Glycine tabacina, copyright Landcare Karen.

Belongs within: Papilionoideae.

Glycine is an Indo-Australian genus of twining or scrambling herbs bearing racemose inflorescences. The soy bean G. max is a native of eastern Asia that is widely cultivated as a food plant.

Characters (from New South Wales Flora Online): Perennial twining or scrambling herbs, stoloniferous or non-stoloniferous; taproot woody. Leaves alternate, pinnately or palmately 3-foliolate, some species dimorphic; terminal leaflet usually largest; stipules small; stipels small, more or less caducous. Chasmogamous inflorescences axillary, racemose; bracts lanceolate to linear; bracteoles mostly linear. Calyx five-toothed, the two upper teeth joined for most of their length. Petals clawed; standard more or less circular, larger than other petals; wings and keel more or less oblong. Stamens diadelphous, one filament partly free; anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile, with 2–12 ovules; style more or less upcurved; stigma small, hairy. Pods oblong to linear, more or less terete or compressed, sometimes curved, often twisting after seed dehiscence; seeds orbicular to quadrate; aril absent, caruncle small, papery, flap-like.

|--G. albicansLK14
|--G. arenariaLK14
|--G. canescensKM08
|--G. clandestinaB88
|--G. hispidaCW74
|--G. javanicaB88
|--G. lactovirensLK14
|--G. maxB00
|--G. sojaHVG91
|--G. tabacinaB00
|--G. tomentellaLK14
`--G. wightiiB00

*Type species of generic name indicated


*Type species of generic name indicated


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