Pterocladiella capillacea, from Neto et al. (2021).

Belongs within: Florideophycidae.
Contains: Gelidiaceae.

The Gelidiales are marine red algae characterised by thick-walled refractive rhizines (internal rhizoidal filaments) in the cortex and/or medulla, transversely divided apical cells, pit plugs with a single cap layer, a ‘Gelidium-type’ spore germination pattern, transversely divided spermatangia, intercalary carpogonia that after fertilisation produce gonimoblasts that connect to nutritive cells, and a triphasic life history (Boo et al. 2016).

    |    |--PterocladiaBG16
    |    |    |--*P. lucida (Brown) Agardh 1851BG16, L27 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    `--P. capillaceaL27
    |    `--Pterocladiella Santelices & Hommersand 1997BG16, HL09 [Pterocladiellaceae]
    |         |--+--P. melanoideaBG16
    |         |  `--+--P. bartlettiiBG16
    |         |     `--P. megasporangiaBG16
    |         `--+--+--P. nanaBG16
    |            |  `--+--*P. capillaceaBG16
    |            |     `--P. tenuisBG16
    |            `--+--P. phangiaeBG16
    |               `--+--P. psammophilaBG16
    |                  `--+--P. caerulescens (Kützing) Santelices & Hommersand 1997BG16, HL09 (see below for synonymy)
    |                     `--+--P. australafricanensisBG16
    |                        `--P. beachiaeBG16
          |    |--*Aphanta pachyrrhizaBG16
          |    `--Orthogonacladia Boo & Le Gall in Boo, Le Gall et al. 2016BG16
          |         |--*O. madagascariense (Andriamampandry) Boo & Le Gall in Boo, Le Gall et al. 2016 (see below for synonymy)BG16
          |         `--O. rectangularis (Lucas) Boo & Wernberg in Boo, Le Gall et al. 2016 (see below for synonymy)BG16
               |    |--*P. adnatusBG16
               |    |--P. albertanoaeBG16
               |    `--P. feliciniiBG16
               `--Gelidiella Feldmann & Hamel 1934HL09
                    |  i. s.: G. bornetiiR72
                    |         G. myriocladaR72
                    |         G. ramellosaBG16
                    |--G. ligulataBG16
                    `--+--*G. acerosa (Forsskål) Feldmann & Hamel 1934BG16, HL09 [=Fucus acerosus Forsskål 1775HL09]
                       `--+--G. faniiBG16
                          `--G. incrassataBG16

*Orthogonacladia madagascariense (Andriamampandry) Boo & Le Gall in Boo, Le Gall et al. 2016 [=Gelidium madagascariense Andriamampandry 1988]BG16

Orthogonacladia rectangularis (Lucas) Boo & Wernberg in Boo, Le Gall et al. 2016 [=Gelidium rectangularis Lucas 1931, Pterocladia rectangularis (Lucas) Womersley & Guiry 1994]BG16

*Pterocladia lucida (Brown) Agardh 1851BG16, L27 [=Fucus lucidusBG16, Sphaerococcus gaudichaudii α lucidusBS-V28; incl. S. fimbriatusBS-V28]

Pterocladiella caerulescens (Kützing) Santelices & Hommersand 1997BG16, HL09 [=Gelidium caerulescens Kützing 1868HL09, Pterocladia caerulescensHL09]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BG16] Boo, G. H., L. Le Gall, K. A. Miller, D. W. Freshwater, T. Wernberg, R. Terada, K. J. Yoon & S. M. Boo. 2016. A novel phylogeny of the Gelidiales (Rhodophyta) based on five genes including the nuclear CesA, with descriptions of Orthogonocladia gen. nov. and Orthogonacladiaceae fam. nov. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 101: 359–372.

[BS-V28] Bory de Saint-Vincent, J. B. 1828. Voyage Autour du Monde, Exécuté par Ordre du Roi, Sur la Corvette de Sa Majesté, La Coquille, pendant les années 1822, 1823, 1824 et 1825. Botanique. Cryptogamie. Arthus Bertrand: Paris.

[HL09] Huisman, J. M., F. Leliaert, H. Veerbruggen & R. A. Townsend. 2009. Marine benthic plants of Western Australia’s shelf-edge atolls. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 77: 50–87.

[L27] Laing, R. M. 1927. A reference list of New Zealand marine algae. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 126–185.

[R72] Rao, P. S. 1972. Distribution of Gelidiella acerosa (Forskål) Feldmann & Hamel. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 69 (1): 235–237.

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