Variable pocket gopher Orthogeomys heterodus, copyright INBio.

Belongs within: Castorimorpha.
Contains: Thomomys, Geomys.

The Geomyidae, pocket gophers, are a group of burrowing rodents found in North and Central America. They share the presence of externally opening, fur-lined cheek pouches with the related kangaroo rats and pocket mice of the Heteromyidae, but are distinguished by their adaptions for a fossorial lifestyle (Hafner & Hafner 1983).

    |  i. s.: ‘Sorex’ mexicanus Kerr 1792HH83
    |         DikkomysB74
    |         Heterogeomys hispidusG69
    |           |--H. h. hispidusG69
    |           |--H. h. isthmicusG69
    |           |--H. h. tehuantepecusG69
    |           `--H. h. torridusG69
    |         GregorymysMJ11
    |--EntoptychusMJ11 [EntoptychinaeHH83]
    |--PleurolicusMJ11 [PleurolicinaeHH83]
    |    `--P. sulcifronsTS96
            `--+--+--‘Thomomys’ bulbivorusFS15
               |  `--+--‘Thomomys’ townsendiiFS15
               |     `--+--‘Thomomys’ bottaeFS15
               |        |    |--T. b. bottaeBT40
               |        |    |--T. b. actuosusHHP83
               |        |    |--T. b. analogus Goldman 1938MB86
               |        |    |--T. b. anitaeG91
               |        |    |--T. b. basilicae Benson & Tillotson 1940 (see below for synonymy)BT40
               |        |    |--T. b. cultellusHHP83
               |        |    |--T. b. internatusHHP83
               |        |    |--T. b. jacinteusG91
               |        |    |--T. b. occipitalis Dice 1925BT40
               |        |    `--T. b. rubidusHHP83
               |        `--‘Thomomys’ umbrinusFS15
               |             |--T. u. umbinusMB86
               |             |--T. u. arriagensis Dalquest 1951MB86
               |             |--T. u. crassidens Nelson & Goldman 1934MB86
               |             |--T. u. durangae Nelson & Goldman 1934MB86
               |             |--T. u. goldmani Merriam 1901MB86
               |             |--T. u. musculus Nelson & Goldman 1934MB86
               |             |--T. u. newmaniMB86
               |             |--T. u. sheldoni Bailey 1915MB86
               |             `--T. u. zacatecae Nelson & Goldman 1934 [incl. T. u. enixus Nelson & Goldman 1934]MB86
                  `--+--Zygogeomys trichopusFS15
                     `--+--+--+--‘Orthogeomys’ hispidusGE05
                        |  |  `--‘Orthogeomys’ laniusFS15
                        |  `--+--‘Orthogeomys’ underwoodiFS15
                        |     `--+--‘Orthogeomys’ cavatorFS15
                        |        `--+--‘Orthogeomys’ cherrieiFS15
                        |           `--+--‘Orthogeomys’ matagalpaeFS15
                        |              `--+--‘Orthogeomys’ dariensisFS15
                        |                 `--+--Macrogeomys heterodusHH83 [=O. (Macrogeomys) heterodusHH83, FS15]
                        |                    `--‘Orthogeomys’ thaeleriFS15
                           |    |--O. cuniculusG69
                           |    `--O. (Orthogeomys) grandisHH83
                           |         |--O. g. grandisG69
                           |         |--O. g. alleniG69
                           |         |--O. g. alvarezi Schaldach 1966G69
                           |         |--O. g. carboG69
                           |         |--O. g. felipensisG69
                           |         |--O. g. nelsoniG69
                           |         `--O. g. scalopsG69
                              |    |--+--C. fumosusFS15
                              |    |  `--C. planicepsFS15
                              |    `--+--+--C. castanopsFS15
                              |       |  `--C. goldmaniFS15
                              |       `--+--C. perotensisFS15
                              |          `--+--C. fulvescensFS15
                              |             `--C. merriamiFS15
                                   |--P. alcorni Russell 1957R57
                                   |--P. bulleriGE05
                                   |--P. castanopsMB86
                                   |    |--P. c. castanopsMB86
                                   |    |--P. c. goldmani (Merriam 1895)MB86
                                   |    |--P. c. rubellus (Nelson & Goldman 1934)MB86
                                   |    |--P. c. subnubilus (Nelson & Goldman 1934)MB86
                                   |    `--P. c. surculus Russell 1968MB86
                                   |--P. fumosusIT07
                                   |--P. gymnurusHH83
                                   |--P. merriamiIT07
                                   |--P. neglectusIT07
                                   |--P. tylorhinusIT07
                                   `--P. zinseriIT07

Thomomys bottae basilicae Benson & Tillotson 1940 [=T. bottae occipitalis Benson & Tillotson 1939 non Dice 1925]BT40

*Type species of generic name indicated


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