Glypheus sp., copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Denticollinae.

Glypheus is a genus of shiny click beetles found in eastern Australia (Calder 1996).

Characters (from Calder 1996): Integument shiny, vestiture sparse, setae erect; frontoclypeal region strongly produced fowards to overhang mouthparts; antennae inserted in small crescent-shaped socket flush with head capsule; mesocoxae open to mesepimeron only; hind coxal cavity open distally; tarsomeres 1–4 with spongiose pads, tarsomere 1 longer than tarsomeres 2–4 combined, tarsomeres 2–4 expanded laterally; tarsal claws without basal setae.

<==Glypheus Candèze 1859C96
    |--*G. villosulus Candèze 1859C96
    |--G. alpinus Blackburn 1892C96
    |--G. cruciger Carter 1939C96
    |--G. decoratus Candèze 1897C96
    |--G. lansbergei Candèze 1882C96
    |--C. militaris Carter 1939C96
    |--C. nigrinus Carter 1935C96
    |--C. piceus Candèze 1900C96
    |--C. sanguineus Elston 1930C96
    `--C. subfasciatus Carter 1935C96

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C96] Calder, A. A. 1996. Click beetles: genera of the Australian Elateridae (Coleoptera). CSIRO Australia: Collingwood.

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