Hawaiian pond bug Microvelia vagans, copyright James Bailey.

Belongs within: Gerromorpha.

The Gerroidea are a group of predatory bugs specialised for skating over the surface of water. They are distinguished by legs with at least the fore pair having claws inserted well before the apex of the last tarsal segments (Carver et al. 1991).

<==Gerroidea CGW91
|–Hermatobates CGW91 [Hermatobatidae GE05, Hermatobatinae]
|    `–H. haddoni CGW91
`–+–Veliidae GE05
|    |  i. s.: Velia rivulorum G20
|    |–Rhagovelia GE05 [Rhagoveliinae CGW91]
|    |    |–R. australica CGW91
|    |    `–R. nigricans (Burm. 1835) [=Velia nigricans] D14
|    |–Haloveliinae CGW91
|    |    |–Xenobates CGW91
|    |    |–Colpovelia CGW91
|    |    `–Halovelia CGW91
|    |         |–H. electrodominica S02
|    |         `–H. maritima WEE70
|    `–Microvelia [Microveliinae] CGW91
|         |–M. americana TBG00
|         |–M. capitata RD77
|         |–M. flavipes K08
|         |–M. mjobergi WEE70
|         |–M. oceanica Distant 1914 D14
|         |–M. pacifica Kirkaldy 1908 K08
|         |–M. paludicola K08
|         |–M. peramoena CGW91
|         |–M. polheimi S02
|         `–M. vagans D14
`–Gerridae GE05
|  i. s.: Rheumatobates rileyi W37
|         Paleogerris GE05
|         Limnoporus esakii Miyamoto 1958 GE05, I92
|         Limnometra K08
|           |–L. ciliata Mayr 1865 K08
|           `–L. cursitans ZS10
|         Cylindrostethus Mayr 1865 D61
|           |–*C. fieberi D61
|           |–C. hungerfordi D61
|           |–C. linearis D61
|           |–C. palmaris D61
|           |–C. regulus D61
|           `–C. stygius Drake 1961 D61
|         Metrobates P92
|–Rhagadotarsus [Rhagadotarsinae] CGW91
|–Electrobates [Electrobatinae] P92
|    `–E. spinipes Andersen & Poinar 1992 P92
|–Eotrechinae GE05
|    |–Eotrechus GE05
|    `–Onychotrechus GE05
|–Trepobatinae CGW91
|    |–Rheumatometra CGW91
|    |–Stenobates CGW91
|    `–Trepobates pictus A99
|–Halobates GE05 [Halobatinae CGW91]
|    |–H. mjobergi N91
|    |–H. ruffoi GE05
|    |–H. sericeus CH97
|    |–H. whiteleggei H15
|    `–H. wuellerstoffi O86
`–Gerrinae CGW91
|–Aquarius CGW91
|–Tenagogonus CGW91
|–Tenagogerris euphrosyne CGW91, G75
|–Limnogonus CGW91
|    |–L. discolor (Stal 1859) [=Gerris discolor] K08
|    |–L. fossarum MC13
|    |    |–L. f. fossarum MC13
|    |    `–L. f. gilguy MC13
|    `–L. luctuosus CGW91
`–Gerris G75
|–G. babai Miyamoto 1958 I92
|–G. lacustris H01
|–G. luctuosa Montr. 1864 D14
|–G. odontogaster H01
`–G. rufoscutellatus H01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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