Cheese tree Glochidion ferdinandi, copyright Mark Marathon.

Belongs within: Euphorbiaceae.

Glochidion, cheese trees, is a primarily tropical genus, most diverse in Asia and Australasia, of shrubs and small trees producing multilobed, capsular fruits (Harden 1990). The vernacular name refers to the resemblance of these fruits to small cheese wheels.

Characters (from Harden 1990): Shrubs or small trees, monoecious. Leaves alternate, simple, entire, 2-ranked, branchlets appearing pseudopinnate; stipules present. Flowers pedicellate, axillary or above the axils. Perianth segments 6. Stamens usually 3, erect on a short central column, glands absent. Ovary 5-7-locular, 2 ovules in each loculus; styles basally united. Capsule multilobed, depressed-globose.

|--G. acuminatumDD73
|--G. apodogynumB00
|--G. disparipesLK14
|--G. ferdinandiB00
| |--G. f. var. ferdinandiH90
| `--G. f. var. pubensH90
|--G. harveyanumB00
|--G. littoraleP88
|--G. lobocarpumNC91
|--G. macrostigmaK03
|--G. perakenseLK14
|--G. philippicumB00
|--G. sumatranum [incl. G. perakense var. supra-axillare]H90
|--G. xerocarpumLK14
`--G. zeylanicumUB06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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