. delphinensisE99
| `--M. d. tersannensisE99
|--M. gualinoiE99
`--M. turonensisE99
Pseudoleacina (Paraglandina)E99
|--P. (P.) christolianaE99
`--P. (P.) oligostrophaE99
|--P. incrassatusE99
`--P. mollonensisE99
|--G. leobersdorfensisE99
`--G. locardiE99
|--N. bleicheriE99
|--N. raricostatusE99
|--N. suturalisE99
| |--N. s. suturalisE99
| `--N. s. gracilisE99
|--N. truciE99
`--N. villafranchianusE99
|--E. aloisiiE99
|--E. fischeriE99
`--E. patuliformisE99
|--M. castetiE99
`--M. collongeoniE99
Fortuna seringiE99
Truciella ballesioiE99
|--P. bernardiiE99
|--P. nordsieckiE99
`--P. plioauriculatumE99
Monoptychia monoptyxE99
Serruluna anodonE99
Bellerophontacea [Belleromorpha, Bellerophontina, Fissidorsata, Planspiralia, Prorhipidoglossa]KC60
| i. s.: Patellostium Waagen 1880 (n. d.)KC60
| `--*P. macrostoma (Roemer 1844) [=Bellerophon macrostoma]KC60
| Euphemitella Tasch 1953 (n. d.)KC60
| `--*E. emrichi Tasch 1953KC60
`--Isospira Koken 1897KC60 [Isospiridae, IsospiroideaBR05]
`--*I. bucanioides Koken 1897BR17
Utriculopsis globosa (Lovén 1846) (see below for synonymy)N79
Patelloidea Tasch 1961T61
`--*P. limnensis Tasch 1961T61
Permoplanorboidea Tasch 1961T61
`--*P. primus Tasch 1961T61
Rugoplanorboidella Tasch 1961T61
`--*R. sedgwickii Tasch 1961T61
Wellingtonia Tasch 1961T61
`--*W. producta Tasch 1961T61
Tretospira divesuralicaG31
Sosiolites vassilievkensisG31
|--P. inornataG31
`--P. nitidulumG31
Isognomostoma isognomostomaJ63
Platyla politaNB19
|--P. p. politaNB19
`--P. p. regina (Subai 1977)NB19
Paleobulimulus eocenicus Parodiz 1949P63
Sigatica semisulcata (Gray in Beechey 1839) [=Natica semisulcata]MP65
Hemitrochus variansJ65
|--P. gregorianaJ65
`--P. macrodonJ65
|--P. m. macrodonJ65
`--P. m. utowanaJ65
Bigotella Cossmann 1914EH19
Vertagus graniferus Pease 1861 [=Cerithium graniferum]K65
|--S. bipes Pease 1860K65
|--S. elongata Pease 1860K65
`--S. grandis Pease 1860K65
|--P. bellum Pease 1860K65
`--P. ornatum Pease 1860K65
Histiophorous maculatus Pease 1860K65
Dentiora rubida Pease 1863K65
Mitroidea multiplicata Pease 1865K65
|--R. sebaeF66
`--R. umbilicataP79 [incl. R. globosa Tenison Woods 1876P79, TW76]
|--C. aureusTW76
`--C. ornatus Tenison Woods 1876TW76
Discotectonica wannonensisBRW98
Nanamoria strophonBRW98
Leiostomus Swainson 1840 [incl. Sycostoma Cox 1931]BS00
`--*Sycostoma’ bulbiformeBS00
Mirochiliticus mirusX89
Singulitubus obliquusX89
Guizhouspira convexaX89
Turbinilopsis rotundusX89
Euthystylus costatusX89

Acanthonema newberryi (Meek 1871)TTE93 [=Orthonema newberryiKC60; incl. *A. holopiforme Grabau 1909KC60, BR17]

Acteonina d’Orbigny 1850BR05 [=Actaeonina (l. c.)BR05; Acteoninidae, Acteonininae, ActeoninoideaBR17]

Apogastropoda [Anaclodonta, Architectonicoida, Chalazaeata, Ctenobranchia, Davisianoidei, Dioecia, Discopoda, Ectobranchia, Entobranchia, Entomotaeniata, Gymnoglossa, Heterogastropoda, Heterostropha, Holonephridia, Homoestropha, Hydrocenoidei, Iniophthalma, Loxonematacea, Monopleurobranchia, Monotocardia, Murchisoniata, Musioglossata, Oligopteria, Orbacea, Paludinimorpha, Pectinibranchia, Pectinibranchiata, Peristomacea, Peristomania, Peristomidae, Pneumonobranchiata, Potamophila, Proboscidifera, Procaenogastropoda, Ptenobranchiata, Pyramidellida, Pyramidellimorpha, Pyramidelliones, Pyramidelloida, Rissoellina, Solenisciformes, Spartaebranchia, Subulitiformes, Taenioglossa, Trachelobranchia, Volumina]S11

Caenogastropoda [Architaenioglossa, Architaenioglossae, Basiophthalma, Cyclophoracea, Cyclophoroidei, Fusiformia, Globularioidei, Mesogastropoda, Mesogastropodida, Opisthophthalma, Palaeocyclophoridae, Procyclophoridae, Procyclophoroidea, Rostrifera, Teleogeophila]S11

Dendropupa Owen 1859BR17 [incl. Strophella Dawson 1895KC60, Strophites Dawson 1880 non Deshayes 1832KC60; Dendropupidae]

Gastropoda [Abranchiata, Alata, Anentomostomata, Anisobranchia, Anisopleura, Aponotoneura, Apterygia, Archaeogastropoda, Archaeoprosobranchia, Arthrocochlides, Asiphonobranchia, Asiphonata, Aspidobranchia, Auxogastropoda, Cervicobranchiata, Chiastoneura, Chismobranchiata, Clypeaceae, Cocculinacea, Cocculiniformia, Cochliostraca, Conivalvia, Cricostomata, Ctenobranchiata, Cyclobranchia, Dicoeca, Dicranobranchia, Diotocardia, Eogastropoda, Fissobranchia, Fissuracea, Fornices, Galeroconcha, Gasteropoda, Gasteropodophora, Gasterozoa, Gastraeopoda, Gastropodea, Goniostomata, Gonyostomata, Gymnopoda, Helcionellina, Hemicyclostoma, Holostomata, Hyperstrophina, Lepadophora, Lepetellina, Limaces, Neurobranchia, Operculata, Orthogastropoda, Otidea, Paracephalophora, Paragastropoda, Patellina, Peristomatacea, Peristomatidae, Platyceratacea, Podophthalma, Prosobranchia, Prosobranchiata, Pselaphocephala, Raphidoglossa, Rhipidoglossa, Riphidoglossa, Scutiformia, Sinuata, Sinuopeoidei, Solenostomata, Streptoneura, Syncephala, Tectipeda, Triforidoidei, Trochacea, Trochina, Trochomorpha, Trochomorphi, Turbinacea, Turbinimorpha, Xenophoroidei]

Ittibittium turriculum (Usticke 1969) [=Bittium varium f. turricula, Alabina turricula, B. turriculum, Cerithiodes turricula]BC01

Kittlidiscus Haas 1953BR05 [=Schizodiscus Kittl 1891 non Hall & Clarke 1888KC60; KittlidiscidaeBR17]

*Kittlidiscus bronni (Klipstein 1845)KC60 [=Pleurotomaria bronniKC60, Schizodiscus bronniKC60; incl. P. plana Klipstein 1845 non Münster 1844KC60, *Kittlidiscus planusBR17, *Schizodiscus planusBR17]

*Pseudorhytidopilus lennieri Cox in Knight, Cox et al. 1960 [incl. Helcion castellana Lennier 1868 non Patella castellana Thurmann & Étallon 1861]KC60

Sorbeoconcha [Anandria, Aulobranchiata, Brevicommisurata, Canalifera, Eriophthalma, Neotaenioglossa, Omalaxoidea, Palaeocaenogastropoda, Purpurifera, Siphonobranchei, Siphonobranchia, Siphonobranchiata, Tubispiracea, Tubispirantia]S11

Spirostylus linctus (Böhm 1895) [=Omphaloptycha lincta; incl. O. porrecta Böhm 1895]TE01

Utriculopsis globosa (Lovén 1846) [=Amphisphyra globosa, Utriculus globosus; incl. Utriculopsis vitrea Sars 1870]N79

Yuopisthonema Nützel in Bouchet, Rocroi et al. 2017BR17 [=Opisthonema Yu 1974 non Gill 1862BR05; Opisthonematidae, Yuopisthonematidae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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