Sundevall’s jird Meriones crassus, from here.

Belongs within: Muridae.
Contains: Tatera, Gerbillus, Meriones.

The Gerbillidae are a primarily African radiation of rodents of somewhat doubtful monophyly. Members of the family are quite diverse; ancestrally, they probably had teeth with two cusp files, but in some (such as the Gerbillinae), the cusps are united by transverse crests (Lavocat 1978).

<==Gerbillinae [Gerbillidae]L78
    |  i. s.: ProtateraL78
    |         EpimerionesL78
    |--+--Ammodillus imbellisFS15
    |  `--+--+--TateraFS15
    |     |  `--GerbillurusFS15
    |     |       |--G. setzeriIT07
    |     |       `--G. vallianusJK05
    |     `--+--Desmodillus auricularisFS15
    |        `--GerbilliscusFS15
    |             |--+--G. nigricaudusFS15
    |             |  `--G. robustusFS15
    |             `--+--+--‘Gerbillurus’ paebaFS15
    |                |  `--‘Gerbillurus’ tytonisFS15
    |                `--+--+--+--G. afraFS15
    |                   |  |  `--G. brantsiiFS15
    |                   |  `--+--G. leucogasterFS15
    |                   |     `--+--G. phillipsiFS15
    |                   |        `--G. validusFS15
    |                   `--+--G. guineaeFS15
    |                      `--+--+--G. boehmiFS15
    |                         |  `--G. gambianaFS15
    |                         `--+--G. inclususFS15
    |                            `--G. kempiFS15
    `--+--+--Desmodilliscus braueriFS15
       |  `--Pachyuromys duprasiFS15
       `--+--+--Sekeetamys calurusFS15
          |  `--+--Microdillus peeliFS15
          |     `--GerbillusFS15
          `--+--+--+--Brachiones przewalskiiFS15
             |  |  `--+--Rhombomys opimusFS15
             |  |     `--MerionesFS15
             |  `--PsammomysFS15
             |       |--P. myosurusT66
             |       |--P. obesusIT07
             |       |--P. tamaricinusT66
             |       `--P. vexillarisIT07
                  |--T. arenariusIT07
                  |--T. congicusIT07
                  |--T. eminiIT07
                  |--T. gracilisFS15
                  |--T. harringtoniIT07
                  |--T. lacustrisIT07
                  |--T. petteriIT07
                  |--T. pygargusIT07
                  `--T. tranieriFS15

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[T66] Tristram, H. B. 1866. Report on the mammals of Palestine. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1866: 84–93.

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