Gaudryceras nr mite, from

Belongs within: Lytoceratida.

The Gaudryceratidae are a lineage of ammonites known from the Barremian to the Maastrichtian of the Cretaceous (Wright et al. 1996).

Characters (from Wright et al. 1996): Whorl section typically rounded or elliptical, sometimes depressed; shell ornamented with lirae or fine riblets, occasionally smooth, and with constrictions; suture with symmetrically bifid saddles and a single main saddle in internal suture, occasionally with additional small saddles.

<==Gaudryceratidae [Gaudryceratinae, Hypogaudryceratinae, Kossmatellinae, Vertebritinae]
|--Vertebrites Marshall 1926WCH96
| `--*V. murdochi Marshall 1926WCH96
|--Kossmatella Jacob 1907 [incl. Guderianites Wiedmann 1962]WCH96
| |--*K. agassizianus (Pictet 1847) [=Ammonites agassizianus]WCH96
| `--K. costata Douvillé 1916 [=*Guderianites costatus]WCH96
|--Zelandites Marshall 1926 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
| |--*Z. kaiparaensis Marshall 1926WCH96
| |--‘Lytoceras (Gaudryceras)’ flicki Pervinquière 1907 [=*Anazelandites flicki]WCH96
| |--‘Desmoceras’ kawanoi Jimbo 1894 [=*Hypogaudryceras kawanoi]WCH96
| `--Z. varuna (Forbes 1846) [=Ammonites varuna, *Varunaites varuna]WCH96
|--Anagaudryceras Shimizu 1934 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
| |--*A. sacya (Forbes 1846)WCH96 [=Ammonites sacyaWCH96; incl. Am. buddhaWCH96, Anagaudryceras buddhaRC02]
| |--‘Kossmatella (*Murphyella)’ enigma Matsumoto in Matsumoto, Muramoto & Takahashi 1972WCH96
| |--A. gainesiK79
| `--‘Gaudryceras’ limatum Yabe 1903 [=*Paragaudryceras limatum]WCH96
|--Eogaudryceras Spath 1927WCH96
| |--*E. (Eogaudryceras) numidum (Coquand 1880) [=Ammonites numidus]WCH96
| `--E. (Eotetragonites Breistroffer 1947)WCH96
| |--E. (*E.) raspaili Breistroffer 1947WCH96
| `--E. (E.) wintuniumWCH96
`--Gaudryceras Grossouvre 1894 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
| i. s.: G. denseplicatumTLY03
| G. infrequens Yabe 1903 [=G. tenuiliratum var. infrequens, *Pseudogaudryceras infrequens]WCH96
| G. jukesiiK79
| ‘Lytoceras’ striatum Jimbo 1894 [=*Epigaudryceras striatum]WCH96
| G. tenuiliratum Yabe 1903 [=*Neogaudryceras tenuiliratum]WCH96
| G. varicostataM08
|--G. (Gaudryceras)WCH96
| |--*G. (G.) mite (Hauer 1866) [=Ammonites mitis]WCH96
| `--G. (G.) denmanense (Whiteaves 1901) [=Lytoceras (G.) denmanense, *Hemigaudryceras denmanense]WCH96
`--G. (Mesogaudryceras Spath 1927)WCH96
`--G. (*M.) leptonema (Sharpe 1855) [=Ammonites leptonema]WCH96

Anagaudryceras Shimizu 1934 [incl. Murphyella Matsumoto in Matsumoto, Matsumoto & Takahashi 1972, Paragaudryceras Shimizu 1934]WCH96

Gaudryceras Grossouvre 1894 [incl. Epigaudryceras Shimizu 1934, Hemigaudryceras Shimizu 1934, Neogaudryceras Shimizu 1934, Pseudogaudryceras Shimizu 1934]WCH96

Zelandites Marshall 1926 [incl. Anazelandites Matsumoto 1938, Hypogaudryceras Shimizu 1934, Varunaites Shimizu 1926]WCH96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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